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  • Ex-aide sues Kane

    A former top …

    A former top lawyer who testified against his boss, Attorney General Kathleen Kane, filed suit Monday alleging she violated his civil rights.

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  • Bryant’s back

    Second-year dynamo Martavis …

    Second-year dynamo Martavis Bryant is happy to return to the Steelers after serving a four-game suspension.

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  • ‘I’m very concerned’

    Gov. Tom Wolf …

    Gov. Tom Wolf said Monday that if the state doesn’t raise new revenue, the government faces a $2 billion-plus deficit.

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  • Fall a late bloomer?

    Experts are calling …

    Experts are calling for a late fall color bloom for southwestern Pennsylvania because of a dry late summer and a warm October forecast.

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  • What about Bob?

    Bob Nutting has …

    Bob Nutting has led the transformation of an awful organization into one whose influence will be felt throughout the postseason, writes Rob Rossi.

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Scaife estate overpaid state taxes by $10M, return filed Monday states

By Mike Wereschagin 7:28 p.m.
The estate of late Tribune-Review publisher Dick Scaife says it overpaid Pennsylvania’s estate tax by about $10 million, …

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