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  • Sticks and stones

    in the race …

    in the race between Gov. Tom Corbett and challenger Tom Wolf, one study found that more than 60 percent of commercials were considered “negative.”

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  • Playing politics?

    State AG Kathleen …

    State AG Kathleen Kane’s selective release of pornographic emails close to Election Day has critics crying that her actions are politically motivated.

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  • 2 dead in school shooting

    A student walked …

    A student walked into his Seattle-area high school Friday and opened fire, killing one person and wounding several others before taking his own life.

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  • A desperate struggle

    Six doctors testified …

    Six doctors testified about the efforts to save the life of Dr. Autumn Marie Klein, a life that prosecutors say was ended by her husband and cyanide.

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  • Coming along slowly

    James Harrison acknowledged …

    James Harrison acknowledged that at 36 it has been difficult to recapture the swagger that made him an intimidating presence on the field.

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