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  • Thunder colt

    A Fayette County …

    A Fayette County man has gone big in his pursuit of an esoteric hobby — raising miniature horses.

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  • Giving back

    Lenape Technical students …

    Lenape Technical students turned on-the-job training into a good deed by working on the personal cars of first responders.

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  • Long-term damage

    Chlorine treatments meant …

    Chlorine treatments meant to stop Legionnaires’ disease are eating away metal pipes across the VA Pittsburgh’s plumbing system.

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  • Nothing going

    Andrew McCutchen and …

    Andrew McCutchen and the struggling Pirates again leave too many runners on base in a loss to the Reds at PNC Park.

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  • Possible conflict

    Pennsylvania Gov. Tom …

    Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf’s General Counsel Denise Smyler has been tied to a $358 million bond project winner.

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