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  • Requiring sick days

    Pittsburgh City Council …

    Pittsburgh City Council on Monday approved an ordinance requiring city employers to give employees paid sick days.

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  • Breeding ground

    An “old school” …

    An “old school” political climate and a lack of reforms after scandals are seen as reasons for Pennsylvania’s high corruption level.

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  • Waiting to learn

    Despite having more …

    Despite having more than 400 volunteers who are willing to teach, the Greater Pittsburgh Literacy Council has a waiting list of 120 potential students.

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  • In the crosshairs

    A physician who …

    A physician who lives in Murrysville illegally killed a lion in Zimbabwe several months ago, authorities in that nation are saying.

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  • Options in secondary

    The Steelers’ addition …

    The Steelers’ addition of Bradon Boykin instantly makes the Steelers’ situation at cornerback a little more comfortable for coach Mike Tomlin.

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