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  • ‘Black Friday Creep’

    Some retailers are …

    Some retailers are expecting consumers to shop on Thanksgiving as more are opening on the holiday in what is being called “Black Friday creep.”

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  • Living with the lead

    About 110,000 people …

    About 110,000 people are shot each year in America, enough to fill Heinz Field twice. Some have to live with the lead that could have killed them.

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  • Finding families

    At an Allegheny …

    At an Allegheny County adoption event on Saturday, 40 children were joined with their new families.

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  • On to Plan B

    After failing to …

    After failing to retain Russell Martin, the Pirates are going to “re-allocate our resources to make the rest of our club stronger.”

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  • Is it needed?

    Amid budget cuts, …

    Amid budget cuts, critics are questioning the need for a new state-sponsored community college in Northwestern Pennsylvania.

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