Personality Test: WPXI co-anchor Darieth Chisolm

| Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Darieth Chisolm is co-anchor for the WPXI news at 11 p.m. and Channel 11 News on Fox 53 at 10 p.m. She also is the owner of Fullbody Fitness Club in Brentwood. She returned to WPXI in April 2004, after an almost four-year hiatus.

She originally joined the WPXI news team as an anchor and reporter in February 1993, and left in July 2000 to spend more time with her family. A native of Detroit, she began her television career there at WGPR-TV 62. She hosted a weekly talk show, "Strictly Speaking," while she finished undergraduate studies at Wayne State University. In 1990, Chisolm moved to WDTN-TV 2 in Dayton, Ohio, where she was a general-assignment reporter and anchor.

She then moved to Pittsburgh and joined the Channel 11 News team in 1993. She and her husband have a son. Chisolm is active in many community and charitable organizations and sits on several boards.

She is an avid runner and finished her first marathon in January 2004. She opened Fullbody Fitness in September 2011. The club offers a range of fitness workouts from aerial yoga to Zumba to LaBlast Dance Fitness by "Dancing with the Stars" Louis Van Amstel to Reebok's & Cirque du Soleil's JUKARI Fit to Fly and Fit to Flex.

Childhood hero and why:

South African President Nelson Mandela. For his strength, courage and determination. He faced personal challenges in prison, upon release embraced the people and country who imprisoned him. He's sought for freedom and justice for all.

Pick one:

A. Go-Gos

B. Goo-Goo Dolls

C. Lady Gaga

D. Yo Gabba Gabba

C. Lady Gaga. She's brave, different, way out the box and really talented.

I can't live without my: iPod, cellphone, DVR, or laptop?

Oh, yes I can and I look forward to the moments in my day when I don't have to reach for any of them.

Favorite brunch food:

Eggs Benedict, French toast, mimosa, crepes ... as you can see I love brunch food

Pick one:

A. Pirates

B. Penguins

C. Steelers

D. Other

E. I hate sports

C. Can't live in Pittsburgh and not be a Steelers fan

Top thing on my "Bucket List" to do before I'm gone:


In five years, I'd like to:

Visit Africa

My favorite thing about Pittsburgh is:

The diverse neighbors and rich variety in ethnicities and cultures

Star I'd like to dance with on "Dancing With the Stars":

I recently trained with "Dancing With the Star's" Louis Van Amstel at Fullbody and learned a lot, so I would love to cut loose with Will Smith.

One word my mother would use to describe me:


Celebrity crush:

Denzel Washington

Exercise I hate most:

I really enjoy pushing my body in fun, unique and challenging ways, so there's not much I don't like.

I'm deathly afraid of:

Bee and wasp hives

Saturday mornings you'll find me:

Exercising at Fullbody Fitness Club

The person I'm most often mistaken for:

Me. It's so funny, sometimes people will say,"You look a lot like Darieth Chisolm from Channel 11 news."

The movie that always makes me cry:

"Terms of Endearment"

My most treasured fashion accessory is:

Sabika golf earrings

If I wasn't a co-anchor for WPXI and owner of Fullbody Fitness Club in Brentwood, I'd be:

A "Life Coach"and motivational speaker and author

The last book I read:

"This Thing Called Life" by Ernest Holmes

Movie I could watch every time it appears on cable:

"Something's Gotta Give" starring Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson

My favorite Web site: . OK, call me shameless.

My most memorable fashion mistake:

Green hair -- with all the hair colors and styles I've had over the years, I'm surprised it's not turned pink.

My childhood nickname was:

Bam. My family can't seem to stop calling me that. At least it's not Bam Bam anymore

The song that always gets me out on the dance floor and why:

"Last Dance" by Donna Summers

People would be surprised to know that I:

Grew up a really shy kid. I would hide behind my grandmother's skirt when people approached me. I didn't talk much back then ... ha ha ... if they could see me now.

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