What's missing from Bill's 'Life'

| Sunday, July 18, 2004

Sometimes a supposed mistake provides the truth that we are trying to conceal. Reading the acknowledgements in Bill Clinton's 957-page autobiography there is one such truth now hurriedly being changed.

The unbelievable president acknowledging help from his family and friends in his life concluded the paragraph: "None of them are responsible for the failure of my life." With the speed of light Clinton's publisher said that "failure" was a typo and would be changed to "failures."

Since 1992, Bill and Hillary Clinton have appeared with a depressing regularity in this column and the proud reputation of America's presidency suffered under the failure of his life.

And, naturally, only former President Bill Clinton has a large enough ego to launch such a fraud on the book buying public. "My Life" has an agenda other than providing a reprint of Slick Willie's appointment book. It is an attempt to justify an utterly amoral career by excluding facts that could well result in charges of treason.

What's missing

Apart from attempting to present himself as a somewhat pathetic kid growing up in Arkansas and discussing at length his accomplishments as a governor and as a president, there was too much missing -- all the stuff that Bill Clinton has managed to evade over the years.

Bill did not address the evidence provided by his security detail from the Arkansas State Police that he sought the reputation of becoming, if not the father of the country, at least the father of the state.

According to these officers, every time that Hillary was away from Little Rock, or Bill was on the road, when he saw an attractive young woman he would ask the bodyguard to arrange a date for him. Once, when Hillary returned to the governor's mansion without notice and Bill was nearly caught in an erotic adventure, there were sudden changes in information-sharing that rival the reorganization of the FBI.

"My Life" is very evasive about the death of Vincent Foster, Hillary's legal mentor in Arkansas and Bill's deputy White House legal counsel. On July 20, 1993, Vince Foster was found shot to death in a Washington-area park. There was absolutely no evidence of suicide, although that was the finding of the U.S. Park Police.

Vince Foster, alive, was a threat. He knew a great deal about the scams of Whitewater and the Clintons' agenda. Only a very few knew that a retired lady CIA officer had her home on Avon Place in Georgetown and spoke of Hillary's noontime visits there for mentoring. Without much doubt, it was for her investment portfolio and investments by the Stephens Bank in Little Rock to whom Vince gave legal advice.

Chinese money

Equally, Bill Clinton did not mention the huge sums donated to the Democratic National Committee and his campaigns by Johnny Chung and James Riady on behalf of the Chinese People's Liberation Army. Or the more than 47 visits made to the White House by John Huang, a Riady employee. Neither was any mention made of Bill, Hillary and their felonious crony Webster Hubbell meeting with Riady and good-old Webster making $100,000 from the Chinese/Indonesian banker.

Could these payments have been because Bill Clinton "de-linked" human rights from renewal of China's most-favored-nation status• Or were the payments related to the export of missile technology, or the stopping of production of a specialty coal from a Utah coal mine by creating a national monument that more than repaid Riady for his donations.

Clinton holds back on Mena Airfield in Arkansas, where Barry Seal smuggled cocaine in exchange for money and weapons for himself and the CIA. Seal, now dead, had a high-priced Washington attorney, Richard Ben-Veniste who said, "I did my part by leading him (Seal) into the arms of Vice President George Bush, who embraced him as an undercover operative."

Seal fooled many and we should ask whether Roger, Bill's addicted brother, was one of Seal's distributors who helped his big brother forget his problems.

Ron & Monica

Among Bill Clinton's "dear departed" is his former campaign manager and Commerce Secretary Ron Brown. Security experts believe his air crash was "created" by the Croatians and saved Brown and the president from appearing before a grand jury as targets.

Monica Lewinsky receives short shrift, too, being dismissed as "immoral and foolish," and his sexual partner "because I could."

The silly, whining man who was once president told a CBS television audience that the unfortunate Monica was a "stain on his character." Hey Bill, your psychiatrist will be interested that the stains on Monica's cocktail dress are so deeply imprinted on your mind. Hillary probably will send you back to the living room couch.

Dateline D.C. is written by a Washington-based British journalist and political observer.

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