Devastating higher ed

| Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gov. Corbett's attack on public education will have devastating consequences for our commonwealth. The governor's budget proposal slashes funding to public universities in half. Inevitably, the quality of education at these colleges will go down, while tuition will skyrocket.

The purpose of having public universities is to provide quality higher learning opportunities for all excelling students regardless of familial wealth. With Corbett's budget cuts, higher education will be completely unaffordable to lower- and middle-income families. How are young Pennsylvanians supposed to be competitive in a global marketplace without the opportunity for higher learning?

Perhaps one option is to turn to student loans. However, opportunities for federal loans with low interest rates quickly run out and students are forced to turn to high-interest loans from private banks. The banking industry surely loves Corbett's proposal, but how are young Pennsylvanians supposed to invest in the future and become homeowners after graduation when all of their income will be going toward paying back crippling debt?

Corbett brags about not taxing natural gas drillers in our state, but at what cost• The big winners in his budget proposal are the drilling companies and the banking industry. The big losers are lower- and middle-class Pennsylvania workers and their children.

It's clear who's most important to Corbett.

Stephen D. Hussar

Bethel Park

The writer is a University of Pittsburgh alumnus.

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