Midweek briefing...

| Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2009

AccuWeather meteorologists say a harsh winter has followed past presidents being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The service, based in State College, is scheduled to release its winter weather forecast today. It already has suggested a cold and snowy winter in the Northeast. But we have a better gauge of the coming winter -- acorns. They appear to have been produced -- and still are falling -- in record numbers. That might be great for the squirrels but it could mean a whopper of a winter. ... As the BBC's climate correspondent Paul Hudson reminds, global temperatures have not increased over the past 11 years. And he says that solar scientist Piers Corbyn is preparing to report to the international scientific community this month that solar activity is almost entirely responsible for temperature variations. Concludes Mr. Hudson: "One thing is for sure. It seems the debate about what is causing global warming is far from over." ... A new Mason-Dixon poll suggests that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., would be defeated were the 2010 election held today. Either Republican seeking to oust Mr. Reid would defeat him, the poll concludes. "Not wild about Harry" could become a great GOP campaign theme.

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