Midweek briefing ...

| Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2009

Students at Columbia University's School of Journalism have produced a rap song (to Jay-Z's "Empire State of Mind") mocking Fox News and Fox talk show host Sean Hannity. Their failure• An alleged lack of conservative vs. liberal "parity." Which should make us all wonder about the parity of conservative vs. liberal "journalism" students and professors at Columbia. ... Writing in The Bulletin of Philadelphia, Herb Denenberg throws the F-bomb. Yes, Mr. Denenberg says the stench of fascism is growing stronger from the Obama administration. That's based on its use "of the vast resources of the federal government to squelch criticism and silence and intimidate critics." Well, what else would you call it, folks• ... Sen. Arlen Specter , Confused-Pa., has been a Democrat for six months today. (Well, at least this time around.) And he's proving what a suck-up he can be as he expands his role as political opportunist extraordinaire. The pol who supposedly prides himself on an "independence" streak has voted with his new Dimmycrat buddies more than 94 percent of the time. We can only wonder what party Mr. Specter will affiliate with when he's ousted in next spring's primary. Maybe the Scottish Not Provens?

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