Midweek briefing ...

| Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2010

Despite the lurch to the left in much of Latin America, there are a few bright spots. The weekend election of conservative Sebastian Pinera as president of Chile is one of them. It will be a welcome counterbalance to some of the nuttier fruitcakes in the region, such as Venezuela's Hugo Chavez. ... Speaking of those more than a few bricks shy of a load, Mr. Chavez has seized the French-Colombian-owned Exito supermarket/home appliance chain for alleged "price gouging." This, after the regime devalued the bolivar, Venezuela's national currency, last week. This will do wonders for the availability of necessary goods. Ahem. ... Human Events reminds that Attorney General Eric Holder, who wants to afford the Christmas Day jetliner bomber all the rights and privileges of an American citizen in our civilian courts, once thought such terrorists -- enemy combatants -- should enjoy no such consideration. Mr. "Holder puts political convenience above common sense, military tradition and concern for the safety of American citizens," the newspaper notes in an editorial. So much for Eric Holder sticking to his principles. ... Writing in London's Daily Mail newspaper, David Derbyshire reports that a principal claim by the world's leading climate scientists that the Himalayan glaciers will vanish within 25 years was not based on any scientific proof but the speculation by one Indian scientist. Geesh.

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