The Thursday wrap

| Thursday, May 13, 2010

Stark numbers: The Heritage Foundation calculates that the average electricity bill for a family of four would double, triple or even nearly quadruple under Al Gore's call for America to generate all electricity from renewable resources by 2018. Of course, it makes you wonder how much of a stake Mr. Gore has in renewable resource electricity generation, doesn't it?

Special hypocrites: The Commonwealth Foundation has unloaded on special interest groups that suckle at the taxpayer teat for denouncing "special interest" groups. In particular, the Harrisburg think tank cites groups that are "the emissaries" of Fast Eddie Rendell in attempting to tax, tax, tax the burgeoning Marcellus Shale industry above and beyond the taxes paid by other energy companies. It's the kind of turf-protecting politics that hangs a giant "STAY AWAY" sign on Pennsylvania.

Obama's ad: You know that Arlen Specter, the same fella who, as a Republican, snookered George W. Bush and Rick Santorum to back his last re-election effort, must be the most desperate man in America when, as a Democrat, he snookers President Barack Obama to cut a campaign commercial for him. A word to the wise, Mr. President: Mr. Specter is an equal opportunity shafter.

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