Tuesday takes

| Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Twisted Bugler: Those intellectual relativists at The Toledo, Ohio, Block Bugler label the case of two members of the New Black Panther Party who allegedly intimidated voters at a Philadelphia polling place last November as "a silly nonevent by two nobodies." Both were dressed in paramilitary outfits. One wielded a billy club. We can't wait to see how The Bugler characterizes, say, members of the tea party movement showing up at the polls this November with — GASP! — petitions. You can bet it'll be called a "civil rights travesty."

Ferlo's wisdom: State Sen. Jim Ferlo uttered the "s"-word in comments last week regarding the flagging financial situation at the August Wilson Center for African American Culture -- "sustainability." Millions in public, corporate and philanthropic dollars were poured into the architecturally striking facility Downtown. But Mr. Ferlo, the Highland Park Democrat, says that it was immediately clear that the center was relying too much on public dollars. Sustainability always must be the first litmus test of such endeavors.

Speaking of sustainability: That new Arnold-to-Pittsburgh commuter rail line, a project of the Allegheny Valley Railroad, could be a godsend to commuters now forced to navigate the always packed Allegheny River Boulevard and Route 28. There's a nice bolus of private financing in the works. But how much public money will be required• That is the key question to determine this noble effort's sustainability.

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