Desperate charm

| Saturday, Nov. 13, 2010

If the work of blame-mankind climate "scientists" were unimpeachable, they wouldn't be gearing up for a charm offensive.

Seven hundred global-warming doomsayers have agreed to defend their dubious "science" publicly under the auspices of the American Geophysical Union. And 39 Chicken Littles have signed up for a separate "climate rapid response team" organized by a professor at Minnesota's St. Thomas University for deployment to radio and TV talk shows.

Both efforts smack of increasing desperation fueled by the blame-mankind crowd's credibility crumbling beneath the weight of the scandalous Climategate e-mails, which show data manipulation, and greater public recognition of their leftist big-government agenda. That's why skeptics of global-warming orthodoxy make up half of the new GOP members just elected to Congress.

Skeptics' political ascendancy threatens those who'd cripple the U.S. economy and destroy the American way of life on the basis of scientifically suspect studies, so their charm offensive's timing isn't surprising. But however they spin their work, its fundamental flaws will remain.

Solid, genuine science speaks for itself. The blame-mankind crowd's newfound shrillness speaks volumes about how suspect its "science" really is.

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