The Thursday wrap

| Thursday, Jan. 27, 2011

Value added: Surely the NFL is pinching itself over the Feb. 6 Super Bowl matchup between Pittsburgh and Green Bay. After all, last Sunday's AFC Championship Game between the Steelers and the New York Jets was the most-watched AFC title game of all time. Viewership averaged nearly 55 million people. So, the Steelers should bring some great ratings to Super Bowl XLV. Perhaps the Packers will bring some canned meat?

Two-faced Barack: President Obama has been offering effusive praise of Ronald Reagan as of late. Perhaps it's in advance of the celebration of Mr. Reagan's 100th birthday on Feb. 6. But as The Washington Examiner's Byron York reminds, the president not so long ago loved to dis The Gipper, including accusing "Reagan and his minions" of carrying out "their dirty deeds." Tell us how you really feel, Mr. President.

Played for fools: Chinese-born pianist Lang Lang played the anti-American propaganda tune "My Motherland" during his performance at the White House state dinner last week for Chinese President Hu Jintao. That's the song in which U.S. soldiers are referred to as "jackals." We would remind Mr. Lang that a similar display of ungracious freedom of expression in his homeland would have led to his execution.

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