Sunday pops

| Sunday, Feb. 13, 2011

Former MSNBC liberal gabster Keith Olbermann has landed at Al Gore's liberal Current cable television network with the title of "Chief News Officer." Given that title, expect "truths" to be delivered along the lines of the old Pravda. ... Another MSNBC lefty , Chris Matthews, says that Sarah Palin only talks to people who don't read newspapers or watch "serious television broadcasts" -- like his . Serious fiction , perhaps. ... The Congressional Budget Office confirms what Democrats were trying to fob off on Republicans as "reckless partisan rhetoric": ObamaCare is a jobs killer. How many• Try 800,000 . Higher costs, fewer jobs, more government control. Yet again, class, it's a tutorial in what "progressivism" is all about. ... When it was clear that much of the nation was in the throes of a colder and snowier winter, climate cluck-clucksters rationalized it as being "consistent with man-made global warming." But that doesn't even jibe with their own research, which predicted less snow and more rain. Wonder if Al Gore has divested his bumbershoot futures for snowblower futures yet?

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