'Hijacked' AMS

| Monday, June 27, 2011

A professor emeritus at Colorado State University who's a credentialed longtime member of the American Meteorological Society blasts the AMS for allowing a small band of administrators to "hijack" the group's mission in support of "climate change."

Bill Gray, on the website Climate Realists ( climaterealists.com ), writes of his "disappointment" with the AMS' "downward path" over the last decade in advocating anthropogenic global warming. This, he says, when many AMS members do not support that conclusion.

"We believe that humans are having little or no significant influence on the global climate and that the many Global Circulation Climate Model (GCM) results and the four (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) reports do not realistically give accurate future projections," Mr. Gray says.

The models he refers to aren't fodder for technical debate; they're outright wrong, he says. AMS naturally disagrees.

Gray joins a lengthening list of skeptics and critics, all experts with considerable experience, who no longer toe the global-warming line. The curious thing is this:

While the targets of their objections differ (whether it's climate data, research models or forecasting), the dissenters reach a common conclusion: that climate "science" has been shanghaied by the politics of greed and financial reward.

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