Stopping skulduggery: The NLRB vote

| Sunday, Nov. 27, 2011

Democrats who have made the National Labor Relations Board a rubber stamp for Big Labor shouldn't be surprised if Brian Hayes, the NLRB's lone GOP member, makes good on his threat to block this week's hurry-up attempt to implement union-friendly "snap elections" in workplaces by resigning.

His resignation (or a boycott) would deny the three-member NLRB a quorum. And without a quorum, the two-Democrat NLRB majority couldn't hold the vote they've set for Wednesday on a final rule that would cut the wait before a union representation election -- now five to six weeks -- to 14 days at most.

The majority Dems have frozen Mr. Hayes, who'd surely vote against the proposal, out of deliberations on it. They want to hurry the vote because Democrat member Craig Becker's recess appointment expires at year's end.

Peter Schaumber, former NLRB chairman, likens the "snap elections" proposal to letting only one party talk before a political election, then cutting off debate. Mr. Hayes blocking it would be fine -- but the larger problem would remain.

As its attempt to deny Boeing its right to do business where it wishes also shows, this jobs-killing NLRB is union bosses' puppet. An economy struggling under Obamanomics' burdens cannot afford any more NLRB gifts to Big Labor.

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