The Thursday wrap

| Thursday, Feb. 2, 2012

Just days apart , employees in the Philadelphia and New York archdioceses have been charged with stealing millions of dollars from church coffers. Which should prompt an immediate review of accounting practices and oversight in every diocese. ... The Associated Press reported that "global warming" is behind the U.S. Department of Agriculture revising those color-coded planting zones found on the back of seed packets. But that's patently false. Experts attribute the changes to better temperature monitoring and mapping technology. Looks like the AP has an agenda. ... The Obama administration continues to insist that its bailout of the domestic automobile industry is an American success story. But taxpayers now are estimated to have lost nearly $24 billion in the "deal." The government continues to hold a 26.5 percent share of General Motors and a 74 percent stake in Ally Financial Inc., GM's successor financing arm. These cats in Washington certainly have a warped way of defining "success." ... Or as Mitt Romney likes to put it: "Once we thought 'entitlement' meant that Americans were entitled to the privilege of trying to succeed in the greatest country in the world. But today the new entitlement battle is over the size of the check you get from Washington." Sigh.

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