The Thursday wrap

| Thursday, Feb. 23, 2012

President Obama has signed into law a measure that compels the Federal Aviation Administration to allow for the commercial use of unmanned drones. Local police departments also now will be drone-approved. Wonder how long it will be before some clever entrepreneur comes up with a product to jam and otherwise disable these privacy invaders and tools of illegal government searches• ... Reports The Economist magazine: "(R)egulation may crush the life out of America's economy." We note that for the crowd that keeps insisting such an assertion is a shibboleth. ... The Los Angeles Times really should be embarrassed over a Tuesday editorial in which it dismisses any notion that "climate change" isn't settled science, invokes Hitler's " Mein Kampf ," and rails over the prospect of balance being included in classroom curriculum. And that , dear lovers of liberty, is downright fascistic. ... The White House recently announced that Vice President Joe Biden would visit "Road Island." Wonder when he's coming back to Pencilvania• ... Writing in the New York Post , John Podhoretz says the problem with Rick Santorum is "that he's a sourpuss, and sourpusses don't get elected president." As Jimmy Carter found out when he sought re-election in 1980.

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