The Weathermen threat

| Monday, April 16, 2012

Neither law enforcement nor the public can afford to be lulled into thinking that the Occupy movement, its encampments mostly gone, is no longer a concern -- especially with some Occupiers taking cues from terroristic Weather Underground predecessors.

Rusty Weiss details for America's Survival Inc. ( ) a March 3 event in upstate New York. Promoted and attended by Occupy Albany and hosted by a co-founder of the radical group, it celebrated an imprisoned Weatherman terrorist's new book.

Author David Gilbert remains imprisoned for his role in a botched 1981 armed robbery that left a security guard and two police officers dead. Hostess Naomi Jaffe -- linked to 1970s bombings and lately writing for an Occupy blog -- elicited Occupiers' applause for convicted murderer Kathy Boudin and three other Weathermen "heroes" in attendance.

All, Mr. Weiss notes, have "a working relationship with the unrepentant terrorist, Bill Ayers," who's praising the book. And with Occupy leaders saying their movement will become "more radical," mentoring by Weathermen is a grave concern indeed.

Law-enforcement and public vigilance of the sort directed toward any terrorist group must be directed toward Occupy, lest it become a full-blown Weather Underground 2.0.

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