The Thursday wrap

| Thursday, April 19, 2012

Funny, but we don't remember Tim Murphy -- suddenly playing the role of a born-again conservative in his 18th Congressional District primary -- criticizing those third-party American Chemistry Council campaign ads on his behalf. Isn't it the kind of ad he now professes to be so "deeply concerned" about• Can you say "weaselly," class• ... A quick review of Associated Press stories over the last few weeks shows the same old political correctness in referring to illegal aliens (as "undocumented immigrants") and to terrorists (as either "militants" or "insurgents"). Of course, the day that all ends will be the day the AP starts referring to "progressives" as what they are -- socialists. ... The New York Times has declared war on sphagnum peat moss . Yes, you read that right. The Times laments that peat moss releases "its stored carbon, adding to the climate-altering carbon dioxide we are already pouring into the atmosphere." The Times recommends we replace peat moss with homemade compost, which itself generates, you guessed it, heat and, you guessed it again, carbon dioxide. Go figure. ... Himalayan glaciers are growing despite "global warming," report French scientists. Damn "climate change deniers," eh?

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