Steelers players relax at arcade

| Monday, Jan. 31, 2011

Steelers outside linebacker LaMarr Woodley is the first player in NFL history to record two sacks in each of his first four playoff games. He has recorded at least one sack in each of his six career postseason games.

Woodley, who will be starting in his second Super Bowl as the Steelers prepare to face the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl XLV on Feb. 6 at Cowboys Stadium, will share his thoughts each day with Tribune-Review sports columnist John Harris.

Coach (Mike) Tomlin didn't want to give us the weekend off like it was another bye week. He wanted us to stay together as a team, so he decided to take everyone to Dave & Buster's (on Saturday) like he did in 2008 for the Super Bowl in Tampa. All the players and coaches were playing video games, playing pool, and just laughing and joking, having a good time. They had a basketball tournament where you were shooting at a rim. (Linebacker) Larry Foote and (safety) Ryan Mundy won the title in one-on-one shooting as far as how fast they could score. You had guys at the machine with the (mechanical) claw coming down to grab the bear and win the prize. Me and a few guys won a few bears over there. That was pretty fun.

It was like a whole bunch of kids at Dave & Buster's. We were there for a few hours and we kind of stayed away from football. We practiced all week. We got away from that. The idea was to stay together as a team and have team bonding. It was real important. A lot of guys have young ones at home. They had an opportunity to go there and have a little fun, and they didn't have to watch anybody. They could just have some fun. Guys were enjoying themselves.

You really get to see guys' personalities when they're at a place like Dave & Buster's. It's like a group of kids in there. Guys in the locker room are serious, but when they get to Dave & Buster's they're like, "Oh, man. It's free." Guys playing video games all day. Or playing basketball. Shooting pool. It's just a fun time. I don't really have a favorite game, but I like playing one of those video games where you're shooting at the monsters. I think it's called "House of Evil," and I could play as long as I wanted. When it's free -- you can play as many games as you want. When you have to pay, you have to be careful, try to stay alive. When it's free, you play everything, do as much as you can without thinking about it. Hey, whenever you don't have to go in your pocket and spend money, you enjoy it.

I didn't find out we were going until (Saturday) morning. When you pulled up and the buses are outside, you know something is going on. You knew you were going somewhere. Sunday was an off day. We had the rest of the day Saturday and Sunday off. We leave (today) heading down to Dallas and start our week off like we do during a normal week of football. We have things to do (today), we have media day (Tuesday) and then after that we have the game on Sunday. Going to Dave & Buster's gave everyone a chance to have fun and not think about football for a while.

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