Best and worst of Steelers camp

| Sunday, July 27, 2008

It is long, it is hot, it is physically and mentally draining. And did we say it is hot• It's no wonder that some of the Steelers players laughed when asked what the best part of training camp is. Might as well have asked them what they find most enjoyable about a root canal.

But there are positives to training camp, to which the players report to today at St. Vincent College in Latrobe, and some of the Steelers elaborated on them as well as what they like least about camp.

James Farrior, linebacker

Best part: "This will be my 12th training camp coming up, and I still haven't found too much that I like about it. It's probably going to be where you do much of your work in terms of learning and getting in shape."

Worst part: "Not being able to go home at night and staying in the dorms. The bed's small, the room's small. They cook good food but after a while you get tired of eating over there."

Heath Miller, tight end

Best part: "The thing I like most is probably the ice cream after every dinner."

Worst part: "The thing I like the least is probably the heat."

Charlie Batch, quarterback

Best part: "The best part is breaking camp."

Worst part: "The worst part is reporting. If you can skip all of that stuff in between, it's good. As a veteran guy it's one of those things that it's part of the game. It gets tougher because your body doesn't recover as fast and some of those times that you may want to use for sleep is time you might spend in the ice tub. "

Aaron Smith, defensive end

Best part: "The best thing is just being around the fellas. You joke around, have fun, play games, find things to make the time go."

Worst part: "The worst part is just the schedule. Sun up, down up, you're just non-stop; go, go, go."

Deshea Townsend, cornerback

Best part: "The best part about training camp is being away from civilization, being in a place where it's just teammates and getting to know all the guys. I think that's the best thing."

Worst part: "The bad thing is the same thing, being away from home and being away from the people you want to see every day. Sleeping in that little cot for four or five weeks, that gets real tough."

Jeff Reed, kicker

Best part: "On a serious note, I fine-tune myself, get in a rhythm daily and go into the season ready. On a funny side of it, a good thing is I'm not hitting anybody. I may be wearing the full pads and helmet and that may be a little discomforting, but I'm not hitting like those guys."

Worst part: "The downside is you're tired. Every day you have to motivate yourself. Yeah, we're doing something we love to do, but we're worn out and you have to take care of your body almost perfectly or you won't make it."

Hines Ward, wide receiver

Best part: "Best thing is you get ready for the upcoming year. It's kind of our safe haven to come back and get camaraderie with the guys."

Worst part: "The two-a-days and just the monotony of the meetings and the practices. Come around week two of training camp you're sick of football, but that's the foundation that we've got to get up there. To be a part of a championship team, you have to go through all that."

Tyrone Carter, safety

Best part: "Well, the best thing about training camp, to me, would be that you're on someone's team. You're competing at the highest level. That's a plus."

Worst part: "The worst thing is two-a-day practices. I think the heat and you're not getting that much rest. You're meeting, you're practicing and everything starts to hurt, but hey that's what you live for."

Marvel Smith, offensive tackle

Best part: The best thing, I guess, is you devote all of your time to getting better.

Worst part: "I'd say being away from your family for so long."

Willie Parker, running back

Best part: "The best thing is you're getting better as a team."

Worst part: "The worst thing is you're away from your family for a long time."

Chris Kemoeatu, guard

Best part: "I think the best thing about training camp is that's where you get to prove you can be on the team."

Worst part: "Everything else. The food, heat, dorms."

Ryan Clark, safety

Best part: "The best thing about training camp is the off day."

Worst part: "Everything is the worst about training camp."

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