Specter displays lack of character

| Wednesday, May 6, 2009

All you ever wanted to know about Arlen Specter's character comes from his Sunday appearance on NBC's "Meet the Press":

n Speaking to a deal that allows the party-switching senior U.S. senator of Pennsylvania to keep his seniority, Mr. Specter blurted, "That's an entitlement!"

See, Arlen really is a Dimmycrat.

n Far worse, however, was Specter's vomit -- and that's the only word for it -- that the actions of the Republican Party somehow killed Jack Kemp, the former congressman of New York who died of cancer last weekend.

Aside from the poor form, Specter apparently forgets, as The Wall Street Journal did not, that it was Republicans who more than doubled funding for federal biomedical research in the 12 years ending in 2006.

Additionally, far more private venture capital is invested in such research in the United States than in foreign countries. But rest assured, that all will change if the policies that Specter's new party is proposing become law.

Oh, by the way, it was the White House that said Specter told President Obama that he'd be "a loyal Democrat." Specter denies he ever said it.

Give him a month or so -- he'll deny he ever switched parties or concocted the single-bullet theory in the JFK assassination.

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