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  • Wait and see

    Columnist Joe Starkey …

    Columnist Joe Starkey says the immediate aftermath isn’t the time to judge the Pirates’ trade of Travis Snider or the Penguins dealing for Maxim Lapierre.

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  • Stepping down

    Pennsylvania Treasurer Rob …

    Pennsylvania Treasurer Rob McCord announced his resignation Thursday in order to return to the private sector.

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  • Finding an identity

    “Brahman/I,” Aditi Brennan …

    “Brahman/I,” Aditi Brennan Kapil’s play at Quantum Theatre, uses humor to address stereotyping and finding an identity.

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  • Energy challenges

    Depressed natural gas …

    Depressed natural gas prices are causing challenges for the energy industry, but analysts say Pennsylvania pipeline builders are largely shielded.

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  • Making the most

    Experts say advertisers …

    Experts say advertisers should invest in emotional appeals to their customers in getting the most bang for their buck with Super Bowl ads.

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Survivalist accused of killing trooper pleads not guilty

By The Associated Press 2:42 p.m.
MILFORD — A survivalist accused of killing a state trooper and wounding another in a barracks ambush, then …

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