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John Conti is a former news reporter who has written extensively over the years about architecture, planning and historic preservation issues. John Conti can be reached via e-mail

Wright, Kaufmann family collaboration displayed at New York museum

By John Conti
NEW YORK — No architect has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art here so often as Frank Lloyd Wright. And the museum is …

Metal master Nowalk has made his mark on Pittsburgh

By John Conti
When Francis Nowalk drives down Fifth Avenue these days, he can be reminded of his life’s work in just about every block. Rodef Shalom Temple …

Allegheny Observatory restoration reminds of its history

By John Conti
Great old buildings acquire meaning over time, particularly when they vividly recall for us the ambitions and accomplishments of the people who built them. It’s …

Mies’ famed style shows virtue of simplicity

By John Conti 1:28 p.m.
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe was arguably the most imitated architect of the 20th century. A German who imigrated to Chicago just before World War …

Rebuilding neighborhoods is no small task

By John Conti
“There used to be a neighborhood here.” That about sums up the wistful reflections of long-time Pittsburgh residents interviewed by Trib reporter Bob Bauder. In …

625 Liberty building deserves more recognition for style

By John Conti
The 32-story granite-faced office tower at 625 Liberty Ave. seems undeservedly anonymous among Downtown’s well-known buildings. Partly, that’s because it’s had five names in its …

PNC helps undo damage at historic Mellon Bank building

By John Conti
You can entrust your history to PNC. Even, it seems, if you’re the old Mellon Bank. As most everyone in town knows, one of the …

Chapel puts many things in perspective

By Tribune-Review
Heinz Memorial Chapel at the University of Pittsburgh is probably the most-loved church building in our city. It is widely familiar. Many thousands of us …

Hornbostel put his stamp on Pittsburgh with building designs

By John Conti
Henry Hornbostel happened on Pittsburgh at just the right time. Trained in architecture at the famous Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris and practicing architecture …

Bigger and glossier doesn’t always mean best book

By Tribune-Review 9:15 p.m.
When you buy books on architecture, it’s the big, glossy and expensive picture books that tempt you the most. And it’s possible that these make …

Architectural awards  highlight some smaller projects

By John Conti
Sometimes you have to wade your way through lots of routine to find whatever is creative, new and exciting. That can be true with architecture …