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John Conti is a former news reporter who has written extensively over the years about architecture, planning and historic preservation issues. John Conti can be reached via e-mail

Advocate architect: Rob Pfaffmann deeply involved in planning, preservation issues

By John Conti
When Rob Pfaffmann took his first class in architecture, the topic was “Social, Economic and Political Factors in Design.” He remembers the title precisely ...

Heinz center’s show highlights 1st steps of architectural thought

By John Conti
The folks at the Heinz Architectural Center at the Carnegie Museum of Art manage to put on continually interesting shows, year after year. ...

Frank Lloyd Wright’s works continue to stand tall as wonders

By John Conti
There’s something about Frank Lloyd Wright that just keeps the crowds coming. The man has been dead for 56 years, yet interest in him and ...

Where’s the museum to honor our industry?

By John Conti
There’s a much repeated story about an esteemed philosophy professor at Columbia University, the late Sidney Morgenbesser. It seems that some years back, a language ...

Designs by Frank Lloyd Wright nominated for World Heritage inclusion

By Bob Karlovits
Fallingwater in Fayette County is one of 10 sites designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright nominated for inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The list ...

Good design on a budget is not only possible, it can be award-winning

By John Conti
Architects’ ambitions tend to run to the highly visible. Plum commissions are for things like big museums, high-rise office buildings in thriving downtowns, amply financed ...

American Tudor homes remain in style

By John Conti
Sooner or later, everything old becomes new again. When a young couple looking for a home these days tells a real-estate agent they want a ...

Thumbs-up for some, not all, Downtown architectural changes

By John Conti
As the year draws to a close, three building projects in the news recently deserve some commentary. U.S. Steel U.S. Steel’s new plan to relocate ...

Warsaw’s lost architecture portrayed in miniature

By The Associated Press
Many splendid pieces of Warsaw’s architecture are gone or disfigured forever — victims of war and communism. But now some can be appreciated again — in miniature. The fate of some of Warsaw’s architectural gems reflects the tragic story of ...

New book looks at value to city of Mellon Square

By John Conti
Susan Rademacher doesn’t spare the details in describing soot-blackened, smog-ridden Pittsburgh in the years just before and after World War II. In 1930, she reminds ...

Kiley’s work demonstrates landscapes matter as much as structures

By John Conti
Landscape architecture is a very much under-appreciated art. Yet, great landscapes have all the same power as great buildings do to sway the feelings of ...