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Mark Gruetze has been a recreational gambler for more than 30 years, focusing on blackjack, video poker and poker. He is administrative editor of the Tribune-Review. Mark Gruetze can be reached via e-mail or at 412-320-7838

Players need to challenge IRS targeting of slot jackpots

By Mark Gruetze
Jerry Faychak wonders whether he’s already seen the best days of casino gambling — and whether the IRS soon will make things worse for players and casinos alike. An Internal Revenue Service idea to require reporting of slot jackpots of ...

Advantage-play pinball aims to change casino gambling

By Mark Gruetze
Aaron Hightower envisions a new frontier for casino gambling. He aims to provide a dramatically different machine game that appeals not only to casual gamblers ...

Gamblers evenly split on allowing smoking in casinos

By Mark Gruetze
Leni Landsky and Jackie Minkel both enjoy video poker and frequent casino trips. Their common interests end with the question of whether smoking should be allowed in casinos. Landsky, 69, of suburban Cleveland, a smoker for more than 50 years, ...

Presque Isle Downs, Mountaineer adapt in battle over smoking rules

By Mark Gruetze
Two regional casinos are taking extra steps to welcome nonsmokers. Gamblers will notice changes at Presque Isle Downs in Erie and Mountaineer Casino Racetrack and Resort in Chester, W.Va., both owned by Eldorado Resorts Inc. A $5.1 million renovation at ...

Players deserve better gambling value, consultant says

By Mark Gruetze
Casinos are taking money from gamblers faster than ever and need to change tactics as competition increases, a veteran gaming consultant says. That might range ...

Players, casinos pan IRS idea to track more slot payouts

By Mark Gruetze
Jim and Joyce Matthews of Fayette County have been fortunate enough to win slot jackpots of $1,200 or more — large enough to require casino employees to complete an IRS form W2-G documenting the payout before handing over the cash. ...

Push to legalize online gambling in Pa. picks up steam

By Mark Gruetze
The idea of legal online gambling in Pennsylvania seems to be gaining momentum. In February, an international research firm predicted the state would be a focal point for Internet-gambling supporters. Less than a week before Gov. Tom Wolfe proposed numerous tax ...

Win in unshuffled-card case a loss for industry, experts say

By Mark Gruetze
A court ruling that players must give back more than $1 million they won at a game where the casino dealt unshuffled cards is a bad precedent for the industry, says two experts in casino management. A New Jersey judge ...

Sage advice: The smarter you play, the luckier you get

By Mark Gruetze
Talk about dumb luck. During a casino vacation several years ago, I sat dejectedly at a slot machine, waiting for my wife. It had been a miserable day and a worse trip. I repeatedly played blackjack when I was tired ...

What should you say to a blackjack player who splits 10s?

By Mark Gruetze
David was at his wit’s end. He was having a good time playing blackjack at a $10 table when an onlooker talked his way into a seat. Another man had been playing two hands, and the onlooker persuaded him to ...

Lawsuit: Casinos cuffed player, confiscated his chips

By Mark Gruetze
Ross Miller knows his way around casinos. He’s gambled throughout the country and, by his account, has evolved into a skilled card counter and advantage player. That has forced him to learn his way around the court system, as well. Miller, ...

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