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Mark Gruetze has been a recreational gambler for more than 30 years, focusing on blackjack, video poker and poker. He is administrative editor of the Tribune-Review. Mark Gruetze can be reached via e-mail or at 412-320-7838

Regional casinos need own personality, consultant says

By Mark Gruetze
Casinos must develop a unique personality to keep or attract customers, a marketing expert says. For years, “regional casinos have pretty much relied on convenience,” ...

Player’s Advantage: Game inventors can reap big profits from casinos

By Mark Gruetze
Winning a game isn’t the only way to make money in a casino. Inventing one can be even more profitable. The popularity of “specialty” or ...

Players Advantage: Casinos add $4.8 billion to state economy, study finds

By Mark Gruetze
Casinos add $4.8 billion a year to Pennsylvania’s economy and are directly responsible for 17,759 jobs in the state, says a new study sponsored by the American Gaming Association. The impact could grow with a greater “partnership” between policy makers ...

Many casinos boost spending in nearby businesses

By Mark Gruetze
Ken and Diane Glozer visit a casino about once a month, gassing up the car for the two-hour drive, eating a couple of meals out and staying overnight in a hotel. Carl King of Mt. Pleas- ant, who turned 90 on ...

Tipping advice for gamblers: Be a ‘George,’ pay the ‘rent’

By Mark Gruetze
Jeffrey Sallaz remembers several nights of raking in more than $1,000 in tips during eight hours of dealing blackjack. “Of course, there were nights when ...

Gruetze: Pa. will deal online poker in 2017, financial analysis says

By Mark Gruetze
Pennsylvania poker players could be posting blinds online in 2017, says a new analysis of Internet gambling expansion. Saying backers made “significant progress” this year, a study released Sept. 10 by Morgan Stanley Research predicts the Legislature will approve a ...

New Ohio racino increases options for area’s slot lovers

By Mark Gruetze
Slot fans will have a new target this week, when Mahoning Valley Race Course opens its 850 machines for play near Youngstown, Ohio. With the debut of Ohio’s seventh racino at noon Sept. 17, about 17,800 machines are competing for ...

‘Can’t lose’ lottery ploy works better as a dream than a bet

By Mark Gruetze
George Koyro of Apollo knows he’ll have an errand to run when wife Shirley gets an itch in her left hand. Soon, they’re on their way to buy lottery tickets — usually scratch-offs, sometimes the number drawings such as ...

W.Va. smoking ban a strong precedent, advocates say

By Mark Gruetze
The decision to ban smoking at Mountaineer Casino and other public areas in Hancock County, W.Va., sets an example for making the air safer for everyone, anti-smoking advocates say. But the ban, effective in July 2015, will carry a high ...

First-time player runs into trouble at World Series of Poker

By Mark Gruetze
Richard Rigney says he had never played poker before he signed up for the $10,000-per-seat Main Event at this year’s World Series of Poker in ...

Arrest over ‘lucky number’ talk rattles casino dealers

By Mark Gruetze
Criminal charges against a former Meadows Casino roulette dealer could have ominous implications for dealers throughout Pennsylvania, say co-workers and one of his supervisors. “This ...

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