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Mark Gruetze has been a recreational gambler for more than 30 years, focusing on blackjack, video poker and poker. He is administrative editor of the Tribune-Review. Mark Gruetze can be reached via e-mail or at 412-320-7838

Win in unshuffled-card case a loss for industry, experts say

By Mark Gruetze
A court ruling that players must give back more than $1 million they won at a game where the casino dealt unshuffled cards is a bad precedent for the industry, says two experts in casino management. A New Jersey judge ...

Sage advice: The smarter you play, the luckier you get

By Mark Gruetze
Talk about dumb luck. During a casino vacation several years ago, I sat dejectedly at a slot machine, waiting for my wife. It had been a miserable day and a worse trip. I repeatedly played blackjack when I was tired ...

What should you say to a blackjack player who splits 10s?

By Mark Gruetze
David was at his wit’s end. He was having a good time playing blackjack at a $10 table when an onlooker talked his way into a seat. Another man had been playing two hands, and the onlooker persuaded him to ...

Lawsuit: Casinos cuffed player, confiscated his chips

By Mark Gruetze
Ross Miller knows his way around casinos. He’s gambled throughout the country and, by his account, has evolved into a skilled card counter and advantage player. That has forced him to learn his way around the court system, as well. Miller, ...

Fore! Local pair’s golf-theme card game may hit casinos

By Mark Gruetze
Casino workers Ben Kowalski and Jeremiah LeClerc think they have the cure for gamblers looking for something other than blackjack and poker-based table games. The ...

Roulette dealer’s ‘lucky number’ talk is legal, DA rules

By Mark Gruetze
It’s not a crime for a roulette dealer to tell customers he’ll try to hit their lucky number, a Western Pennsylvania prosecutor says. Washington County ...

‘Go for broke’ strategy can work with ‘loss rebate’ offer

By Mark Gruetze
Most of the time, betting more than normal and being prepared to lose all your money quickly aren’t part of the strategy for a fun gambling trip. But that is the way to take advantage of a “loss rebate” offer, ...

Regional casinos need own personality, consultant says

By Mark Gruetze
Casinos must develop a unique personality to keep or attract customers, a marketing expert says. For years, “regional casinos have pretty much relied on convenience,” ...

Player’s Advantage: Game inventors can reap big profits from casinos

By Mark Gruetze
Winning a game isn’t the only way to make money in a casino. Inventing one can be even more profitable. The popularity of “specialty” or ...

Players Advantage: Casinos add $4.8 billion to state economy, study finds

By Mark Gruetze
Casinos add $4.8 billion a year to Pennsylvania’s economy and are directly responsible for 17,759 jobs in the state, says a new study sponsored by the American Gaming Association. The impact could grow with a greater “partnership” between policy makers ...

Many casinos boost spending in nearby businesses

By Mark Gruetze
Ken and Diane Glozer visit a casino about once a month, gassing up the car for the two-hour drive, eating a couple of meals out and staying overnight in a hotel. Carl King of Mt. Pleas- ant, who turned 90 on ...

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