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Mark Gruetze has been a recreational gambler for more than 30 years, focusing on blackjack, video poker and poker. He is administrative editor of the Tribune-Review. Mark Gruetze can be reached via e-mail or at 412-320-7838

W.Va. smoking ban a strong precedent, advocates say

By Mark Gruetze
The decision to ban smoking at Mountaineer Casino and other public areas in Hancock County, W.Va., sets an example for making the air safer for everyone, anti-smoking advocates say. But the ban, effective in July 2015, will carry a high …

First-time player runs into trouble at World Series of Poker

By Mark Gruetze
Richard Rigney says he had never played poker before he signed up for the $10,000-per-seat Main Event at this year’s World Series of Poker in …

Arrest over ‘lucky number’ talk rattles casino dealers

By Mark Gruetze
Criminal charges against a former Meadows Casino roulette dealer could have ominous implications for dealers throughout Pennsylvania, say co-workers and one of his supervisors. “This …

Player’s Advantage: ‘Progression’ betting strategy won’t increase profits

By Mark Gruetze
Before I leave for a casino vacation, a buddy usually slips me $20 for a special blackjack bet. His instructions are specific: • Bet it …

Players Advantage: ‘Most wanted’ casino cheater used old tricks, police say

By Mark Gruetze
A fugitive cheat did himself in by providing his real name and address when joining a players club at a Pennsylvania casino, authorities say. Jubreal …

Lesson of the nonexistent ‘hot machine’ still rings true

By Mark Gruetze
The young woman working the entrance of the Downtown Las Vegas slots parlor beckoned earnestly. My wife and I, on one of our early trips …

Proposal would snuff out smoking at Mountaineer Casino

By Mark Gruetze
The Health Board in Hancock County, home to Mountaineer Casino, has an opportunity to set an example for Pennsylvania and other areas that allow smoking in casinos. The board last week proposed a sweeping overhaul of the county’s 1999 rules …

Players take a spin on not-yet-released slot machines

By Mark Gruetze
Joyce Phillis of Cranberry knows what she wants in a slot machine. “I like interaction, where you have to pick something to get extra money,” …

Online gambling triggers big change in Internet, CEO says

By Mark Gruetze
Online gambling might do more than generate tax money and let people play from their living rooms. “This industry is forcing a massive change in …

Companies find profit in no-cash gambling games

By Mark Gruetze
Major companies are enjoying big profits with gambling games that prohibit players from betting real money. The idea of operators offering free-to-play slot machines, blackjack and poker might seem far-fetched. So might the prospect of people finding their gambling thrills …

Casino visitors don’t follow stereotypes, survey shows

By Mark Gruetze
People who enjoy casinos are a lot like everyone else, according to a new study. “Casino visitors are a portrait of the American electorate,” Geoff Freeman, president and CEO of the American Gaming Association, says during a conference call. “They’re …

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