Soap Summary: Eric gives Taylor a romantic gift

| Saturday, March 2, 2013, 8:21 p.m.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Hope encourages Liam to make the decision that he wants, not what she and Steffy want. Sparks fly between Rick and Maya when he hears her sing at Dayzee's. Bill encourages Brooke to ask Eric for a promotion to co-CEO of Forrester Creations. Believing that Stephanie would approve of his moving on, Eric gives Taylor a lingerie gift and surprises her with a romantic setting. Pam and Donna still want to be in the running for Eric. Bill offers his support — and many baby gifts — to Steffy. All hell breaks loose when Brooke finds Eric and Taylor in a compromising position. Oliver gets vulnerable with Hope, showing her the extent of his feelings toward her.

Sneak peek: Rick and Thomas battle.

Days of Our Lives

A furious Nick warns Sami to stay away from Gabi and offers a thinly veiled threat. Sonny and Will finally reunite. Marlena begins to suspect Nicole has feelings for Eric and subtly gives her a warning. Later, a dangerous figure arrives at the church and starts to strangle Eric. When Will balks at giving up his parental rights to the baby, Nick lowers the boom: He knows Will was the one who shot E.J., and he'll go to the authorities if he doesn't cooperate. Kristen is shaken when Brady catches her in a lie. She has an anxiety attack as she starts to open up to Brady about her complicated relationship with her father. Stefano gloats to John that Kristen and Brady are moving into the mansion together — and soon he'll be joining them. John then calls his pilot to fire up the jet, as he is going back to Salem. Daniel tells Jennifer he cannot accept her ultimatum regarding cutting all ties to Chloe. Abigail and Chloe get into a physical altercation just as a horrified Daniel and Jennifer arrive. Sami confronts Nick. Sami doesn't intend to use Nick's past against him — she'll use Gabi's.

Sneak peek: The devious Nancy is back.

General Hospital

Kate makes the horrifying realization that Connie caused Trey's death. Kate, reeling, lashes out at Sonny for taking to Connie's bed after all the things she'd done. Michael comforts Starr, who mourns Cole and Hope on the first anniversary of their deaths. Patrick attends a support meeting for his drug problem, where he reflects on the anniversary of Robin's death. T.J. is upset with Molly for having helped Rafe escape from jail. John walks in on a fanged Caleb. Meanwhile, Lucy, having hit her head trying to get to him, has a visitation from Alison's spirit, who urges her to gather her strength and destroy Caleb in order to protect Alison's son. Heather finds Danny with Rafe at Wyndemere and believes this is divine intervention. Duke sneaks into the Quartermaine den and steals the key to the relish refrigerator. Tracy and A.J.'s War of the Relishes continues. Britt argues with Frisco, who reminds her who is boss. Frisco leaves a message for Felicia, reiterating his intention to win her back.

Sneak peek: Todd's trial begins.

The Young and the Restless

Paul tells Jamie he is proud of him for turning his life around. Lauren stuns Michael when she tells him that she is moving out. Abby flirts with Alex in front of Carmine. When Nikki tells Nick and Victoria that she is sick, they assure her that the family will help her through this. Victor informs Nikki that the new ranch house will be ready soon. Jack reassures Phyllis that he is grateful that she stood by him when he was at his lowest point. Dylan continues to work on Sharon's house, as they get to know each other. Dylan tells Sharon that his father has been sick. Nick is surprised to hear that Faith asked Sharon and Dylan to take her on a hike. Chelsea, Gloria and Chloe pitch their fashion designs to Neil, Lily, Cane and Jack. Neil is impressed with their pitch and hires them. Leslie wants to tell Neil everything about her past. Michael offers Christine his job as district attorney. Jill tells Katherine that she thinks Adriana is a con artist. Jack and Abby warn Kyle that Summer has a major crush on him.

Sneak peek: Carmine and Lauren share a secret.

Lynda Hirsch writes for Creators Syndicate.

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