Soap Summary: Chloe won't stay married to a thief

| Saturday, June 22, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Caroline confronts Bill about blackmailing Maya, and informs him that Rick dumped her. Intending to get revenge for the misdeed against Maya, Rick summons Bill to meet him at Forrester Creations. Rick locks Bill down on an agreement to drop his blackmail against Maya and to add an apology to the pact. Brooke makes an emotional admission to Donna and Eric, and begs for them to keep the matter confidential. Hope is taken aback when Liam confesses his feelings for her, as well as his lingering feelings for Steffy. Caroline convinces Rafael to go along with her plan to push Maya and Carter together. While walking, Hope sees a scantily clad, handsome stranger.

Sneak peek: Eric is unhappy with Taylor.

Days of Our Lives

Brady asks Nicole to go away with him. Sami is attacked in her jail cell. Marlena hypnotizes Sami to help her daughter get some answers. Justin and E.J. prepare Sami for her bail hearing. Sonny is horrified when he discovers damning evidence against Sami. Justin and Adrienne argue over Justin's decision to represent Sami and also Will's involvement with Sonny. Adrienne asks Will to break things off with her son. J.J. visits Cameron at work, hoping to steal his drug samples. Daniel catches J.J., and knows Jennifer will be shattered when she learns about her son's actions. Kate fires Nick.

Sneak peek: Eric has a health scare.

General Hospital

Kiki (Lauren) heads to the Quartermaines'. A.J. and Tracy joust for Franco's support in their ongoing war for ELQ. A.J. summons Michael to talk to his new-found cousin. Shawn finally admits he fired the bullet intended for Franco. Alexis says she will not turn Shawn in, but she is ending their relationship. Sonny rails at Carly over having called the hit on Franco behind his back. Dante presses Sonny for more information, as Lulu tries to draw out the truth from Carly. Britt offers Taylor some advice about how to get a man. Sabrina lobbies Patrick to cooperate in a DNA test to disprove Britt's claim that she is carrying his child. When Morgan accuses Michael of lusting after his girlfriend, Michael calls him out about his gambling. Sam thanks Silas for his help in saving Danny.

Sneak peek: Luke faces death.

The Young and the Restless

Chelsea feels the baby kick for the first time. She gets caught up in the moment and tells Dylan that she loves him. Chelsea's confession catches Dylan off-guard, but he later tells her that he loves her, too. Anita orders flowers sent to Chelsea in Adam's name. Chloe informs Kevin that she is done living with a thief. When Kevin asks whether she is thinking of turning him in, Chloe says she has Delia to think about. Chloe tells Chelsea that her marriage to Kevin is over. When Billy furtively checks the results of a horse race on his phone, Victoria asks him why he's so excited. Victoria accuses Billy of having an affair with Chloe. Billy denies her accusation and admits that he has started gambling again. They get into a heated argument. The mystery blogger continues to post journal entries about the Winters family. A phrase the blogger used reminds Leslie of something she's read before. Adam makes a mysterious phone call and says his father is headed out of town. Fen is shocked when he sees Carmine kissing Lauren. Phyllis learns the truth about the paternity test, and tells Nick they need to talk with Jack and Summer. Traci admits to Jack that she and Steve have been struggling since Colleen's death.

Sneak peek: A birthday surprise

Lynda Hirsch writes for Creators Syndicate.

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