Soap Summary: Effects of a murder ripple through Salem

| Saturday, May 17, 2014, 8:36 p.m.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Oliver advises Thorne against being honest with Aly. Taylor tries to explain her relationship with Thorne to Aly, who reacts badly. Ridge tries to convince Brooke that Bill is not good for her or R.J. Katie tells Ridge their situation with Brooke calls for compromise, but he won't budge. Aly makes a surprising request of Taylor. Ridge and Bill exchange words. Thorne asks Brooke for advice about Taylor and Aly. Taylor breaks down as she tells Aly about the night Aly's mother died. At the Forrester CEO office, Thorne is surprised by what he witnesses between Aly and Taylor. Ridge and Katie start making wedding plans. Hope discusses her love life with Brooke. Wyatt officially becomes a Spencer. Quinn intervenes when she realizes Liam intends to interrupt Hope and Wyatt.

Next week: Brooke and Bill jet off to Dubai.

Days of Our Lives

Accusations fly, the next of kin mourn, and many come under suspicion in the wake of a dramatic murder. Marlena makes a startling discovery in the case. Brady delivers disappointing news to Theresa. Jennifer consoles a guilt-ridden Abigail. Daniel confronts Nicole, and she comes clean. Jennifer admits to Eric her discomfort with Daniel and Nicole's relationship. Hope grills Sonny. Sami is racked with guilt over a decision she and EJ made. Hope confronts EJ with an incriminating photo. Will confesses to Hope. Ben and Abigail have their first kiss. Daniel orders Nicole to come clean with Eric — or else. Hope questions Kate and Abigail. Kate worries when she realizes her gun is missing.

Next week: Hope catches Lucas in a lie.

General Hospital

Unexpected arrivals, uplifting performances, rekindled love and heartbreak are the order of the evening at the Nurses' Ball. Alexis and Jordan have an uncomfortable first meeting. Anna and Duke have a romantic evening at the ball. Jordan and Shawn recall their shared past. Lifelong friendships are tested. Carly and Franco distract themselves. Alexis urges Julian to leave the mob, while Duke and Sonny discuss plans to bring Julian down. Luke ducks Tracy's advances and tries to get a read on Sonny's knowledge of the Jerome operation. Michael's self-appointment as the new CEO of ELQ doesn't sit well with Tracy. Anna has an answer for an anxious Lulu and Dante, who make an important family decision. Liz makes her choice. TJ overhears Jordan's suspicious phone conversation. Julian sets up a meeting with Luke to discuss a partnership.

Next week: Julian makes an announcement.

The Young and the Restless

Nikki and Dylan share a mother-and-son moment. Victor has a run-in with Ian. Billy tells Chelsea of his plan to get dirt on Stitch. Victoria goes to see Dr. Chiverton. Cane becomes concerned when he doesn't hear from Colin, and goes to see Jill. Victor asks Jill whether she caused his legal troubles. Lily tries to play matchmaker for Neil and Kelly. Neil sneaks off with Hilary. Abby seeks more information about Mariah from Leslie. At a family dinner at the Athletic Club, Gloria espouses an aphrodisiac that worked for her and Jeffrey, which Chloe plans to steal. Kevin discusses his marriage with Michael and Lauren. Dylan explains to Stitch what happened with Ian and urges him to come clean about his past with Victoria.

Next week: Sharon seeks Mariah's help.

George Dickie writes for Tribune Media Services.

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