Le Bon's 'Mug Museum' an emotional thrill ride

| Friday, Nov. 15, 2013, 8:57 p.m.

‘Mug Museum'

Cate Le Bon (Wichita)


Welsh artist Cate Le Bon has proved to be one of the more interesting voices to emerge this decade, and in a short amount of time she has put together a rock solid catalog featuring her sharp songwriting and vocals that highlight her character. “Mug Museum,” her third full-length, is just as wonderful as 2011's “CMYK” but puts added emphasis on psychedelics. Each of these 10 cuts are worth absorbing in full as Le Bon takes you on a riveting, emotional ride during buzzing, romantic “Are You With Me Now?”; cool

and dark “No God”; smoky and dreamy “Sisters”; and trance-inducing “Cuckoo Through the Walls” that lets her show off her killer guitar skills. If you don't know Le Bon yet, change that. You'll be happy you did.

‘Pre-Human Ideas'

Mount Eerie (P.W. Elverum & Sun, Ltd.)


If you're a fan of Phil Elverum's wildly varied work and penchant for unpredictablity, you won't be too shaken by “Pre-Human Ideas,” his new collection of reworked songs treated with Autotuned vocals, some new lyrics, and added sound elements slipped into his original ideas. This album isn't necessarily an essential addition to your collection, but it's an awfully fun listen, as cold, alien, and isolated as it feels. These new looks at “No Inside, No Out,” “I Say ‘No',” and “Lone Bell” will make your head spin but add some validity to the human factor that can spill out of computerized music. Elverum is a treasure as an artist and even his strangest projects, like this, work.


Oozing Wound (Thrill Jockey)


The thrash revival has had way more downs than ups, but there still are a few bands that really get it right, such as Noisem, Power Trip, and now the fiery, Chicago death crew Oozing Wound. These maulers remind a bit of classic Exodus, with their steamrolling thunder and piercing, agitated vocals, and they keep a sense of humor about them while they're stampeding your guts on cuts including “Everyone I Hate Should Be Killed,” “New York Bands,” and “Sustained By Hatred (Rambo 4).” Put on your bullet belt, open 650 beers, and let Oozing Wound break your legs with its unholy thrash goodness.

Brian Krasman is a contributing writer for Trib Total Media.

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