Personailty test: Dick Esterle

| Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2013, 9:01 p.m.

If you've been to the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh, you've probably seen some of Dick Esterle's popular art. Esterle created the bright, pink and red “more light” piece displayed in the North Side museum's Studio. Esterle — who will be the museum's F.I.N.E. resident artist in March — also created the piece on display at Federal Street's Underpass Public Art Gallery. This installation, called “3Three***” (pictured above), shows a series of bright, multihued swirls that bring movement and color to an otherwise gray underpass. Esterle, who practiced architecture in New York City and invented the Nobbly Wobbly ball pet toy, lives with his wife, Eileen, in Forest Hills.

The star who would play me in the movie version of my life:

Denzel Washington. Because he can fly a plane upside down.

Childhood hero:

Bullwinkle. He would say, “There's always room for one more,” and hold up two fingers.

Pick one:

A. Pirates

B. Penguins

C. Steelers

D. Other

E. I hate sports

C. Steelers

The most famous person I ever became friends with:

Art Stamper, Kentucky old-time fiddler

Best mistake I've ever made:

Moving to Pittsburgh : )

Favorite lunchtime spot:

My backyard

Top thing on my ‘Bucket List' to do before I'm gone:

Get a bucket list

In five years, I'd like to:

Be hanging “more light” installations in more places.

My favorite thing about Pittsburgh:

Artist Image Resource

My favorite sandwich, plus fixings:

Chicago-style hot dog and fries at D's in Regent Square

My favorite Pittsburgh athlete:

Charlie Batch

The oldest thing in my refrigerator is:

Mango Chutney

My favorite website:

The piece of memorabilia from my childhood I wish I still had:

My Stingray bike with the stick 5-speed gear shifter.

Favorite brunch food:

Bacon and eggs

Favorite guilty pleasure:

Bacon and eggs

Saturday mornings, you'll find me:

Waking up

The superpower I wish I had in real life:

Super speed to plant trees and clean up all the various environmental problems

My most embarrassing junk food:

I'm not embarrassed by junk food.

When I was 10, I wanted to be:


My favorite “bad” movie:

“Shock Corridor” by Sam Fuller

My favorite Pittsburgh pizza:


My favorite YouTube video:

Christina Zaris video “More Light” on the Installation of “More Light” at the Childrens Museum of Pittsburgh

Best new gadget I've tried recently:

3-D printer

The first band I saw in concert:

Chicago — 1972 — Louisville, Ky.

The best concert I've ever seen:

Bruce Springsteen in an Oakland, Calif., high school auditorium in 1977, and Bob Dylan's 30th Anniversary Concert celebration in Madison Square Gardens

If I were auditioning for “American Idol,” my song would be:

“Gangnam Style”

What you'll always find in my glove compartment:


Exercise I hate most:


I'm deathly afraid of:


The last book I read:

“The Good Brother,” Chris Offutt

My first job:

Lifeguard at a hotel pool

I never travel without my:

Sleeping bag

Favorite Pittsburgh-area landmark:

Smithfield Street Bridge, and copper Lincoln statue in Wilkinsburg

The song that always gets me out on the dance floor:

“My Girl,” Temptations — Do you really have to ask why?

Movie I could watch every time it appears on cable:

“Live Free or Die Hard”

Life would be better without:


People would be surprised to know that I:

Cannot fly a plane upside down

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