Google Inc. moving CMU office to Bakery Square

| Saturday, Dec. 19, 2009

When Google Inc. came to Pittsburgh in 2005, it had a staff of two -- both Carnegie Mellon University professors.

Today, with about 100 employees and still hiring more for its software engineering office, the owner of the world's most popular Internet search engine has outgrown is current location in CMU's Collaborative Innovation Center in Oakland.

Friday it announced that it has leased 40,000 square feet of office space at Bakery Square in East Liberty, and will move its offices there in 2010.

Google will need the larger space as it continues its aggressive hiring, with no limit announced on how large the office will grow.

"We will hire engineers, both locally and from throughout the world, who fit our needs," said Andrew Moore, engineering and site director for Google Pittsburgh.

"The city of Pittsburgh is a world center for computer science and so it makes perfect sense for Google to have the increased commitment represented by this move," said Moore, who with Kamal Nigam, were the first employees here.

Moore said Bakery Square "is just the right kind of place for this growing bunch of creative software engineers to be building some of the next generation of Google products."

About half of the current Google work force here are graduates of CMU, he said.

CMU President Jared L. Cohon said Google's growth has been phenomenal. In the four years, almost to the day (Dec. 15, 2005), since Google announced the opening of the Pittsburgh office, the staff has grown rapidly. Its move to East Liberty will accommodate a continued rapid pace of growth, he said.

Pittsburgh has benefited from the Collaborative Innovation Center, which has brought dozens of new information technology jobs to the city, Cohon said. "It has raised the region's worldwide reputation as a center for innovation in IT and computing," he said.

Google's relationship with CMU will continue, Cohon said. The company continues to support a wide array of research projects there, and it remains a leading employer of CMU graduates.

This year, Google acquired ReCAPTCHA, Inc. a spin-off company lead by CMU computer science Professor Luis von Ahn, as it continues its growth.

Moore said the move into Bakery Square may not occur until the second half of 2010. Google plans to occupy the top two floors in the building.

Similar Google operations are in Boston, New York City and Waterloo, Canada, said Sean Carlson, a Google spokesman.

Bakery Square already houses a University of Pittsburgh unit.

The $113 million Bakery Square project at the former Nabisco bakery plant will bring offices, retail, a restaurant and fitness center space plus a hotel and parking garage to East Liberty. The retail portion of Bakery Square is scheduled to open in the Spring.

"Google's commitment to Bakery Square is a key step in the successful debut of our project," said Gregg Perelman, chief executive officer of Walnut Capital, the developer.

Information on job opportunities at Google can be found on the Internet at , Carlson said.

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