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John Browne, a financial analyst and former member of the British Parliament, is a financial columnist for the Tribune-Review. John Browne can be reached via e-mail

John Browne: Factory orders heat up but receive cool reception from investors

By John Browne
Factory orders, an indicator of economic performance, increased significantly in March over the previous month. In fact, the Department of Commerce report May 4 noted it was the highest gain in the past eight months. Despite hopes for escalating manufacturing ...

John Browne: Consumer feelings of security hinge on income

By John Browne
Disappointing figures announced by the Commerce Department late last month triggered further economic concerns. The reported gross domestic product growth rate of only 0.2 percent for the first quarter of 2015 and the -0.1 percent annual inflation rate were far ...

Easing will wear on bonds

By John Browne
The Federal Reserve Board’s attempt to stimulate the economy through quantitative easing and zero interest rates boosted financial assets, including bonds, to all-time highs. Concurrently, it put downward pressure on the dollar and, while inflation threatened, slight upward pressure on ...

SEC urges universal disclosure requirement to protect investors

By John Browne
The Securities and Exchange Commission is pushing for fuller and more easily searched conduct disclosures from investment advisers, notably for senior investors. In an effort to better insulate investors from financial adviser fraud and exploitation, under Section 911 of the ...

John Browne: Economy destination unknown

By John Browne
The stock market selloff Friday belies the recent optimism from investors and the stellar performance of equities. Despite the pullback, some investors are viewing the market’s flirtations with new highs as an indication the economy is back on track. But they ...

Volcker gives take on rates

By John Browne
Former Chairman Paul Volcker thinks the Federal Reserve Board should normalize interest rates soon. Regarded as the foremost central banker of modern times, Volcker broadly defended the Fed’s economic stimulus and zero interest-rate policiy. In an interview with this columnist ...

John Brown: Uncertain times, volatile markets

By John Browne
The two major American equity market indices, Dow Jones and Standard & Poors, closed up at the end of the first quarter of 2015 — by less than 1 percent. Despite large liquidity and seven years of zero interest rates, ...

Browne: London Gold Fix process change increases transparency

By John Browne
For almost a century, the international spot-dealing price for gold was fixed in London by a small group of representatives of major gold-dealing banks meeting twice daily. After the London Interbank Offered Rate rigging scandal, attention shifted to the possibility ...

Yellen calls time out on rate hike

By John Browne
The prospect of a Federal Reserve interest rate hike and a falling euro has contributed significantly to the dollar’s best rally against global currencies in almost 40 years. However, Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen last week urged caution over the ...

Good news met poorly in markets

By John Browne
The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the unemployment rate for February at 5.5 percent, down 0.2 percent over the month. Though good economic news, it battered stock markets. The normal relationship between a more healthy economy and rising stock ...

Oil glut, but gas expensive

By John Browne
Over the past eight years, crude oil prices have dropped about 66 percent; in the past six months, more than 50 percent. Such falls have proved a boon to businesses and households using oil. Though prices at the pump are ...

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