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John Browne, a financial analyst and former member of the British Parliament, is a financial columnist for the Tribune-Review. John Browne can be reached via e-mail

High-speed traders on inside track

By John Browne
Michael Lewis’ new book, “Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt,” has caused a tremor among investors. A fictionalized account, it nevertheless highlights a long-suspected fear that Wall Street stock markets are rigged in favor of high-frequency or high-speed traders. These …

Fed hints too vague to guide

By John Browne
Despite repressing interest rates close to zero for over five years, Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen said the economy would require stimulus by the Fed for “some time.” In correcting her apparently inadvertent suggestion that interest rates could rise within …

Borrowers’ yield curve going flat

By John Browne
Interest rates, the price of borrowing money, are perhaps the key ingredient in an economy. In the free economy the United States once had, interest rates were set predominantly by the availability of — and demand for — money. Today, …

Gold may regain its luster

By John Browne
It was suspected and litigation alleges the gold market is being manipulated by major Western central banks, led by the Federal Reserve. Despite the great power of central banks, however, it appears that gold is starting to rise for fundamental …

What to make of Ukraine

By John Browne
The situation in the Ukraine burst upon the world as a potential superpower confrontation. Stock markets dove, but returned on word of U.S., NATO and European Union response to Russia’s chess move and the Federal Reserve’s assurances of continued cheap, …

Yellen hints Fed invincible

By John Browne
Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen’s initial appearance before the Senate Banking Committee was received warmly. Avoiding the “Fed speak” that can sometimes be lost on members of Congress and the public, she was clear and easily understood — until her …

Computer economy emerges

By John Browne
The former CEO of Apple, John Sculley, said he believes “the true computer age has only just begun.” Sculley, who was the youngest CEO of Pepsi and is a highly regarded entrepreneur, talked about the future aspects of technology and …

Federal Reserve silent on curbing bank bonuses

By John Browne
How soon we forget. Investment blunders by major international banks threatened the world’s financial system with collapse and economic chaos just six years ago. Major investment banks have refashioned themselves to gain the financial protection of the Federal Reserve System. …

Yellen for cheap, easy cash

By John Browne
Janet Yellen made history last week when she appeared before the House of Representative’s Committee on Financial Services as the first female chairman of the Federal Reserve. Appearing well versed in her subject, Yellen hit hard at any suggestion by …

Emerging economies on defense

By John Browne
The Federal Reserve announced last month an additional $10 billion tapering of the economic stimulus program that encouraged vast flows of investment money into emerging economies. The tapering caused emerging market economies to suffer huge outflows of money, leading to …

Yellen gets ticking time bomb

By John Browne
Ben Bernanke turned over leadership of the Federal Reserve Board to Janet Yellen last week. Before departing, though, the chairman put in place another $10 billion tapering of the bond-buying economic stimulus program known as quantitative easing, as well as …

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