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John Browne, a financial analyst and former member of the British Parliament, is a financial columnist for the Tribune-Review. John Browne can be reached via e-mail

Browne: London Gold Fix process change increases transparency

By John Browne
For almost a century, the international spot-dealing price for gold was fixed in London by a small group of representatives of major gold-dealing banks meeting twice daily. After the London Interbank Offered Rate rigging scandal, attention shifted to the possibility ...

Yellen calls time out on rate hike

By John Browne
The prospect of a Federal Reserve interest rate hike and a falling euro has contributed significantly to the dollar’s best rally against global currencies in almost 40 years. However, Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen last week urged caution over the ...

Good news met poorly in markets

By John Browne
The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the unemployment rate for February at 5.5 percent, down 0.2 percent over the month. Though good economic news, it battered stock markets. The normal relationship between a more healthy economy and rising stock ...

Oil glut, but gas expensive

By John Browne
Over the past eight years, crude oil prices have dropped about 66 percent; in the past six months, more than 50 percent. Such falls have proved a boon to businesses and households using oil. Though prices at the pump are ...

Yellen shuns Fed audit

By John Browne
Three important issues emerged during Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen’s testimony last week before the Senate Banking Committee: Interest rate policy, currency manipulation and central bank privilege. Yellen finessed the first two issues. But she rebuffed strongly any suggestion of ...

Luxury thrives

By John Browne
Some of the highest profit margins are generated in luxury markets. From the trillions of dollars of synthetic money generated by central banks, large amounts have flowed into financial centers such as Wall Street. This economic stimulus has resulted in ...

Uncertainty signals caution for Federal Reserve

By John Browne
Growing evidence of recession has caused the World Bank to lower its estimate for global growth from 3.4 to 3 percent. CNBC reports that sixteen nations have negative short-term interest rates. A potential Greek departure from the Eurozone threatens more ...

Low oil prices fuel economic problems

By John Browne
The crash in oil prices has effectively brought a windfall tax cut, likely fueling the increase in U.S. fourth quarter personal consumption to 4.3 percent, instead of the forecast 4 percent. Despite a $1.21 increase to $51.69 per barrel on ...

Germany may walk on rescue

By John Browne
A combination of events — the Swiss breaking their Franc-euro currency peg, the European Central Bank announcing its stimulus program and the recent Greek elections — have weakened the euro dramatically. Germany agreed to enter the eurozone to help ...

John Browne: Swiss unleash currency turmoil

By John Browne
Switzerland long has been perceived as having a model economy, where hard work is rewarded by wages paid in a currency backed heavily by gold and honest management. Investors throughout the world sought refuge in the Swiss franc, trusted as ...

John Browne: Women needed on boards

By John Browne
Legendary business investor Warren Buffett hinted once that keeping women out of the corporate game causes an uneven playing field. Now, with three female directors, he explained that one reason for his success was that he was competing with only ...

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