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John Browne, a financial analyst and former member of the British Parliament, is a financial columnist for the Tribune-Review. John Browne can be reached via e-mail

U.S. closes in on offshore tax evasion

By John Browne
The Internal Revenue Service loses billions of dollars annually because of offshore tax evasion. For years, a number of American taxpayers have evaded federal income taxes by channeling income into secret foreign or offshore bank accounts in some 70 ...

Gold’s woes less than oil, other metals

By John Browne
The price of gold is at a five-year low. But it has fallen proportionately less than oil and even other metals. The differential is attributed to gold being a commodity and a monetary asset. Concern that gold prices will drop ...

SEC rule scrutinizes CEO pay

By John Browne
The Securities and Exchange Commission has adopted a new rule requiring publicly traded companies to disclose the ratio of chief executive officer compensation to the median compensation of employees. The announced purpose is to afford shareholders a better informed basis ...

Beijing struggles with change

By John Browne
When Apple Inc. announced its second quarter earnings, it became clear how important China is to its sales. As China transitions from a centralized economy, financed heavily by substantial debt, into an entrepreneurial consumer market, economic growth is slowing. Already ...

Fed may be biased on inflation

By John Browne
The Federal Reserve’s next move on interest rates will depend on policymakers’ views on progress toward their dual mandate of maximum employment and keeping inflation in check. The Fed’s comfort level for inflation is 2 percent. But inflation has been ...

SEC uses its claws

By John Browne
The Securities and Exchange Commission has proposed rules extending incentive-pay clawbacks and disclosures to a wider group of corporate executives. The 3-2 vote on July 1 represents the SEC’s most recent attempt to curb excessive compensation and discourage risk-taking that ...

Greek ‘no’ vote has potential to set example for other countries

By John Browne
The European Union is scheduled to meet Sunday on Greece’s referendum vote rejecting its bailout offer. American investors are watching, waiting and wagering on the potential impact of the Greek crisis on the economy, investments and currency. Admitted to the EU ...

Risk flags emerging markets

By John Browne
A 47 percent decline in shares of Hanergy Thin Film Group caused the Hong Kong Bourse to suspend trading in the stock June 20. A leading Chinese clean energy company, Hanergy is one of the largest in the emerging markets. Earlier, ...

Fed says slow and low for interest hike

By John Browne
Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen recently announced that the Fed’s low interest rate policy would continue for the time being. Emphasizing that Fed policy would remain “data dependent,” Yellen did not discount a possible rate hike this year. But she ...

Ponzi as popular as ever

By John Browne
Ponzi schemes abound in America, despite publicity given to prosecutions following Bernie Madoff’s conviction and 150-year sentence. A Pittsburgh woman, Patricia Miller, was sentenced in March by a federal judge in Boston to six years in prison and additional penalties ...

Hopes up for inside traders

By John Browne
Raj Rajaratnam, the billionaire founder of the Galleon Group hedge fund, is seeking to reduce his 11-year prison sentence for insider trading that prosecutors say earned him $60 million in illicit profits. Rajaratnam, who was convicted in 2011 of securities ...

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