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Chris Posti, president of Posti & Associates in Pittsburgh, is author of "The Shortest Distance between You and your New Job," available on Chris Posti can be reached via e-mail or at 724-344-1668

Reunion provides chance to reflect on choices then, now

By Chris Posti
In helping to organize my recent high school reunion, one of my duties was to put together a booklet of classmate profiles. Being a student of both careers and human behavior, I delighted in reading about the lives of ...

Great coaches make best work managers

By Chris Posti 4:31 p.m.
Recently, I was coaching a client on how to give feedback to one of his employees who had not been performing to expectations. While the manager and I role-played ways he could deliver feedback to his employee, it occurred to ...

Practice makes perfect interview prep tactic

By Chris Posti
If you expect to be interviewing for a job, it’s wise to rehearse beforehand with someone who is experienced in interviewing, such as a recruiter, a human-resources specialist or someone who works in your industry and hires employees. Even ...

No job interviews? Devise some bullets

By Chris Posti
It’s college graduation season, so employers’ inboxes will soon be overloaded with a barrage of dull, indistinguishable, template-fashioned resumes sent in by hopeful graduates—most of whom will be disappointed that their cellphones don’t ring. Having a high GPA is ...

Chris Posti: Expectations about nonprofits vs. realities

By Chris Posti 9:00 p.m.
If you are stressed out, burned out, or just plain unhappy in your current job at a for-profit employer, have you ever fantasized about working for a nonprofit organization? Are you energized when you think about working toward an altruistic ...

To find best career path, start with a book, look to past

By Chris Posti
The number of snowflakes covering my front lawn on a wintry day is roughly equivalent to the number of people who have, over the past 25 years, asked me for help in choosing their career path. My heart goes out ...

How to formulate your ‘value proposition’

By Chris Posti
Whether you are interviewing for a job, vying for a promotion or just trying to get recognized for contributing in your job, have you ever been asked, “What is your value proposition?” Huh? What’s a value proposition, you say? It’s ...

Polish away weaknesses at work in new year

By Tribune-Review
You may not be the kind of person who makes New Year’s resolutions, but the start of a year gives most of us incentive to improve or change in one way or another. If you are eager to become more ...

Social media use says what resume can’t to recruiters

By Tribune-Review
Imagine this: you have not applied for a single job, yet someone is ready to hire you, sight unseen. How can this be? Actually, this scenario is entirely possible nowadays, and the reason is social media. Employers and recruiters ...

Posti: Identifying, managing ‘blind spots’ key to career, life success

By Chris Posti
I’d like to tell you something your boss has been trying to tell you, but either your boss is not communicating it well, or you’re choosing not to hear it. This is the message: You’ve got a blind spot. How can ...

Job hunt changes with tech

By Chris Posti
If you want a job, get more tech-savvy. That’s the overarching message of a 2014 survey by Career Thought Leaders Consortium (, a think tank for the “now, the new, and the next in careers.” Use of LinkedIn, for ...

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