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Jack Markowitz Columns

Slow and steady paid big dividends for Irving Kahn

By Jack Markowitz
Follow your instincts, we’re often told. But not in the stock market, Irving Kahn might add. “Human beings have precisely the wrong instincts when it comes to the markets,” Kahn told a British magazine just last year. (He was still ...

John Browne Columns

Browne: London Gold Fix process change increases transparency

By John Browne
For almost a century, the international spot-dealing price for gold was fixed in London by a small group of representatives of major gold-dealing banks meeting twice daily. After the London Interbank Offered Rate rigging scandal, attention shifted to the possibility ...

Chris Posti Columns

To find best career path, start with a book, look to past

By Chris Posti
The number of snowflakes covering my front lawn on a wintry day is roughly equivalent to the number of people who have, over the past 25 years, asked me for help in choosing their career path. My heart goes out ...

John Dorfman Columns

Dorfman: Fossil, Pilgrims Pride, Micron latest picks for Casualty List

By John Dorfman
I like stocks that have been smacked down and seem to have great rebound potential. That’s why I compile my Casualty List. It is a roster of wounded stocks that I believe have an excellent chance to recover and ...

Kim Komando Columns

What cellphone companies don’t want you to know

By Kim Komando
Recently, AT&T surprised everyone when it added a new option to its GigaPower fiber Internet service: privacy. Yes, for just $29 more a month AT&T promises it WON’T sell your search and browsing history to advertisers. How generous. While there’s still ...

Andrea Kay Columns

Kay: It’s never too late to find your voice

By Andrea Kay
Editor’s note: This is Andrea Kay’s last column. I had an audacious idea in 1987. Out of all the billions of people on planet Earth, I decided that I would be the one to have my very own ...