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Jack Markowitz Columns

Mickey Rooney’s financial life a lesson for us all

By Jack Markowitz
The unique Mickey Rooney provided one last entertainment — a sobering one — in his long life. When he died last week at 93, he reportedly left only $18,000. Let’s hope that was a joke because you couldn’t help a …

John Browne Columns

Markets, war risks on rise

By John Browne
As the situation in eastern Ukraine escalated last week, the American-led Western allies seemed to continue to flounder with how to respond to what appeared to be behind-the-scenes Russian agitation in areas outside Crimea. Failure to rescue the Ukraine from …

Chris Posti Columns

Looking for 1st job? Get your basics down

By Chris Posti
Rick was like thousands of other college seniors hoping to get hired for his first “real” job. He was an average student, from a middle-of-the-road college, with a typical major (in Rick’s case, information technology). He was not active in …

John Dorfman Columns

Dorfman: Cheapskate Portfolio up 37% in year

By John Dorfman
If you like to make money in stocks, you could do a lot worse than to buy the ones with the lowest PEs. PE stands for price/earnings ratio. It is a stock’s price divided by the sum of its earnings …

Kim Komando Columns

Don’t feel boxed in by cable

By Kim Komando
I suspect you’re like me. You just want to sit down in front of the TV and find something interesting to watch. Fat chance of that these days. Watching your favorite shows is getting more complicated. It’s also getting more …

Andrea Kay Columns

Kay: It’s never too late to find your voice

By Andrea Kay
Editor’s note: This is Andrea Kay’s last column. I had an audacious idea in 1987. Out of all the billions of people on planet Earth, I decided that I would be the one to have my very own newspaper column …