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Jack Markowitz Columns

Jack Markowitz: College graduate finds success in oil field

By Jack Markowitz
Alec Rothman graduated from college with majors in economics and French, typically impractical “liberal arts.” No way he’d find a job in the real world, you might think. Wrong. It took a lot of looking, but Rothman landed on the ...

John Browne Columns

John Browne: Care act isn’t affordable for Americans, economy

By John Browne
President Obama’s health care law promised affordable medical coverage to all Americans at no extra cost. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services reported that for 2013, health costs accounted for some $9,255 per person, or $37,020 for a family ...

Chris Posti Columns

Social media use says what resume can’t to recruiters

By Tribune-Review
Imagine this: you have not applied for a single job, yet someone is ready to hire you, sight unseen. How can this be? Actually, this scenario is entirely possible nowadays, and the reason is social media. Employers and recruiters ...

John Dorfman Columns

Dorfman: Big stock winners, losers in S&P 500 Index of 2014

By John Dorfman
When a stock is up magnificently or down hideously for a calendar year, you know something is going on with the company. What you don’t know is whether the good or bad fortune will persist into the next year. ...

Kim Komando Columns

5 digital tricks you’ll use every day

By Kim Komando
Did you know that the quickest way to open a link on a Web page in a new window or tab is to click the link with the middle button on your mouse? If you’re a keyboard person, in Windows, ...

Andrea Kay Columns

Kay: It’s never too late to find your voice

By Andrea Kay
Editor’s note: This is Andrea Kay’s last column. I had an audacious idea in 1987. Out of all the billions of people on planet Earth, I decided that I would be the one to have my very own ...