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Jack Markowitz Columns

Retailers await kids’ verdicts at checkout

By Jack Markowitz
For retailers, the year has seven seasons — fall, winter, spring, summer, Christmas, Easter and back-to-school. The latter is upon us now. Hopefully at a nationwide cost of $75 billion it will spread happiness, new scholarly beginnings and resolutions to …

John Browne Columns

John Browne: Trade sanctions bite back

By John Browne
Initial calls for American-led sanctions against Russia over Crimea and Ukraine met with less than universal enthusiasm. Now that the costs of trade sanctions imply damage to a world with worrying threats of recession, economists are expressing concerns. Within an …

Chris Posti Columns

Chris Posti: Get most from career coach

By Chris Posti
If you authorize coaching in your organization, would you like to know what you can do to increase the success of that coaching? I’m sure you do, because coaching is a substantial investment of time and money. Here are ways …

John Dorfman Columns

Cash flow stock picks aim for 10th win in row

By John Dorfman
Businesses live or die by cash flow. Cash flow measures the cash an enterprise generates. Because it excludes such non-cash items as depreciation and amortization, cash flow may be stronger than reported earnings, or weaker. From time to time, usually …

Kim Komando Columns

5 apps that make you say ‘wow’

By Kim Komando
If you can dream it, there is an app for that. There are approximately 1.2 million apps in the Apple store and, interestingly, just about the same number in the Google Play store that powers Android gadgets. Much like any …

Andrea Kay Columns

Kay: It’s never too late to find your voice

By Andrea Kay
Editor’s note: This is Andrea Kay’s last column. I had an audacious idea in 1987. Out of all the billions of people on planet Earth, I decided that I would be the one to have my very own newspaper column …