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Jack Markowitz Columns

Markowitz: No putting a mask on this economic mess

By Jack Markowitz
Is that a witch in front of the moon? Or a stock market bear? Halloween is tomorrow, and the economy is a haunted house. The richest country on earth is one of the deepest in debt. Market freedoms brought America …

John Browne Columns

John Browne: Dollar in demand internationally

By John Browne
Evidence of global recession continues to spread. With an “official” economic growth rate of 2.5 percent, the United States is perceived as an investment haven. International investors are converting foreign currency into dollars, much of it for investment here. Those …

Chris Posti Columns

Posti: Identifying, managing ‘blind spots’ key to career, life success

By Chris Posti
I’d like to tell you something your boss has been trying to tell you, but either your boss is not communicating it well, or you’re choosing not to hear it. This is the message: You’ve got a blind spot. How …

John Dorfman Columns

Billion Dollar Portfolio takes dive on misses with Hercules, ITT

By John Dorfman
What’s the ideal size for a stock? My favorite sweet spot is near $1 billion in market value. As I classify stocks, that size is on the line between small stocks and mid-sized ones. At $1 billion, a company is …

Kim Komando Columns

5 tech myths you hear all the time

By Kim Komando
Humans are great at creating myths. From Marduk and Zeus to unicorns and mermaids, there’s no end to what we can imagine. That’s even true with technology. There’s old tech advice that no one questions, half-remembered instructions you just keep …

Andrea Kay Columns

Kay: It’s never too late to find your voice

By Andrea Kay
Editor’s note: This is Andrea Kay’s last column. I had an audacious idea in 1987. Out of all the billions of people on planet Earth, I decided that I would be the one to have my very own newspaper column …