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Markowitz: Gentrification means taking bad with good

By Jack Markowitz
Gentrification: The word reeks of disapproval. It means rich people moving into poor neighborhoods and making them better. This ought to be universally welcomed. But there’s a downside. As property values rise, poor folks can’t afford to live there. They …

Chick-fil-A founder stayed true to values

By Jack Markowitz
A captain of industry left us the other day, the kind of creative capitalist you hope America never stops producing. S. Truett Cathy didn’t seem like an Andrew Carnegie, because Carnegie’s industry was familiarly heavy, steel. Cathy’s was the chicken …

Temper approach to stocks

By Jack Markowitz
The stock market isn’t exciting in the middle. But let stock prices hit a top — such as now — and it’s news every day. In theory, a top should be the perfect time to sell. Prices never will be …

Markowitz: Labor Day offers workers a good time to reflect

By Jack Markowitz
Labor Day is coming, and here are 10 ideas parading, maybe, in the heads of working people: • “Every time I get mad at my job I try to remind myself to be glad I have a job. Being one …

Retailers await kids’ verdicts at checkout

By Jack Markowitz
For retailers, the year has seven seasons — fall, winter, spring, summer, Christmas, Easter and back-to-school. The latter is upon us now. Hopefully at a nationwide cost of $75 billion it will spread happiness, new scholarly beginnings and resolutions to …

Unionized employees may enjoy ‘freedom’

By Jack Markowitz
Employee freedom. What comes to mind when you see that phrase, which you might in what’s left of this week? This is National Employee Freedom Week. Does the phrase conjure up wage-slaves walking out on tyrannical bosses, bad pay and …

Go broke in just 10 easy steps

By Jack Markowitz
It’s hard to resist a list. Especially a short list. Let an expert promise three or four guaranteed methods to bring about world peace, or win somebody’s heart, or achieve the waistline you’ve always dreamed of, and most of us …

Bid to kill coal likely just the beginning

By Jack Markowitz
It must be tougher than usual to be a coal miner these days. The future of their living grows murkier. One would expect better than average job security in work that’s dangerous, dirty and never famous for social prestige. Good …

Caveats mar film that celebrates America’s success

By Jack Markowitz
It’s hard to stand up and cheer an economic system that’s merely “not as bad” as its critics say. This is what moviemaker Dinesh D’Souza wants us to do by way of his brave documentary, “America: Imagine the World Without …

China picks up the balls the United States drops

By Jack Markowitz
Leave it to China. Concerned a few years ago that the so-called “Arab spring” might shut down the Suez Canal, the Chinese looked for ways to get around the Middle East’s blue water pinch-point. It found one hidden in plain …

America’s still best in first-class health care

By Jack Markowitz
We keep getting told the United States has fallen behind in this or that measure of health; that we don’t rank first in life expectancy or access to doctors and medicines. Yet at some deep level of national pride, don’t …

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