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Brit’s take on U.S. capitalism misses the mark

By Jack Markowitz
British-born author Simon Winchester is an America booster with an angle. A freshly naturalized U.S. citizen, he can’t get over how a country this big got pulled into one nation. He credits our bumper crop of never-stay-down inventors and entrepreneurs. …

Paperless annual reports can be tough to read

By Jack Markowitz
It used to be so easy to deal with stockholder mail. Annual reports and proxy statements came in hefty envelopes to read and to guide voting your shares. Or else (big secret) to throw out, assuming your few votes wouldn’t …

Income gap: Just another fallacy

By Jack Markowitz
So now business has two phantoms to fight. One is climate change, of course, the notion that we’re killing the environment by the carefree way we burn fuel. The other is the “widening income gap.” Heartless old capitalism keeps letting …

Job help,  frankly speaking

By Jack Markowitz
It was good career advice. People who hope to get ahead in business were urged the other day to improve their speaking abilities. Speaking in public was the point, but even private speaking leaves lots of room for improvement. Let’s …

Try thrift instead of aid to get by on less

By Jack Markowitz
They work for a living but can’t seem to get anywhere — the folks on the short end of the “income gap.” Yet aren’t there some ways that low-paid Americans might still get ahead? That is, without raising the minimum …

‘Income equality’ fix starts at bottom

By Jack Markowitz
Let’s hope the country doesn’t waste too much time gnawing the bone of “income inequality.” There’s no nourishment for the economy in it, just feelings of victimization. The statistics are slippery, too. America’s highest earners, say the top 10 percent, …

Retired? Dance to maintain health

By Jack Markowitz
Martin J.J. Pack has some retirement advice you won’t find on Wall Street: Go dancing — for the health dividends. Pack, 67, is a retired steelworker. Also a retired magician. And decades ago he quit as a hairdresser. Right now …

Savers can savor long-term payoffs

By Jack Markowitz
One way the world is divided is between savers and spenders. Everybody seems to be one or the other. A saver can be moved to spring loose at times. And a spender might resolve to save a little. But it’s …

A plea for Obama to build the pipeline

By Jack Markowitz
What are we waiting for? The Keystone Pipeline issue couldn’t be clearer. Build it! Build it yesterday. Forty-two thousand jobs are waiting in the wings, including 9,000 in construction. That’s $2 billion in personal incomes and at least that much …

It’s hardly perfect, but my RA is worth it

By Jack Markowitz
My oh myRA! The government is promoting thrift again. To the average working man or woman. A new savings vehicle for the “little guy” is in the offing — President Obama’s myRA, “my retirement account.” It’s not perfect but it’s …

Statistics show January key month for Wall Street

By Jack Markowitz
January still could pull it off. Today and tomorrow are the only trading days left, though. Last chance for a positive “January barometer.” When share prices go up the first month of a year, generally the odds are good they’ll …

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