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Jack Markowitz: College graduate finds success in oil field

By Jack Markowitz
Alec Rothman graduated from college with majors in economics and French, typically impractical “liberal arts.” No way he’d find a job in the real world, you might think. Wrong. It took a lot of looking, but Rothman landed on the ...

Even a good cause is no excuse for looting

By Jack Markowitz
“Hands up, don’t LOOT!” “Turn, don’t BURN!” Those could be signs in business windows nowadays. Specifically neighborhood businesses, Mom ’n Pops, many of them. The little guys of free enterprise are sitting ducks where people have a grievance and ...

The savings decline — and what to do about it

By Jack Markowitz
It’s hard to believe that just under 40 years ago, if your take-home pay was $100 a week (about average), you saved $17 of it — just socked it away, a full 17 percent. Such was the record-high savings rate ...

Parents can make holidays ‘teachable moment’ for kids

By Jack Markowitz
To spend is the trend of the season. And to save? — Ah, another time. And yet the shopping season that kicks off today offers a surprising opening to teach that old-fashioned virtue — thrift — to children. ...

Markowitz: Health care runaround has grown old

By Jack Markowitz
It’s April in November! Dining room tables are laden with papers demanding attention. There are forms to fill out and a filing deadline. But wait! It’s not income tax time. It’s time for seniors citizens to make decisions about their ...

Markowitz: No rush for gold buyers, sellers (just yet)

By Jack Markowitz
Gold and silver dealer Eddie Lowy is glad he has low overhead these days. Buyers “have disappeared off the face of the earth,” said Lowy, a Downtown dealer who owns Banner Coin Exchange. And sellers? Anyone inclined to bring ...

Ideology, dole crushes incentive to work

By Jack Markowitz
Is government policy ruining the next generation of workers, by practically “training” them not to work? An eminent British social critic raises this terrible consequence of modern “compassionate” government. Anthony Daniels is talking about the United Kingdom, ...

Markowitz: No putting a mask on this economic mess

By Jack Markowitz
Is that a witch in front of the moon? Or a stock market bear? Halloween is tomorrow, and the economy is a haunted house. The richest country on earth is one of the deepest in debt. Market freedoms ...

Let’s remember personal responsibility

By Jack Markowitz
Meet the Compassionate Exception. He or she is a media icon of our time. Always in the news, in one form or another, the person or family — or class of people, such as the lowest-income 10 percent — ...

Markowitz: Prudent approach best in volatile market

By Jack Markowitz
It’s back again, a scary stock market. For most investors, though (not day traders), a bit of sensible advice is also back again: Hang on. Yes, taking a profit in some of your holdings makes sense instead of riding ...

Markowitz: D’Souza will make ‘counseling’ pay off

By Jack Markowitz
Dinesh D’Souza came from India as an immigrant youth and stayed to stick up for American free enterprise, for freedom in general, like few others. He’s written books and made movies about what he sees as so special — ...

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