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John Dorfman is chairman of Thunderstorm Capital in Boston and a syndicated columnist. His firm or clients may own or trade securities discussed in this column. John Dorfman can be reached via e-mail or at 617-542-8888

Dorfman: Big stock winners, losers in S&P 500 Index of 2014

By John Dorfman
When a stock is up magnificently or down hideously for a calendar year, you know something is going on with the company. What you don’t know is whether the good or bad fortune will persist into the next year. ...

Dorfman: ‘Bunny’ stocks keep going

By John Dorfman
Remember the Energizer Bunny that starred in battery commercials? It was “still going” long after you would have expected it to stop. That cartoon rabbit was the inspiration for my Bunny Portfolio, an annual collection of 10 stocks. Each stock ...

Paying attention to buys from CEOs often lends more predictive value

By John Dorfman
Trades by chief executive officers and chief financial officers in their company’s shares have more predictive value than trading by other executives in estimating how a stock will do. That’s why I’m devoting this column to recent CEO buys. ...

Dorfman: Holiday tradition includes picks from land of GARP

By John Dorfman
GARP investing is not my home turf. But it’s the next town over. GARP stands for “growth at a reasonable price.” It occupies the middle ground between value investing and growth investing. My style is value, a cheapskate’s hunt for bargains. ...

Coach, Conns, Rowan among January rebound candidates

By John Dorfman
The stock market’s  “January effect” is really the confluence of three effects. Stocks, in general, tend to rise in January. Small stocks tend to lead. And last year’s losers often come back strongly — the “January rebound” or “January bounce.” ...

Book value a useful tool for stock picks

By John Dorfman
Few people pay much attention to a company’s book value when picking stocks. Yet I believe that book value is a neglected and important metric. A company’s book value is comparable to a household’s net worth. It is ...

Momentum is wonderful, but it doesn’t last forever

By Tribune-Review
Let’s take a look at a few stocks that have been leaders of the pack this year. For the 43 weeks through Oct. 31, these five stocks were the top performers in the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index: ...

Billion Dollar Portfolio takes dive on misses with Hercules, ITT

By John Dorfman
What’s the ideal size for a stock? My favorite sweet spot is near $1 billion in market value. As I classify stocks, that size is on the line between small stocks and mid-sized ones. At $1 billion, a company is ...

Purloined Portfolio: What top managers are holding

By John Dorfman
Call it a festival of stolen ideas. I like to keep an eye on stocks held by other money managers whom I respect. Seven such managers are Bruce Berkowitz, Scott Black, David Dreman, Randall Eley, Ken Heebner, David A. ...

Dorfman: ‘Dividend appeal’ of Mattel, Staples, Guess makes them attractive

By John Dorfman
Amid the market squalls that have raged since mid-September, dividend-paying stocks have held up better than most. That’s not surprising. Dividends act as an anchor during market turbulence. But even in good times, stocks with dividend appeal are often a ...

Dorfman: 4 banged-up stocks recommended on Casualty List

By John Dorfman
While big stocks eked out a gain of about 1 percent last quarter, hundreds of smaller stocks tumbled. So there are plenty of candidates for my Casualty List, a quarterly list of stocks that have been banged up and that ...

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