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John Dorfman is chairman of Thunderstorm Capital in Boston and a syndicated columnist. His firm or clients may own or trade securities discussed in this column. John Dorfman can be reached via e-mail or at 617-542-8888

Analyst darlings get no love

By John Dorfman
Wall Street analysts love American Tower REIT Inc. I do not share their enthusiasm. The same goes for American Water Works Co., ServiceNow Inc., Envision Healthcare Holdings Inc. and Gray Television Inc. These companies are doing well. But I feel …

John Dorfman: New way to gauge a value

By John Dorfman
Value investing, the art of combing the stock market for bargains, is partly a matter of intuition and feel. But it’s also a matter of ratios. The numerator in the ratio is usually a stock’s price. The denominator can be …

Dorfman: Perfect 10 Portfolio struts its stuff again

By John Dorfman
The phrase “Perfect 10” originally described a woman so beautiful that she rates a 10 on a ten-point scale. In this column, I have stolen the phrase to make a point about the stock market. My Perfect 10 Portfolio, which …

Casualty List ekes out gain yet again

By John Dorfman
An old stock-market saying warns, “Don’t try to catch a falling knife.” Oh really? I’ve had pretty good luck buying stocks when they were down sharply. In this column, my main vehicle for recommending fallen stocks is the quarterly Casualty …

John Dorfman: Stocks under $10 bound to rebound

By John Dorfman
When it comes to recommending stocks under $10 a share, my record is not so hot. In eight previous columns devoted to low-priced stocks (June of 2001-06, 2011 and 2013), my picks have been profitable five times and beaten the …

2 stocks worth another chance

By John Dorfman
Call me rock-headed, pig-headed, or just stubborn. In this space a year ago, in a column on stocks with high profitability and low debt, I recommended two stocks that have each declined 28 percent. Today, I recommend them again, along …

John Dorfman: Stocks I own for clients

By John Dorfman
Each June for the past two years, I have written about the stocks that I own personally and for clients. I don’t do this often, because I don’t want this column to be a vehicle for “talking my own book,” …

Take cue from insiders’ buying, selling

By John Dorfman
Blairsville, Ga., is the headquarters of United Community Bank Inc. (UCBI). If you don’t live in the Southeast, most likely you haven’t heard of it. United Community operates a little more than 100 branches in parts of Georgia, North Carolina, …

Dorfman: Best yet to come for some doublers

By Tribune-Review 11:39 p.m.
Just because a stock has doubled, it doesn’t follow that its best days are behind it. Some people automatically sell half of any stock that doubles, reasoning that from that point on, they are “playing with the house’s money.” I …

Dorfman: May the month to prune your portfolio

By John Dorfman
By stock market tradition, May is a time for investors to consider pruning their portfolios. “Sell in May and go away,” runs an adage. According to Ned Davis Research, the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index has yielded an average return …

Dorfman: Gems lie in stagnant stocks

By John Dorfman
Some investors like to snap up a stock on good news. Others, contrarians like me, prefer to buy on bad news. Not many people seek to buy when there’s no news. Yet a stock that’s been stagnant can sometimes be …

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