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John Dorfman is chairman of Thunderstorm Capital in Boston and a syndicated columnist. His firm or clients may own or trade securities discussed in this column. John Dorfman can be reached via e-mail or at 617-542-8888

Dorfman: Pluses and minuses in America’s 20 largest stocks

By John Dorfman
For some of my clients, only large-capitalization stocks provide a sense of security and stability. A fair number of investors feel the same way. That’s why, once a year, I publish my ratings on the largest American stocks. This column …

Dorfman: Microsoft guru Gates sees possibilities in recycling’s profitability

By John Dorfman
Can the wealthiest man in the United States be wrong? Bill Gates, for many years the CEO of Microsoft Corp., is expanding his stake in Republic Services Inc. (RSG), the second-largest waste management company in the country, following Waste Management …

Dorfman: Fat profit margins not always sign of star

By John Dorfman
Buying stocks in companies with high and rising profit margins seems like a logical strategy. So far, it hasn’t worked for me. In this column, I highlight various stock-picking strategies and make recommendations based on them. Most of these have …

Dorfman: Value selections can be shrewd

By John Dorfman
An old Wall Street saying goes, “What’s the difference between being early and being wrong? There isn’t any.” Value investors — the bargain hunters of the investment world — are often early. As a card-carrying member of the value investing …

Cash flow stock picks aim for 10th win in row

By John Dorfman
Businesses live or die by cash flow. Cash flow measures the cash an enterprise generates. Because it excludes such non-cash items as depreciation and amortization, cash flow may be stronger than reported earnings, or weaker. From time to time, usually …

Dorfman: Getting into head  of Benjamin Graham

By John Dorfman
In the pantheon of value investors, Benjamin Graham is a god. Mentor to Warren Buffett, co-author (with David Dodd) of Security Analysis, hedge fund manager, and Columbia University professor, Graham (1984-76) has been a seminal influence on generations of investors …

Stocks provide a touch of sanity

By John Dorfman
My Sane Portfolio was designed in 1999 as a fairly conservative, middle-of-the-road group of a dozen stocks. These were supposed to be stocks that would make you some money but let you sleep at night. After 12 years of history, …

5 stocks that join value, growth

By John Dorfman
Looks or character? Peace of mind or riches? Lose weight or eat a piece of chocolate cake? Life seems to be full of dichotomies. But, sometimes, you can have both the things you want, even if they may seem at …

Analyst darlings get no love

By John Dorfman
Wall Street analysts love American Tower REIT Inc. I do not share their enthusiasm. The same goes for American Water Works Co., ServiceNow Inc., Envision Healthcare Holdings Inc. and Gray Television Inc. These companies are doing well. But I feel …

John Dorfman: New way to gauge a value

By John Dorfman
Value investing, the art of combing the stock market for bargains, is partly a matter of intuition and feel. But it’s also a matter of ratios. The numerator in the ratio is usually a stock’s price. The denominator can be …

Dorfman: Perfect 10 Portfolio struts its stuff again

By John Dorfman
The phrase “Perfect 10” originally described a woman so beautiful that she rates a 10 on a ten-point scale. In this column, I have stolen the phrase to make a point about the stock market. My Perfect 10 Portfolio, which …

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