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John Dorfman is chairman of Thunderstorm Capital in Boston and a syndicated columnist. His firm or clients may own or trade securities discussed in this column. John Dorfman can be reached via e-mail or at 617-542-8888

Dorfman: Dillard’s, Micron make Casualty List

By John Dorfman
The choppy second quarter roughed up a fair number of stocks. Among the wounded are four that I think have excellent potential to recover and make strong gains. Welcome to my 49th Casualty List, the latest in a series ...

Dorfman: Here’s 5 more intriguing stocks that are less than $10

By John Dorfman
Many investors are partial to stocks selling less than $10. Any finance professor will tell you that the absolute price of a stock doesn’t matter, because it’s an artifact of how many shares a company chooses to issue. Yet ...

Dorfman: Companies with high profit, low debt worth a look

By John Dorfman
Let’s turn the dial up a notch. High profitability and low debt are qualities I often look for in stocks. Today I will highlight a few companies that take these desirable traits to an extreme. These companies earned a ...

Columnist Dorfman divulges stock holdings, makes no promises on returns

By John Dorfman
I recommend about 200 stocks a year in this column, but typically own only about 25 for clients. From time to time, readers ask me which stocks I actually own. Here are 25 that I own for most clients. ...

Dorfman: Oil execs snap up shares, but wait a bit to follow suit

By John Dorfman
Chief executives at some major energy companies are buying their own stock. Lee Tillman of Marathon Oil Corp. (MRO) and John Hess of Hess Corp. (HES) recently snapped up $748,566 and $3,997,800 respectively of their own shares. Does this ...

Dorfman: Trio of stocks still looks like good buys

By John Dorfman
Many people get antsy when a stock has doubled from the purchase price. That’s understandable, but a stock that has doubled shouldn’t be automatically be sold, or even trimmed. The decision should depend on three things: • Your evaluation ...

Dorfman: Here are 5 stocks I would sell right away, starting with Kellogg

By John Dorfman
Selling is harder than buying. That’s what many professional investors, including myself, feel. When you buy something, your thought process is fairly straightforward. A stock looks attractive based on thoughtful analysis (or maybe heedless intuition), and you buy it. Selling ...

Dorfman: 3 stagnant stocks shouldn’t be ‘Do Nothings’ for long

By John Dorfman
Why doesn’t anyone love a stagnant stock? Tons of people like to jump onto the bandwagon of stocks that have been rising. And some people (like me) like to snatch up stocks that have fallen. But very few people choose ...

Low-debt stock picks outperform Standard & Poor’s 500 for 10th time

By John Dorfman
One criterion I feel strongly about in picking stocks is low debt. Companies that don’t have much debt are not at the mercy of their banks and bondholders. They are free to make strategic moves, including acquisitions of struggling ...

Dorfman: Old Faithful stock picks beat market 10th time out of a dozen

By John Dorfman
Whew, that was a close one. About once a year, I bring you some selections from my Old Faithful stock screen. They were up 15.4 percent from April 29, 2014, through April 24, 2015, just edging out the Standard ...

Dorfman: Naive cheapskate concept can yield profits quietly

By John Dorfman
What would happen if you bought the cheapest stock in each of the 10 sectors of the market, and held it for one to three years? Mostly, good things. Seven times since April 2002, I have constructed hypothetical portfolios using that ...

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