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John Dorfman is chairman of Thunderstorm Capital in Boston and a syndicated columnist. His firm or clients may own or trade securities discussed in this column. John Dorfman can be reached via e-mail or at 617-542-8888

Dorfman: Chew on these 5 stocks for growth at a reasonable price

By John Dorfman
In this column, I am a cheapskate 51 weeks a year. But once a year, at Thanksgiving time, I offer a few recommendations on stocks that are a little more expensive than I would usually buy — 16 to 20 ...

Dorfman: Cummins, Deckers among candidates for January bounce

By John Dorfman
Kick them when they’re down. That’s what investors do to losing stocks at this time of year. It’s a tax-driven phenomenon. Suppose you had losses in Micron Technologies and Hewlett Packard Co., as I do in portfolios I manage ...

Dorfman: Bargain hunters should search for stocks selling for less than book value

By John Dorfman
Vodaphone and Benchmark Electronics are trading at less than book value. That’s a sign alert investors should watch for. Book value is a company’s net worth — its assets minus its liabilities. When a stock sells for less than a ...

Dorfman: Netflix, Amazon perform but aren’t most profitable

By John Dorfman
Of the 500 stocks in the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index, Netflix Inc. and Inc. are the best performers this year. In the 43 weeks through Oct. 30, Netflix (NFLX) was up 117 percent and Amazon, (AMZN) 103 percent. ...

Dorfman: Sweet-spot selections spice up annual Billion Dollar Portfolio

By John Dorfman
My Billion Dollar Portfolio won’t make you a billionaire — much as we both might like that outcome. Rather, it gets its name from its components, a group of stocks each of which has a market value of about $1 ...

Dorfman: ‘Purloined Portfolio’ — what other investment experts are holding

By John Dorfman
Once a year, I have great fun looking in on the portfolios of some of my friends and rivals in the investment management field. I pick one stock from each of seven managers I respect. Together, these seven stocks constitute ...

Dorfman: Another chance at choosing stocks with dividend appeal

By John Dorfman
The past two years have been rough for dividend-paying stocks. Investors kept expecting the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates. The mere threat of a rate increase hurt dividend-paying stocks, which compete for investors’ money with fixed-income vehicles such as ...

Dorfman: Bargain hunters might find some values in stock market

By John Dorfman
Stocks just finished their worst quarter in four years, producing stomach aches all across America. But for bargain hunters, things are looking up. Dozens of stocks fell 20 percent or more during the quarter, and I believe some of ...

Dorfman: Ducommun, Deckers stocks glitter like bargains on New Lows List

By John Dorfman
Stocks hitting new 52-week lows are obviously suffering from some kind of problem. But I’ve found the New Lows List a fruitful place to shop for bargains. The key is to separate problems that are temporary from those that are ...

Dorfman: 20 largest U.S. stocks: Some to buy, some to wait on, some to avoid

By John Dorfman
I’m a small-stock devotee. But I know some people prefer to pick their stocks from among the behemoths. Therefore, about once a year, I publish my opinion on the 20 largest U.S. stocks. In 11 previous columns, the supersized ...

Dorfman: Pa. state employee excels in annual ‘Short Sellers’ competition

By John Dorfman
Some people vilify short sellers — people who bet on selected stocks to go down. It’s un-American, the detractors say, to bet against companies. Short sellers spread nasty rumors, and short selling serves no purpose of capital formation, as conventional ...

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