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Komando: Slay vampire electronics to save money

By Kim Komando
Americans spend $19 billion a year, or around $165 a household, on something completely wasteful. You’ve probably never thought about the electricity your “always-on” but idle electronics consume all day and night. According to the Natural Resource Defense Council, so-called ...

How to create a strong password

By Kim Komando
A strong password is a pain to create, remember and type. That’s why far too many people settle for passwords that are weaker and easier to remember than they should. But, strong passwords are essential for keeping hackers and snoopers ...

Secrets for cheap airline tickets

By Kim Komando
You’ve picked the perfect spot for this year’s vacation, and now the trick is getting there without going broke. That’s easier said than done, especially if you’re flying. I’ve told you before that the days you buy and fly can drop ...

Apple isn’t only brand with smartwatch worth considering

By Kim Komando
Question: I am interested in a smartwatch. How does the Apple Watch compare to the Moto 360, Samsung Gear, and LG? Answer: You forgot a few other popular smartwatch makers including Pebble and Sony. The basic differences are in ...

5 Facebook tricks you never knew existed

By Kim Komando
Most of us have a love-hate relationship with Facebook. Sure, it’s an easy way to keep in touch with family and friends. But Facebook is also a major time drain and privacy killer. There is more to Facebook than status updates, ...

10 killer apps you shouldn’t live without

By Kim Komando
When you hop into Apple or Google’s app stores on your smartphone or tablet and literally have more than a million apps enticing you, it’s easy to get quickly overwhelmed. Of course, there are countless options for the boring staples ...

3 ways to use tech to sleep better

By Kim Komando
Nothing throws off your day like a lack of sleep the night before. It ruins your concentration, makes you impatient, cause memory lapses and worse. Over the long term, sleep deprivation can lead to depression, diabetes, hypertension and obesity. It can ...

Komando: 3 ways to free space on your smartphone or tablet

By Kim Komando
You’re in the park with your family and one of the kids does something unbelievably cute. You quickly grab your smartphone to take a video and ... “Not enough room. A full smartphone or tablet can’t take pictures, download music, add ...

What cellphone companies don’t want you to know

By Kim Komando
Recently, AT&T surprised everyone when it added a new option to its GigaPower fiber Internet service: privacy. Yes, for just $29 more a month AT&T promises it WON’T sell your search and browsing history to advertisers. How generous. While there’s still ...

Five amazing apps for business travelers

By Kim Komando
As much as I love traveling, I know how stressful it can be to book flights, reserve hotels, arrive on time and drive in unfamiliar cities. And that’s just when I’m going on a relaxing vacation. On a business trip ...

Komando: Upgrading to a new gadget

By Kim Komando
Upgrading to a new gadget always feels like Christmas morning, but it also leaves you with an old smartphone or tablet taking up space. Usually, nothing is wrong with your old gadget. You just don’t need it anymore. Or do you? ...

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