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Stop Facebook targeted ads and tracking

By Kim Komando
If you browse the Internet at all, you’ve definitely run into targeted ads. For example, you’ll be looking at a product on one site, and then see an ad for it right away on another site. We’ve seen situations where ...

3 Craigslist searches that score great deals

By Kim Komando
If you’re on the prowl for inexpensive furniture, clothes, books, a car or just about anything else, the online classified site Craigslist is a good place to start. People list a lot of great items for not a lot of ...

These 7 apps are the worst at protecting privacy

By Kim Komando
When you’re browsing through the millions of apps available from the Apple and Android app stores, you’ll notice that close to 98 of them are free to download. That’s great if you’re looking to fill up your gadget, but many ...

3 hot-sellers on eBay taking up space in your home

By Kim Komando
With 157 million buyers worldwide, eBay is the go-to place for selling rare and unusual items. In its 20 years, it’s seen it all from a cornflake shaped like Illinois that sold in 2008 for $1,350 and Justin Timberlake’s half-eaten ...

Five details you shouldn’t give Facebook

By Kim Komando
The whole point of Facebook is to share your life with other people. You probably have more than a few friends who fall into the over-sharing category. Before you snicker, you may be one too and not even know it. ...

Cellphone contract freebies you aren’t using

By Kim Komando
You probably pay a pretty penny for your cellphone plan. And when you’re spending dozens or hundreds of dollars a month, you want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. If you look deep into your cellphone contract you ...

5 urgent questions about Windows 10 answered

By Kim Komando
It’s been about a month since Windows 10 launched and the early reviews are mostly positive. I’ve had readers report everything from smooth sailing to minor annoyances to serious problems that made them go back to Windows 7 or 8.1. ...

5 secrets to make you fall in love with Windows 10

By Kim Komando
Windows 10 is finally here! If you hated Windows 8, you’re most likely in love with Windows 10. Of course, you might still be waiting in line for your chance to download the upgrade. Microsoft is rolling it out in ...

Five rules to avoid the top scam in the U.S.

By Kim Komando
If I asked you what the number one scam in America is right now, you might say phishing email scams, Facebook scams, Nigerian 419 scams, sweetheart scams or any number of other scam types. However, you’re probably thinking a little ...

How to unsend an email

By Kim Komando
Have you ever clicked “Send” on an email and regretted it a fraction of a second later? Whether you were angry and typed something you shouldn’t have, clicked “Reply All” when you wanted “Reply,” or just accidentally clicked the “Send” ...

Get your Windows 10 upgrade

By Tribune-Review
Question: I hate Windows 7. I’m really looking forward to the Windows 10. When will I be able to upgrade? Answer: While Windows 10 is launching July 29, very few people are going to actually get the upgrade that ...

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