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Kim Komando hosts the nation’s largest talk radio show about consumer electronics, computers and the Internet. Kim Komando can be reached via e-mail or at 888-825-5254

5 tips to improve battery life on your phone

By Kim Komando
Take a picture. Send a text. Play a game. Check email. Make a call. Get directions. Then, all this threatens to stop cold in an instant. A smartphone or tablet’s low battery warning is the only warning that most people …

Divorcing? 5 things to do online now

By Kim Komando
Just the other day, I saw a rant from a friend on my Facebook news feed. In seven sentences, she provided complete and painful intimate details about her marriage that ended three weeks ago because of her husband’s betrayal and …

You can cut cable and get sports, news, shows

By Kim Komando
The Supreme Court recently dealt a huge blow to on-demand TV viewing. It ruled that a company called Aereo is breaking copyright law by retransmitting over-the-air broadcasts. If you haven’t heard of Aereo, it acts like a super digital video …

Bad tech habits and how to stop

By Kim Komando
Pocket-sized computers, worldwide communication, instant access to any factoid, and more cat videos than you can watch in a lifetime — no one predicted today’s digital life even a few decades ago. Unfortunately, these marvels have turned far too many …

Why you don’t need a computer anymore

By Kim Komando
There’s an interesting trend in the digital world that has computer-makers in a frenzy. People aren’t buying new computers. I’m not just talking about people hanging on to their machines for seven years or so. Even people who are in …

How to boost home WiFi for PCs and more

By Kim Komando
Sometimes Wi-Fi doesn’t seem to make any sense. You’re trying to connect to your home network but you’re getting a stronger signal from the neighbor’s router than your own router. Inconsistent coverage is one of Wi-Fi’s big problems. It always …

Do cellphones cause radiation?

By Kim Komando
I imagine you’re like me. You have least considered the idea that the phone you hold flat up against your ear day after day might have detrimental health effects. But then you shirk the concept and attribute it to a …

3 secrets to getting the lowest airfare online

By Kim Komando
Summer is on the way, which means vacations are just around the corner. I’m betting that whatever adventure you have planned, it’s probably going to involve a flight to get there. Despite the rigmarole with checking baggage, parking your car …

You think you know Google?

By Kim Komando
Web search, image search, email — odds are you use Google for at least one of these things every day. But just because you use something every day doesn’t mean you know every secret. In fact, I’ve rounded up five …

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