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Komando: 5 tech gifts to avoid this holiday season

By Kim Komando
When you’re trying to buy the perfect gift for a friend or family member this Christmas, you’re probably going to think about something digital. With smartphones, tablets, TVs, headphones, home theater soundbars, gaming consoles, robots, cameras, cases, video games and ...

Careful: Some free apps can steal your data

By Kim Komando
If I glanced through your smartphone or tablet, I bet most of the apps you installed are free. We all love free apps. Often, free apps have a privacy cost. When you install an app, you probably never read the app’s ...

5 steps to keep your accounts safe from hackers and scammers

By Kim Komando
Despite the flood of hacks and data breaches at retailers, restaurants, health-care providers and online companies this year — Home Depot, Target, Subway, Adobe and eBay are just a handful — the one safe haven was the banks. Unlike other ...

5 tech myths you hear all the time

By Kim Komando
Humans are great at creating myths. From Marduk and Zeus to unicorns and mermaids, there’s no end to what we can imagine. That’s even true with technology. There’s old tech advice that no one questions, half-remembered instructions you just keep doing, ...

Essential security apps for your phone or tablet

By Kim Komando
Hackers would love to weasel their way on to your smartphone or tablet, just like they try to do your computer. That’s how they steal sensitive information like account details, passwords, important texts, intimate photos and whatever else possible. Unfortunately for ...

3 ways crooks attack you using public Wi-Fi

By Kim Komando
When you’re on the go and running out of data on your cellular plan, finding free public Wi-Fi is like receiving a fantastic present on Christmas morning. Of course, if you’re the kind of person who prefers to shop for ...

Turn your old and unwanted phone into cash

By Kim Komando
Chances are, you have your eyes on a new smartphone. The iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, Motorola Moto X, or Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has your attention. But to make way for the new phone, you need to get rid ...

5 amazing gadgets you won’t believe exist

By Kim Komando
If you haven’t noticed, the “Age of Technology” is upon us. Real versions of yesterday’s dreams are popping up like Orville Redenbacher kernels in a 3,000 watt microwave. Not a day goes by, it seems, that we are not blown ...

5 Facebook settings to change now

By Kim Komando
If you missed the news, Facebook was recently valued at $201.6 billion. That’s enough to slip it in at number 22 on the list of the largest companies in the world. Most of that value comes from ads, and to attract ...

3 things that can devour your data plan

By Kim Komando
It’s OK to admit that trying to pick a cellular plan makes you nervous. There are a lot of angles to consider, and you don’t want to get it wrong. Pick a plan that’s too small and you’ll go over your ...

3 Netflix secrets you need to know

By Kim Komando
With over 50 million subscribers in 40 countries, Netflix is the most popular TV show and movie streaming service. During peak evening hours, the service is using up to 34 percent of America’s Internet capacity. While Netflix may seem simple on ...

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