Trib Tested: Tervis 24-ounce Water Bottle

| Monday, March 12, 2012

A few Christmases back, when I first saw Tervis insulated tumblers in stores, I couldn't imagine that people would pay the price they were asking for them. Insulated acrylic, just because I could get an officially licensed logo for my favorite sports team (Lets Go Pens!) or a monogram, didn't seem to be worth spending about $1 an ounce based on the size of the vessel.

Now, after spending a few weeks in the company of a Tervis insulated water bottle, I know just how wrong my initial reaction was. I love this thing. Its wide lid makes cleaning by hand easy -- and it's dishwasher safe, if you prefer that route. If you fill it to its full 24-ounce capacity, you risk the seal leaking a little, but, otherwise, leave a little out, and after the top is sealed and the drinking spout latched, the bottle can go rolling across a car seat with no problems.

I can fill it with steaming, but not scalding-hot, tea for my morning commute, and it holds temperature as well as any metal travel mug I've owned. What it doesn't hold is flavors: I've had everything in it from an icy-cold Cherry Coke to ginger-turmeric herbal hot tea, and the next beverage still tastes as it should.

Now, Tervis doesn't list the water bottle as a hot-beverage container; they tout the double-wall insulation for keeping drinks cold and having no condensation. At this time of year, the condensation is a bit rough to test, but 4 ounces of ice with 20 ounces of room-temperature tea still was cool 2 hours later, while topping a half-container of ice with a Coke from the local convenience-store soda machine resulted in a beverage sitting on my desk that had ice floating in it 3 hours later. Not bad.

-- Vaunda Bonnett

I'm always looking for new water bottles for in the car. I was excited by the Tervis water bottle, particularly because I got the one with the Steelers logo. While the double-hull design definitely prevented sweating, I didn't think it kept the water any cooler than a standard-disposal water bottle.

I also thought the lid was a little difficult to open. It has loosened a little since I first got the bottle, but it's still not easy to open with one hand (so I can keep the other on the wheel). The large bottle fits in my car's cup holder, but might not fit in every car. At $25, this probably isn't something I'd buy on my own.

-- Sue Jones

I'm not capable of drinking from any sort of commuter mug while I'm driving. But I do have an assortment of water bottles in a variety of styles that I lug to the gym. The new Tervis Water Bottle is a good one. I like that the entire lid can be removed, leaving a wide opening for easy cleaning and filling with water -- plus ice cubes. The double layer not only keeps beverages cool, it also prevents condensation from building on the outside, which can leave wet spots on a gymnasium floor. The crystal-clear construction looks clean, adding to the pleasure of a cool drink. The lid snaps shut tightly, meaning that while it's rolling around on the passenger seat next to me during the drive, I don't have to worry about it leaking. The sturdy construction means it should have a long life. For those who prefer a more personalized water bottle, visit the Tervis website for dozens of combinations.

-- Sally Quinn


Additional Information:

Tervis 24-ounce Water Bottle

The claim: This new water bottle is a superior quality, American-made product with the Tervis signature double-wall design. It keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. Some of the new signature features include volume-indicator rings -- ideal for measuring protein shakes or keeping track of water consumption. The ergonomic design is comfortable for drinking and holding, and the airtight lid ensures a spill-proof workout, but it easily pops open so you can hydrate without hassle. Best of all, Tervis found a way to prevent that annoying 'lid-in-the-face' phenomenon with a lid that has the ability to lock open.

Cost: $25

Where: National retailers such as Bed, Bath and Beyond and Wild Birds Unlimited or online

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