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    Starkey: Next frontier for Steelers offense
    Early in his tenure as Steelers coach, Mike Tomlin was asked to describe his ideal offense. What would it look like? Tomlin referenced the New England Patriots. He said he … -- By Joe Starkey
    GOP succeeding at down-ballot level
    Martina White made history Tuesday night by winning a special election for a Pennsylvania House seat — the first time a Republican won an open General Assembly seat in Philadelphia … -- By Salena Zito
    Pitt's Amara offers Vision of hope
    Darkness blanketed the North Shore just before midnight, but Pitt freshman Patrick Amara and teammates Isaac Bennett and Kevin Weatherspoon walked the streets, looking to spread some light. Their quest: … -- By Jerry DiPaola
    Riverhounds win 1st season opener since 2008
    Mark Steffens’ tenure leading the Riverhounds got off to a flying start. Kevin Kerr recorded his first hat trick for the Riverhounds, and Rob Vincent scored twice to give the … -- By Matt Grubba
    Christie rails against high N.J. estate tax
    TRENTON, N.J. — Everyone runs into death and taxes. New Jerseyans trundle toward an afterlife in tax hell. “I can afford to retire here,” said Susan Barbey, a 60- year-old … -- By Bloomberg News
    Being first doesn't help, hurt Cruz
    John Zogby, founder of the Zogby Poll and the Zogby companies, is an internationally renowned pollster, author and political pundit. He spoke to the Trib regarding U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz … -- By Eric Heyl
    Jesus' resurrection
    Jesus’ resurrection All Christianity hinges on the fact that Jesus returned from the dead. Easter is the day believers celebrate Jesus Christ’s resurrection. The Christian’s victory cry is, “Jesus is … -- By Tribune-Review
    Why Wolf wants to further complicate Pa. taxes
    In its 2008 report to Congress, the IRS said, “The most serious problem facing taxpayers is the complexity of the Internal Revenue Code.” Apparently, Gov. Tom Wolf hasn’t read the … -- By Antony Davies & James R. Harrigan
    Cruise ready for some real estate action
    LOS ANGELES — Actor Tom Cruise has put a home in Hollywood Hills West on the market for $12.995 million. Set behind gates on a knoll, the two-story European-style estate … -- By The Los Angeles Times
    Close U.S.-South America rift
    The White House announcement of President Barack Obama’s agenda for the upcoming April 10-11 Summit of the Americas in Panama, stating he will meet with Caribbean and Central American leaders, … -- By Andres Oppenheimer
    Free speech: True measure of generations' greatness
    People deeply offended by others’ opinions often wonder: Can’t we do something to shut these guys up? In extreme cases, as we’ve seen all too frequently lately, they take matters … -- By Charles Slack
    Disrespectful deceit
    I’ve been paying attention to the news surrounding the treatment our wonderful president has given to Israel. Not that I know any better about politics or how to negotiate with … -- By Tribune-Review
    Top Sports Pics - March 28, 2015
    Top sports images from around the globe. … -- By Tribune-Review
    Reform mass surveillance: Make the FISA court act like a real court
    The expiration of key surveillance authorities this spring will force Congress to grapple with the sprawling spying activities exposed by Edward Snowden. Defenders of the status quo sound a familiar … -- By Faiza Patel and Elizabeth Goitein
    Curious priorities
    George Macesic’s letter “True to form” hit the nail on the head again. Hempfield Township bragged about not raising taxes and not funding the Greensburg Hempfield Area Library and is … -- By Tribune-Review
    Undeserved ridicule
    I figure it is a slow news day when I read another article about Mt. Lebanon’s deer problems. The Trib paints a picture of government incompetence, which is an enduring … -- By Tribune-Review
    If you get this letter from the IRS, it's legitimate
    A couple concerned about identity theft during income tax-filing season sent a copy of what they thought was questionable correspondence from the IRS. “This weekend, we received in the U.S. … -- By The Dallas Morning News
    Open carry won't make college better
    I’ve been thinking about how my college classroom will look and feel next fall if some of my students are carrying handguns on their hips. It’s a possibility. On March … -- By John M. Crisp
    What Lee Kuan Yew got wrong about Asia
    WASHINGTON The eulogies to Lee Kuan Yew, founding father of the modern city-state of Singapore, are flooding in for good reason. Few world leaders stood astride as grand a sweep … -- By Ishaan Tharoor
    Farmers fund research on gluten-free wheat
    WICHITA, Kan. — Kansas farmers are paying for genetic research to figure out exactly why some people struggle to digest wheat. The hard science is aimed at developing varieties of … -- By The Associated Press
    Politicians on display
    Last Monday’s groundbreaking for the new U.S. Steel headquarters building was another demonstration of why we are so proud of our politicians. There was our governor of a few weeks, … -- By Tribune-Review
    Sunday pops
    Still finding out what’s in ObamaCare since they passed it, some Democrat senators are pleading with the Obama administration to once again change the law by delaying a “harmful and … -- By Tribune-Review
    Simple question: What has Hillary accomplished?
    It is amazing how a simple question can cause a complex lie to collapse. It was asked by Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly of two Democrats: What has Hillary Clinton ever … -- By Thomas Sowell
    “‘He responded and I guess he saved a lot of people in there.’ So said Philadelphia Police Captain Frank Llewellyn after a concealed carrier responded to a shooting inside a … -- By Tribune-Review
    Stossel: Liberals should stop trying to fight gentrification
    No matter what you do, modern liberals will tell you you’re wrong. For decades, liberals complained that American society is segregated because rich white people don’t want to live in … -- By John Stossel
    Why I signed Iran letter
    With its relentless quest for nuclear weapons, the Iranian regime represents a serious and growing threat to our national security. Sadly, our nation’s ability to counter that very threat is … -- By John Cornyn
    Venting online about job protected
    NEW YORK — Bosses can get mad when staffers vent on social media about their jobs, but they may not be able to get even. When one of Bert Martinez’s … -- By The Associated Press
    Matters of taste
    The Latin maxim “ De gustibus non est disputandum ” was front and center last week, on both the local and national levels. Two news reports reminded us that “In … -- By Joseph Sabino Mistick
    Colin McNickle is on vacation
    Colin McNickle is on vacation … -- By Colin Mcnickle
    The Box
    Dear Andrew McCutchen: You’ve just become the big leagues’ leading cutoff man. Yours, Old Man River. … -- By Tribune-Review
    Home appraisal is below sales price — now what?
    Housing market trends bode well for sellers this spring, but some may encounter hurdles even when they land a buyer. Rising home values and a lack of inventory in many … -- By The Associated Press
    George Washington, from young Virginian to victorious American
    Combining history and biography, Robert Middlekauff takes a distinctive approach in his new book “Washington’s Revolution: The Making of America’s First Leader” (Knopf), focusing on how George Washington became the … -- By Alan Wallace
    Remembrance of Clintons past
    WASHINGTON An abscess of anger seems to gnaw at Hillary Clinton, but the reasons for her resentments remain unclear. The world’s oldest party, which governed the nation during two world … -- By George F. Will
    The visa flap: A prevailing stench
    Special favors done by an official who’s now No. 2 at Homeland Security to speed EB-5 investor visa processing at prominent Democrats’ behest amount to despicable cronyism — even if … -- By Tribune-Review
    Governor shedding some light on schedule, contracts
    HARRISBURG Last week, we told you here that Tom Wolf said he’d be a different kind of governor and he immediately started playing hardball politics like his former boss, Democrat … -- By Brad Bumsted
    Roundabout doubt
    After reading the news story “PennDOT turns to roundabout intersections, citing safety, cost”, I am concerned that PennDOT will open itself to a rash of lawsuits. The story says the … -- By Tribune-Review
    Reasoning with Iran
    “America and the West have a historic opportunity to negotiate a nuclear agreement that will promote peace in the Middle East and the world. It will give your country, Iran, … -- By Tom Purcell
    Hell before Judgment Day
    “The co-pilot of the Germanwings jet barricaded himself in the cockpit and intentionally rammed the plane full speed into the French Alps, ignoring the captain’s frantic pounding on the door … -- By Tribune-Review
    Bright lines: Mandatory voting
    Trib readers react to President Obama’s recent comments about mandatory voting: John Hollenback, Greenfield Township, Lackawanna County — Leave it to our beloved liberal President Obama to open up the … -- By Tribune-Review
    Browne: London Gold Fix process change increases transparency
    For almost a century, the international spot-dealing price for gold was fixed in London by a small group of representatives of major gold-dealing banks meeting twice daily. After the London … -- By John Browne
    France plane crash victim's father calls for airlines to focus on pilot welfare
    SISTERON, France — The father of one of the victims of last week’s plane crash in the French Alps called Saturday for airlines to take greater care over pilots’ welfare. … -- By The Associated Press
    Stafford: Hirers bemoan wasted time with some applicants
    A paid summer internship at a Kansas City, Mo., consulting company remains unfilled as of this writing because applicants haven’t followed instructions. A veterinarian at a small-animal hospital is frustrated … -- By Tribune-Review
    Corporate missteps hurt reputations, profits, sometimes in long run
    NEW YORK — It was a tempest in a coffee cup. Mega coffee chain Starbucks wanted to spark a conversation about race when it asked baristas to write “Race Together” … -- By The Associated Press
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    German pilot visited glider field near crash site as a child
    SISTERON, France — The German co-pilot accused of crashing a passenger plane in the French Alps frequented a gliding club near the crash site as a child with his parents, … -- By The Associated Press
    Hospice about caring, not curing
    The word “hospice” scares people to the point that Dr. Bob Arnold doesn’t use it when talking to patients and their families. “You think it means, ‘Oh my God, I’m … -- By Luis Fábregas
9 a.m.

    Man in New Kensington standoff charged
    Thursday’s police standoff in New Kensington started after a man made threats then pointed a gun at police, said Chief Tom Klawinski. Michel Jordan Shirley, 35, is charged with two … -- By Chuck Biedka
    Steel Valley union drops restroom grievance
    Steel Valley Education Association is withdrawing its grievance regarding the use of a faculty restroom by a Park Elementary School student with special needs. Association president Shawn McCallister sent an … -- By Michael Divittorio
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    Kittanning business gets new revenue stream
    A Kittanning oil and gas company is expanding its distribution business to eastern Pennsylvania. The state’s public utility commission this month approved a request from Snyder Brothers to allow it … -- By Julie E. Martin
    Strike planned at ACMH Hospital in East Franklin on Tuesday
    The 123-member union of licensed nurse practitioners and technicians at ACMH Hospital in East Franklin has planned a one-day strike for Tuesday. The strike is being called to protest “unfair … -- By Brad Pedersen
    Manor police increase patrols in 2-month trial
    Officers will be on the roads in Manor for 35 more hours a week for a two-month trial beginning in April. “Our guys are busy now, and I think adding … -- By Julie E. Martin
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    Newsmaker: Jeff Ritter
    Noteworthy: Created a mobile app called TeachBack that allows educators to receive immediate feedback from students about the quality of instruction. Age: 54 Residence: Squirrel Hill Family: Wife, Kate Borger; … -- By Andrew Conte
    Faddis pays homage to greats, but forges his own way
    Jon Faddis led his big band with a touch of the famous big bands led by trumpeters, but he also forges his own way. The powerhouse brass man let his … -- By Bob Karlovits
    Co-pilot's mental state in question as 'long-lasting condition' surfaces
    MONTABAUR, Germany — On the day he appeared to fly a commercial airliner into a chilly mountainside in France, Andreas Lubitz was hiding a potentially deadly secret: a chronic medical … -- By The Washington Post
    Lineup released for Greensburg concert series
    The schedule is nearly set for the 16th season of Greensburg’s popular Friday evening SummerSounds concert series at St. Clair Park. The lineup is mostly made up of artists new … -- By Jacob Tierney
    Westmoreland officials fear loss of impact fees
    Westmoreland County commissioners aren’t sure what to expect from Gov. Tom Wolf’s proposal to enact a severance tax on Marcellus shale gas well drillers. What they do know is that … -- By Rich Cholodofsky
    Zimmerlink seeking 4th term in Fayette
    Republican Angela Zimmerlink is seeking a fourth term on the Fayette County board of commissioners. Zimmerlink, 54, was first elected in 2004, when the Republicans assumed a board majority for … -- By Mary Pickels