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Luis Fábregas is an award-winning reporter who specializes in medical and healthcare issues as a member of the Tribune-Review’s investigations team. Luis Fábregas

FDA’s revised serving sizes on nutrition labels might backfire as endorsement

By Luis Fábregas
Every time I reach for the tub of vanilla ice cream in the freezer, I tell myself it’s only 150 calories. That’s what the label ...

Fábregas: For some like ex-President Carter, humor helps in cancer battle

By Luis Fábregas
When former President Jimmy Carter announced this week he has advanced melanoma, he displayed a rare combination of grace and acceptance. His dignity was impressive. Yet ...

Fábregas: Drivers continue to text just as health care workers find places to smoke

By Luis Fábregas
Nothing says summer like an early morning walk in the neighborhood, entertained by chirping birds ... clueless drivers and clouds of smoke. Say what? My daily routine involves an hour-long morning outing to savor a bit of sunlight before ...

Fabregas: Jeannette man credits Elsie Hillman for giving his wife life

By Luis Fábregas
Walt Sugent desperately needed help when an insurance company denied radiation treatment for his wife’s breast cancer three years ago. He pleaded with then- Gov. Tom Corbett, Sen. Bob Casey and anyone else who would listen. No luck. Then, Sugent thought ...

Fábregas: Medicare could get it right in paying for end-of-life discussions

By Luis Fábregas
Sarah Palin is probably having a conniption. The 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee sparked a national debate when early versions of the federal health care law included a provision to pay doctors who talked about end-of-life options with patients. Naysayers buzzed ...

Fábregas: Bethel Park native pedals through handcycling challenges despite disability

By Luis Fábregas
Ashli Molinero spent this week in Alaska, but it wasn’t exactly a vacation. Molinero, who lives in the South Side, is participating in the ...

Fabregas: As far as doctor’s complication rates go, even a little info benefits patients

By Luis Fábregas
My family doctor ordered routine blood work this week, an always dreaded task that forced me to go without breakfast and head to the lab in the early morning hours. A friendly lab worker took my insurance card, ...

Missing work hardly an option for ill doctors, but it may be necessary

By Luis Fábregas
If you think your doctor or nurse stays home while nursing a cold, guess again. Turns out many health care professionals work when they are sick, according to a new survey that’s a bit surprising. A large majority of the survey ...

Rain, rain go away — and give us back our summer expectations

By Luis Fábregas
It’s the Fourth of July, and Dave Christopher is still waiting to take a dip in the pool. Instead of swimming, the board president at Sylvan Pool in Harrison spent the past month cleaning up after two messy floods — ...

Parents take Indiana Township boy’s quest for liver donor to billboards, social media

By Luis Fábregas
Parents Jess and Rick Goeller say they are pretty desperate — and it’s easy to understand why. Their 2-year-old son, Lucas, has been awaiting a ...

Fabregas: Trans fats on way out, but other fats still lurk in food supply

By Luis Fábregas
So long, tasty canned frosting. Until we meet again, flaky pie crust. The Food and Drug Administration this week declared artificial trans fats — better ...