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Luis Fábregas is an award-winning reporter who specializes in medical and healthcare issues as a member of the Tribune-Review’s investigations team. Luis Fábregas

Fabregas: Kitchen a cornucopia of germs at Thanksgiving

By Luis Fábregas
Every time I cut raw chicken in the kitchen, my wife gets a little bit freaked out. She instructs me to remove anything and ...

Fabregas: Former Highmark CEO’s $9.8M paycheck smack in face to health care’s frontline workers

By Luis Fábregas
When Highmark Inc. revealed how much it paid its former CEO, I thought it was a really bad typo. But there it was in the health insurance giant’s report: William Winkenwerder was paid $9.8 million for working five months in ...

Fábregas: Breaking insomnia’s grip is about getting sleepy, not heading off to bed on time

By Luis Fábregas
My job was the first thing the sleep doctor mentioned when I brought up my trouble sleeping. “You’re probably in front of a computer screen all day,” Dr. Daniel Shade, medical director of sleep medicine for Allegheny Health Network, ...

Fabregas: Dietary supplements all the rage, but naive buyers beware of risks

By Luis Fábregas
Call it the Wild West of unregulated dietary supplements. All those popular over-the-counter products we love to pop — multivitamins, energy boosters and diet pills — require no safety testing or approval from the Food and Drug Administration before they ...

Fabregas: A new day, a new way to cover the issues that matter to you

By Luis Fábregas
Change is good. It is inevitable. It allows us to grow, learn and get wiser. This Saturday column, which has occupied this space for almost four years, is moving to Tuesdays. It will become part of a health-focused page, called ...

Skipping timely flu shot could exact the ultimate price — your life

By Luis Fábregas
Terri Thieret thought  she was dying. She had been intubated by doctors at Allegheny General Hospital. They’d hooked her to a machine that oxygenated her blood and did the work of her lungs. “I just knew that something horrible was happening,” ...

Fábregas: California’s ‘right to die’ passage opens door for sensitive discussion

By Luis Fábregas
It’s now legal for terminally ill patients in California to end their own lives. The governor of that state on Monday signed a closely watched “right to die” legislation that exists in four others states — Oregon, Washington, Vermont and ...

Fabregas: Cut processed foods, cook your own dinner, and maybe live longer

By Luis Fábregas
Go ahead, eat an apple a day and see what happens. I’m not going to knock the practice, but I will tell you that I ...

Fabregas: Bout of ‘pope fever’ good for America’s spiritual, mental health

By Luis Fábregas
The symptoms appeared without warning. Some people were watching the morning news. Others were driving as they listed to the radio. Some were in church. An external force suddenly made them feel euphoric, happy and hopeful. Some became restless, eager to ...

Fabregas: UPMC steps up on mold outbreak; too bad Pa. health officials missed their chance

By Luis Fábregas
Some of us cringed when word spread this week about a mold outbreak in an intensive care unit at the region’s largest hospital, UPMC Presbyterian. Four patients who’d undergone transplants contracted fungal infections. Three of them died, though they were ...

Fabregas: It’s been a rough week for Highmark — and time is not on its side

By Luis Fábregas
It hasn’t been the best week for Highmark Health. First, folks at the insurance giant heard from their friends at the Pennsylvania Insurance Department. It wasn’t pretty. The letter from the deputy insurance commissioner to Highmark was quite alarming because ...