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Every 3:0 Seconds
There is roughly one victim of identity theft in the U.S. every 3 seconds.
That's . . .
15 per minute
913 per hour
22,000 per day
8 million per year

FBI denies paying to unmask anonymous Tor users, but does fund research by Carnegie Mellon

By Andrew Conte
The FBI does have an academic partnership with Carnegie Mellon University’s researchers, the agency acknowledged Friday, but denied a claim it paid them at least ...

Legal scholars set guidelines for cyber skirmishes in Tallinn Manual

By Andrew Conte
NEW YORK — After President Obama publicly blamed North Korea for a computer attack on Sony Entertainment and vowed the United States would respond in ...

Cyber attacks could warrant military reply, experts say

By Andrew Conte
NEW YORK CITY — Computer attacks like North Korea’s breach of Sony Entertainment are not acts of war, but they could cause enough havoc and ...

Cyber security chief: Manipulation of data by hackers may be next threat

By Andrew Conte
Computer hackers could do more damage than just stealing information they find online, the nation’s top cyber security official said in Pittsburgh on Monday. Computer ...

Pittsburgh gains national reputation as hub for preventing computer hacks

By Andrew Conte
Computer hackers are not always looking for a company’s biggest secrets. More often, computer criminals and spies want executives’ emails and memos about business deals, ...

Top Justice Department official puts Chinese hackers on notice

By Andrew Conte
The United States can make the cost of stealing computer secrets so high for Chinese hackers that they will want to stop, a top Justice ...

Expert: Online battles will be fought, but military conflict remains most pressing concern

By Andrew Conte
Wars will be fought online as well as on land, air and sea, a top computer security expert told the Tribune-Review. But it’s less likely that a major foreign country would launch an all-out computer attack without using conventional weapons, ...

Toomey calls for Obama to push Chinese president on cyberattacks

By Mike Wereschagin
U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey on Friday joined a growing chorus of American officials asking President Obama to press his Chinese counterpart on damaging cyberattacks during a state visit next week. Chinese President Xi Jinping’s first state visit to the United States ...

Experts: In cyber warfare, deterrence a challenge but may be key to nation’s defense

By Andrew Conte
The United States’ best defense against a crippling cyber attack could be a more visible offense, military leaders and other experts recently suggested at the Army War College in Carlisle. Then they stopped talking. The nation’s cyber attack capabilities are so ...

TribLIVE exclusive: How FBI Pittsburgh led takedown of Darkode thieves

By Andrew Conte
Assistant U.S. Attorney Jimmy Kitchen and two FBI agents from Pittsburgh sat two weeks ago around a large square table inside the ultramodern, glass-walled offices ...

FBI: CMU student charged with selling malware on Darkode

By Mike Wereschagin and Andrew Conte
A fresh-faced college student who once designed a mobile app to bring Pittsburghers together slipped from his prestigious Carnegie Mellon University classrooms into the shadows ...

A look at Operation Shrouded Horizon

By Tribune-Review
• Investigators disabled the Darkode forum, an online black market for stolen computer data and web tools for committing crimes. The site started about 2008. ...

7 allegedly involved in Darkode charged in Pittsburgh

By Andrew Conte
David Hickton, the U.S. Attorney for Western Pennsylvania, brought charges against seven defendants in federal court in Pittsburgh: • Morgan C. Culbertson, 20, of Pittsburgh charged with designing “Dendroid” — a coded malware intended to remotely access, control, and ...

Details emerge on global Internet crime sting led by Pittsburgh FBI agents

By Andrew Conte
FBI agents in Pittsburgh led the largest global effort to date to take down an Internet crime ring that involved about 70 criminals from Serbia …

Instances of hacking may be up, but indictments against Chinese military impactful, experts say

By Andrew Conte
WASHINGTON — Computer hacking indictments filed in Pittsburgh last year against members of the Chinese military have not led to arrests, but they did put that country on notice, top cybersecurity experts here said Wednesday. Online spying by the Chinese certainly ...

Cybersecurity experts try to predict hackers’ next moves

By Andrew Conte
Ross Fazio thought he had taken every precaution against computer hackers at his Sharpsburg heating and cooling company, but they still found a way inside. Investigators ...

Security planners work on cyber defense strategies at U.S. Army War College

By Andrew Conte
CARLISLE — When it comes to cybersecurity, we’re all in this together. The nation’s best defense in cyberspace involves not only the military but private citizens and corporations, top security planners said here Tuesday in a closed-door meeting at the U.S. ...

Tiversa, congressman debate credibility of whistle-blower

By Andrew Conte
It’s hard to find a perfect whistle-blower. That’s the situation that U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa said he found during his committee’s investigation of Tiversa, a Pittsburgh ...

Former Tiversa employee at center of House probe of Pittsburgh firm

By Andrew Conte
A Pittsburgh cybersecurity company that collects millions of files shared on global networks has become embroiled in a congressional investigation supported by a former employee-turned-whistleblower. Richard ...

House to vote on cyber threat bill

By Wire and Staff Reports
WASHINGTON — The House is expected to pass a long-awaited bill Wednesday that would make it easier for companies to share information about cybersecurity threats with the government without fear of lawsuits. The House Intelligence Committee approved the bill ...

Use of multiple contractors could leave oil, gas operators open to hackers

By Katelyn Ferral  and Andrew Conte
In the vast network of data, drilling and pipes that’s made Marcellus shale an international energy reserve, computer attacks pose a serious threat. Hackers target ...

Despite demand, women comprise only 11 percent of cyber security workers

March 21, 2015
By Andrew Conte
Ambareen Siraj looks out at the  75 students in her computer security class and often sees that she’s the only woman in the room. At most, one or two women sign up each semester for ...