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Every 3:0 Seconds
There is roughly one victim of identity theft in the U.S. every 3 seconds.
That's . . .
15 per minute
913 per hour
22,000 per day
8 million per year

Cybersecurity experts try to predict hackers’ next moves

By Andrew Conte
Ross Fazio thought he had taken every precaution against computer hackers at his Sharpsburg heating and cooling company, but they still found a way inside. Investigators ...

Security planners work on cyber defense strategies at U.S. Army War College

By Andrew Conte
CARLISLE — When it comes to cybersecurity, we’re all in this together. The nation’s best defense in cyberspace involves not only the military but private citizens and corporations, top security planners said here Tuesday in a closed-door meeting at the U.S. ...

Tiversa, congressman debate credibility of whistle-blower

By Andrew Conte
It’s hard to find a perfect whistle-blower. That’s the situation that U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa said he found during his committee’s investigation of Tiversa, a Pittsburgh ...

Former Tiversa employee at center of House probe of Pittsburgh firm

By Andrew Conte
A Pittsburgh cybersecurity company that collects millions of files shared on global networks has become embroiled in a congressional investigation supported by a former employee-turned-whistleblower. Richard ...

House to vote on cyber threat bill

By Wire and Staff Reports
WASHINGTON — The House is expected to pass a long-awaited bill Wednesday that would make it easier for companies to share information about cybersecurity threats with the government without fear of lawsuits. The House Intelligence Committee approved the bill ...

Use of multiple contractors could leave oil, gas operators open to hackers

By Katelyn Ferral  and Andrew Conte
In the vast network of data, drilling and pipes that’s made Marcellus shale an international energy reserve, computer attacks pose a serious threat. Hackers target ...

Despite demand, women comprise only 11 percent of cyber security workers

By Andrew Conte
Ambareen Siraj looks out at the  75 students in her computer security class and often sees that she’s the only woman in the room. At ...

Murphy: May not be able to secure cyberspace, but must minimize impact

By Andrew Conte
It should be harder to bring down the nation’s most critical computer systems than by just finding a single weakness, a top Carnegie Mellon University ...

Carnegie Mellon response team has battled computer virus attacks since 1988

By Andrew Conte
Pittsburgh’s prominent and growing role as a national center for cybersecurity started with a chance encounter more than 25 years ago. On Nov. 2, 1988, researchers ...

Experts: Infrastructure ‘legitimate target’ in battle for cyber supremacy

By Andrew Conte
When Summer Fowler goes to sleep, the Cranberry mother of three knows computer hackers around the world are working through the night to undo the ...

Sony Pictures hack redefines rules of online warfare

By Andrew Conte
CARLISLE — Rarely has a raunchy movie done so much to change the world. When hackers broke into computer systems at Sony Pictures Entertainment in a ...

Sony hack signals new, public front in cyber warfare

By Andrew Conte
Even if Sony’s movie “The Interview” was as unspeakably bad as some reviewers suggest, it would have been every American’s patriotic duty to go see ...

Federal prosecutors in Pittsburgh want to tackle hacking with companies

By Andrew Conte
Rather than trying to fight off hackers on their own, corporations should work with the government so it can bring more cases such as the ...

Retailers, security experts meet near Pittsburgh on cyber theft ‘pandemic’

By Andrew Conte
Online retail theft has reached such “pandemic proportions” that stores must work together more closely to fight organized crime rings stealing credit cards and other ...

Cybersecurity experts warn Pittsburgh conference about dangers of hacking

By Andrew Conte
Hackers typically need less than a day to break into a victim’s computers — but it can take months to find the breach and fix ...

Line dividing hacker cyber crime, state-sponsored terror attacks murky

By Andrew Conte
NEW YORK — The lines between online thefts and all-out cyber warfare continue to blur as hackers become more effective at attacks that threaten to ...

Hackers’ new Dyre malware infects W.Pa. computers, vexes FBI cyber agents

By Andrew Conte
Pittsburgh-based FBI cyber agents who brought down an international Russian hacking syndicate in May are now focusing on two new targets that have caused significant ...

Social media can improve, muddy election campaigns

By Andrew Conte
As the candidates for Pennsylvania governor debated for the final time last week in a television studio near Pittsburgh, their Twitter handles waged war online. Neither Republican Gov. Tom Corbett nor Democratic challenger Tom Wolf send out their own tweets, ...

Unprepared law firms vulnerable to hackers

By Andrew Conte
Computer hackers are targeting top international law firms, including Pittsburgh-based K&L Gates, to steal intellectual property data and trade secrets, the Tribune-Review found. Cyber criminals stepped ...

Case of Ukrainian wanted in Western Pennsylvania spotlights difficulty of hacker fight

By Andrew Conte
Federal prosecutors can’t even agree on the spelling of his name. But across three jurisdictions, they believe a Ukrainian hacker has been responsible for a slew ...

Identifying cyber-criminals is No. 1 challenge, high-profile lawyer says

By Andrew Conte
A hacker known as “Track2” helped steal more than 200,000 credit card numbers from small retailers across the United States and sold them online to ...

Americans make unwitting investment in hacking with free email providers

By Andrew Conte
American investors are unknowingly making it easier for Chinese hackers and other online criminals to hide from authorities here, the Tribune-Review has learned. Chinese military …