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VA Legionnaires Outbreak

VA official: Don’t tell until asked about Legionnaires’ outbreak among veterans

By Mike Wereschagin and Adam Smeltz
Editor’s note: This story is the second of two parts. A high-ranking official with Veterans Affairs Pittsburgh Healthcare System wanted the agency ...

VA records contradict testimony by agency leaders to Congress

By Mike Wereschagin and Adam Smeltz
Internal emails and documents contradict testimony given by Department of Veterans Affairs leaders to a congressional subcommittee investigating a Legionnaires’ disease outbreak that left at ...

Former greeter alleges he got Legionnaires’ disease at Pittsburgh VA

By Brian Bowling
A homeless veteran seeking help ended up with permanent lung and kidney damage because of negligence at the VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System that caused him to contract Legionnaires’ disease, the veteran says in a federal lawsuit filed on Thursday. Kenneth Jordan, ...

Government concedes negligence in Legionnaires’ lawsuit

By Adam Smeltz  and Brian Bowling
House legislation that would make it illegal for veterans hospitals nationwide to conceal disease outbreaks won passage on Monday evening with bipartisan approval. Supporters argued a fatal outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease in the VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System shows a need ...

VA had Legionella bug 5 years before disclosure

By Luis Fábregas Adam Smeltz and Mike Wereschagin
Legionella bacteria flourished in the water lines in rooms housing the most vulnerable patients at the VA Pittsburgh hospital in Oakland at least five years ...

Pittsburgh VA executives got performance bonuses amidst deadly Legionnaires’ spread

By Luis Fábregas  and Adam Smeltz
The director of the VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System and the regional director who oversees her each received five-figure performance bonuses for fiscal 2011 while a ...

Lapses at Pittsburgh VA stoked spread of Legionella bacteria

By Luis Fábregas Mike Wereschagin Adam Smeltz and Lou Kilzer
Aaron Marshall didn’t know what he was walking into. The VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System wanted his germ-fighting company to inspect the water treatment system used to ...