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Bridges Wine Co. owner deemed Pittsburgh ripe for growth

By Rachel Weaver
A new Pittsburgh winemaker has adopted the saying of one of the industry’s well-known vintners as his personal motto: “A bottle of wine at every …

The Wine Cellar: Values in Bordeaux wines worth seeking out

By Dave Desimone
For sheer variety, quality and value on a grand scale, France’s vast Bordeaux wine-growing region leads the way. Thousands of producers offer terrific selections across …

KitchenWise: Slow cooker short ribs are worth the trouble

By The Associated Press
Many people love the idea of a slow cooker because it seems so simple — open the pot, insert ingredients, cover the pot, turn on the heat, then leave it alone. Eight hours later, after a hard day at the …

Venetian soup inspires mussels recipe

By John Ash
This combination of mussels with plenty of garlic, parsley, saffron and white wine was inspired by the Venetian soup zuppa di peoci, which is usually …

Brussels sprouts grow into hipster moment

By Alison Ladman
Not so long ago there really was only one way to eat Brussels sprouts. It involved boiling the sprouts into oblivion. After they were reduced to near mush, you’d mound them on your plate, maybe add some butter and salt. …

Hulton Bridge to be focus of Oakmont historian’s talk

By Joyce Hanz
Western Pennsylvania has dozens of bridges that are creaking, rusting and inching toward the status of structurally unsafe, including the Jonathon Hulton Bridge. The only …

Ghost ‘hunting’ is a passion for these Pittsburgh groups

By Rochelle Haitz
The Halloween season is the time of year when people become more interested in the “haunted” side of life. Some people tour haunted houses, some …