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Hydrangeas flower year after year with proper care, placement, feeding

By Doug Oster
For those lucky enough to coax flowers from their hydrangeas, the pretty blooms are all fading to green, soft pink or brown, depending on variety, ...

Seeds saved from heirlooms will produce the same plant next season

By Jessica Walliser
Q uestion: I’m interested in saving seeds from a particular heirloom pole bean I grew this year. Is it possible to save bean seeds? Will ...

Design Direction: Beautiful things make beautiful memories for kids

By Rachel Weaver
As a designer and mother of six, Gabrielle Stanley Blair knows the home serves as the setting for the majority of family memories. Her aim ...

What’s old is new at Toll Gate Revival in Lawrenceville

By Rachel Weaver
There’s a spot in Lawrenceville where a 1930s Mobilgas sign, riddled with rusty bullet holes, is propped up behind a weathered-leather couch, faded and smooth ...

Downtown Pittsburgh Macy’s donates bits of history

By Tom Fontaine
Macy’s agreed to donate numerous items from its iconic former Downtown store to Western Pennsylvania history groups, preserving locally significant artifacts that range from mundane ...

Everybody Gardens: Zinnias dear to ex-nurse, but not to deer who’d frequent her Baldwin garden

By Doug Oster
Don’t call Mary Canny cheap. In fact, she doesn’t even like the word frugal. “I like to call it wise gardening,” she says with a ...

Pittsburgh’s High Heeled Chef can teach you to eat more healthfully

By Kellie B. Gormly
Standing behind a table topped with colorful, fresh produce — including the green and round Japanese pumpkin, pineapple, carrots, broccoli and apples — the Thai ...