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Grand Concourse gingerbread village replicates Pittsburgh landmarks

By Kellie B. Gormly
Pittsburgh’s Grand Concourse restaurant has built a miniature model of Station Square, the North Shore and the Golden Triangle, all in gingerbread and other edibles. The ...

The Wine Cellar: 2 decades in the making, these fortified wines will brighten the holidays

By Dave Desimone
With holiday gift-giving front and center, gimmicky wine gifts abound. Avoid them like the plague. They might be good for a laugh, but then they’ll ...

Pasta sauce of Castle Shannon’s Carbonara brothers captures Italy in jar

By JoAnne Klimovich Harrop
The jar holds more than pasta sauce. When you pop open the top, you have a little bit of Italy to make your dinner authentic. ...

KitchenWise: Cooking low and slow keeps a rib roast rare

By The Associated Press
Here’s my holiday conundrum, and I bet you can relate: I am in charge of this year’s holiday meal, which will feature a big standing ...

Hankering for comfort food? Consider the knish

By Alison Ladman
If you’re looking for some cold weather comfort food, you might want to consider the knish. Though there are many variations of the knish, they essentially are the hand pie of classic Jewish cuisine — a baked (though sometimes fried) ...

Mt. Lebanon couple’s website helps shoppers find that perfect gift

By Rachel Weaver
Everyone’s been there. It’s the last minute. The stores are mayhem. The choices are overwhelming. Suddenly, that display of gift cards near the checkout starts ...

Greensburg rabbi’s dreidel collection tops 600

By Deborah Weisberg
When she bought her first dreidel decades ago, Rabbi Sara Perman — then a high-school student — had no idea it would spin into the ...