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Love locks tokens fall prey to renovations on Pittsburgh bridges

By Rachel Weaver 7:16 a.m.
While the love many couples share might be eternal, a token symbolizing it is doomed. Hundreds of locks linked around panels of city bridges will …

Coping with Kids: Gear up and get powered

By Tribune-Review
These items are designed to help you get the most use out of your electronic gadgets. DualTek Extreme Shock Case for Samsung Galaxy S5: (PureGear) The new DualTek case fits like a glove, doesn’t get in the way of taking …

Shadyside’s A Fair in the Park arts-and-crafts fest marks ‘benchmark year’

By Deborah Weisberg
An annual celebration of the arts and one last hurrah of summer is set for Sept. 5 through 7, when A Fair in the Park …

Allure showcase represents 34 Pittsburgh-area artists

By Kate Benz
“It helps the community see the artists that are local, instead of trying to outsource,” said Rebekah Coffey, a California University of Pennsylvania student and …

‘No Limits’ artist gives talk at Pittsburgh Cultural Trust site

By Kate Benz
“It’s sort of a dream come true,” said artist Alexandre Arrechea during an open dialogue at the Peirce Studio on Aug. 25. “There’s a moment …

Season’s final SupperMarket in Unity draws large crowd

By Shirley Mcmarlin
You’ve made it through hump day, so what do you do to celebrate? Well, all summer long, hundreds of folks were stopping at the SupperMarket, …

Italian artist exhibits works at West Overton Museum

By Tribune-Review
How does an artist and architect from Treviso, Italy, end up displaying his drawings in the West Overton Museum near Scottdale? The story actually began …