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Dave DeSimone is a member of the American Wine Society. He can be heard daily on KQV Radio with the Wine Cellar reports. His Wine Cellar column appears Wednesdays in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Dave DeSimone can be reached via e-mail

The Wine Cellar: Festive libations celebrate Super Bowl regions

By Dave Desimone
Last year, a record-setting audience of nearly 112 million people watched the Super Bowl on television. Most of them, doubtlessly, enjoyed a libation or two. ...

The Wine Cellar: Cold days cry out for warming, comforting stews

By Dave Desimone
When January’s wintery blasts chill to the bone, make time to enjoy hot, soul-comforting stews paired with wine. A tasty, slow-cooked stew made over ...

The Wine Cellar: Looking for a bargain? Take a look at Languedoc-Roussillon

By Dave Desimone
Looking for terrific wine values to kick off 2015? Then consider wines from France’s Languedoc-Roussillon region. The area stretches for nearly 125 miles along France’s ...

The Wine Cellar: Resolve to be adventurous with wine for the new year

By Dave Desimone
The unfolding new year offers a perfect opportunity to adopt resolutions for wine. Consider a few simple touchstones. First, never buy wines based on ...

The Wine Cellar: Give the new year a French flair with wines from Alsace

By Dave Desimone
In Alsace, France, the quintessential New Year’s Day dish — sauerkraut and wieners — enjoys special attention and popularity in Choucroute Garnie à l’Alsacienne. The ...

The Wine Cellar: Don’t dally in seeking sensational New Year’s sparklers

By Dave Desimone
Enjoy Christmas in peace and serenity. But the day after, buy your sparkling wines to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Shop while PLCB inventories remain plentiful ...

The Wine Cellar: 2 decades in the making, these fortified wines will brighten the holidays

By Dave Desimone
With holiday gift-giving front and center, gimmicky wine gifts abound. Avoid them like the plague. They might be good for a laugh, but then they’ll ...

The Wine Cellar: Wine, cheese pairings bring pleasure to gatherings

By Dave Desimone
With holiday parties and gatherings fast approaching, the eternal question burns brightly: Which comes first — wine or cheese? Fret not. Either way works perfectly well ...

The Wine Cellar: A tradition of unique grapes add flavor to South West vintages

By Dave Desimone
N ever heard of négrette, fer servadou, duras and gros manseng , let alone prunelart, ondenc and loin de ...

France’s South West provides much for wine lovers to discover

By Dave Desimone
O n the crowded contemporary wine stage, the international spotlight rarely shines on France’s South West. Emerging consumer trends could, however, give the region’s wines ...

The Wine Cellar: To satisfy a crowd at Thanksgiving, offer different wines

By Dave Desimone
Traditional Thanksgiving dinner provides one of the year’s most enjoyable but daunting meals. Contrasting aromas and flavors in traditional dishes combine with a diversity of ...

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