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Dave DeSimone is a member of the American Wine Society. He can be heard daily on KQV Radio with the Wine Cellar reports. His Wine Cellar column appears Wednesdays in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Dave DeSimone can be reached via e-mail

You survived Tax Day: Go ahead, you deserve to celebrate

By Dave Desimone
The passing of another tax filing deadline creates a good opportunity to reflect. Make time to celebrate whether you paid extra or will receive a …

Asparagus at peak spring flavor cries out for right wine

By Dave Desimone
Mid-April’s daily signs of spring include colorful, budding daffodils and birds gaily twittering away. It also brings peak growing season for asparagus. Using asparagus in easy, …

California’s Mondavis stay the course of quality domestic wine

By Dave Desimone
In 1998, Jeff Bridges starred in the cult classic “The Big Lebowski.” Near the end of the movie, his character utters the unforgettable line: “Yeah, …

Over-priced, oaky Rhônes aren’t the only option

By Dave Desimone
Recent decades have brought ever increasing popularity for wines from Châteauneuf-du-Pape, the southern Rhône’s most prestigious appellation. Prices have risen accordingly, to well over $100 …

Brisk spring days call for crisp, fruity white wines

By Dave Desimone
Spring’s official arrival invariably brings brisk, sunny days aplenty. Spending time outside amidst invigorating weather has an uncanny way of working up a powerful hunger …

Italian wines, cheeses offer a pleasant break from doldrums

By Dave Desimone
As March’s lion grudgingly transforms into April’s lamb, enjoying distinctive cheeses paired with wines and crusty bread offers pleasant respite. Northern Italian cheeses and wines …

Organic wines of quality can still be affordable

By Dave Desimone
Increasingly, American consumers drink wine with meals. Organic wines’ popularity has contributed significantly to the trend. According to Beverage Trade Network online, since the United States’ Organic Law certification passed in 2002, organic wine consumption grew steadily by 20 percent …

Northern Rhones affordably demonstrate classic wine styles

By Dave Desimone
For an instant introduction to the pleasures of France’s Northern Rhône wines, look to Alain Graillot, his son Maxime Graillot and the inestimable Jean-Louis Chave. …

Escape the winter doldrums with wines with history

By Dave Desimone
Complain if you must about winter’s lingering grip. But, with a little imagination, enjoying a bottle of wine offers a terrific escape from the doldrums. Selecting wines with …

Treat your sweetheart to balanced sweet wines to celebrate

By Dave Desimone
With Valentine’s Day just two days away, let those who have not procrastinated cast the first chocolate-covered strawberry. That said, prompt wine shopping can easily …

Exotic comfort: Pair Hungarian foods with native wines

By Dave Desimone
When it comes to tempting comfort foods, Hungarian cuisine stands second to none with delicious possibilities. Pairing the dishes with Hungarian wines enhances the pleasures …

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