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Dave DeSimone is a member of the American Wine Society. He can be heard daily on KQV Radio with the Wine Cellar reports. His Wine Cellar column appears Wednesdays in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Dave DeSimone can be reached via e-mail

The Wine Cellar: Chairman’s Selections highlight Italian wine values

By Dave Desimone
With vested parties embroiled in relentless polemics over privatizing retail wine and spirits sales, one point remains consistently clear amid the annoying din. The PLCB …

The Wine Cellar: Washington state syrahs have distinct personalities

By Dave Desimone
In France’s northern Rhône Valley, the red-skinned syrah grape has long made a spiritual home on rocky, terraced vineyards overlooking the river that gives the …

The Wine Cellar: German river valley creates right climate for reisling

By Dave Desimone
October’s bright, but shortening, days and nippy evenings transform vineyard landscapes across Europe and North America into brilliant displays of color. Grape leaves from Burgundy …

‘Lesser’ wines from master growers are a good value

By Dave Desimone
With September drawn to a close, so, too, the harvest in Burgundy has run its course. As the saying goes, “September makes the vintage.” Winegrowers …

The Wine Cellar: Ham and cheese — and wine— best less processed

By Dave Desimone
Ham and cheese. This humble combination recalls countless uninspired sandwiches, standard in lunch bags across America. Flavorless ham with unremarkable texture and pale, pink color …

Wines of Languedoc-Roussillon provide quality for price

By Dave Desimone
In France, the best compliment a wine can receive is bon rapport qualité / prix — good quality for the price. As often as not, …

Liguria, Italy’s ‘Riviera,’ exports outstanding wines

By Dave Desimone
Among Italy’s mind-boggling array, iconic wines such as chianti, Barolo, Barbaresco and Brunello di Montalcino reign supreme in American consumer awareness. Terrific wines from Liguria, …

Don’t let the marketers determine which grapes survive

By Dave Desimone
With northern hemisphere grape harvests beginning in earnest, cabernet sauvignon and merlot lead the way as the most widely planted wine grapes. The less-well-known airén, a Spanish grape grown to make brandy, comes in third. Tempranillo, another primarily Spanish red …

Wines for Labor Day dishes recall summer, look ahead to fall

By Dave Desimone
L abor Day has evolved into a convenient way to mark summer’s unofficial end. Use Labor Day as an opportunity to savor summer wines with …

Wine Cellar: Late-August foods require a certain type of wine

By Dave Desimone
With vacations winding down and the kiddos reluctantly starting back to school, the overnight temperatures have turned a bit nippy to remind us of autumn’s …

Spanish wines are a great partner for sausage dishes

By Dave Desimone
D ating to the Roman era, every fall, Iberian Peninsula farmers have made spicy, air-cured pork sausages, today known as chorizo. The family traditions revolve …

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