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Dave DeSimone is a member of the American Wine Society. He can be heard daily on KQV Radio with the Wine Cellar reports. His Wine Cellar column appears Wednesdays in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Dave DeSimone can be reached via e-mail

The Wine Cellar: Celebrate your pursuit of happiness with a good wine

By Dave Desimone
Exactly 239 years ago this Saturday, the Declaration of Independence heralded “unalienable” personal rights to “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Each of us ...

The Wine Cellar: Treat yourself to a deal on wines from Bordeaux

By Dave Desimone
Vinexpo 2015, the globe’s largest gathering of wine and spirits professionals, concluded recently in Bordeaux, France. The five-day event witnessed 48,000 visitors from a staggering ...

The Wine Cellar: You don’t have to break the bank to treat Dad well

By Dave Desimone
As every child knows well, Dear Old Dad cannot resist giving sage advice — whether requested or not. My adult children — John, Olivia ...

The Wine Cellar: Author J.T. Lundy’s trip to French wine county inspires comedy

By Dave Desimone
What could be more relaxing and fun than sipping a favorite glass of wine and reading an entertaining novel on a summer’s afternoon? Try ...

The Wine Cellar: Juicy, grilled meats deserve full-flavored wines

By Dave Desimone
Make time to fire up the grill this weekend. Just pair your favorite protein — fish, shrimp, chicken, pork, lamb or beef — with vegetables ...

The Wine Cellar: Importer’s efforts bring French artisan wines to U.S.

By Dave Desimone
Many American importers of French wines offer quality portfolios with good value. Louis Dressner Selections, Hand Picked Selections, Kysela Père et Fils, Martine’sWines, Neal ...

The Wine Cellar: Balance Memorial Day celebrations with fitting wines

By Dave Desimone
Today, we call it Memorial Day. Some still recall it as Decoration Day. Either way, Americans now agree the last Monday in May marks ...

The Wine Cellar: For last of cool weather, try Loire Valley whites

By Dave Desimone
In the far, eastern reaches of France’s Loire River Valley, two appellations, Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé, produce the globe’s most intriguing sauvignon blanc white wines. Their ...

The Wine Cellar: Wines made by women offer Mother’s Day inspiration

By Dave Desimone
Conventional wisdom says take Mom to brunch and give her flowers on Mother’s Day. But, why not also treat Mom to a bottle of ...

The Wine Cellar: Marathon runners, watchers can enjoy wine pre-race

By Dave Desimone
Down in Louisville, the first weekend in May means just one thing — the Kentucky Derby horse race. But here in the ’Burgh, this weekend ...

The Wine Cellar: Return of al fresco dining means it’s time for rosés

By Dave Desimone
Let’s see. Forsythia, daffodils and magnolias blooming fragrantly in full color: check. Sunny afternoons followed by mild nights with lingering daylight: check again. Last, ...

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