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Tribune-Review Horticulturist Jessica Walliser co-hosts 'The Organic Gardeners' at 7 a.m. Sundays on KDKA Radio. She is the author of several gardening books, including 'Grow Organic' and 'Good Bug, Bad Bug.' Jessica Walliser can be reached via e-mail

Fruit trees demand attention in fall

By Jessica Walliser
If you have fruit trees, right now is a great time to pay attention to them. No matter what types of fruit you grow, there ...

Next year, plant several varieties of cucumbers to offset any losses

By Jessica Walliser
Q uestion: Earlier this year, one of our gardening projects was building a cucumber trellis. It sounded like a good idea. I installed it in ...

A few easy steps will keep deer away

By Jessica Walliser
Protecting trees and shrubs from browsing deer has become a yearly autumn chore for many gardeners, myself included. Though the deer mostly stay out of ...

Lilac bushes that fail to thrive could benefit from proper trimming

By Jessica Walliser
Q uestion: We have three big lilac bushes that are about 15 years old. The bushes are about 10 feet tall with few branches on ...

Kale wears its newfound fame well

By Jessica Walliser
Kale has become so popular it now has its own day; 2015’s National Kale Day was Oct. 7. There’s even a petition to make it ...

Eliminating scale infestation on houseplants takes time and patience

By Jessica Walliser
Question: I have an enormous schefflera plant that is perhaps 27 years old. I struggle with scale insects on it. It is too large and ...

Overwintering plants takes some work

By Jessica Walliser
Most gardeners have moved their tropical patio plants indoors to protect them from the season’s first few frosts. But just because you’ve moved the plants ...

With cool air and warm soil, fall ideal time for lawn care

By Jessica Walliser
Q uestion: We plan to over-seed our lawn this fall and are currently dethatching. Is it too late to core aerate before we reseed? What ...

Gardeners can ease butterflies’ plight

By Jessica Walliser
Unless you’ve been living under a rock with the slugs and earthworms, you’re most likely aware of the struggle of the monarch butterfly. According ...

Are needles falling from evergreens normal shedding or sign of distress?

By Jessica Walliser
Q uestion: We have a row of white pines that border our neighbor’s property. Within the past few weeks, many of the needles have turned ...

These trees spark autumnal fireworks

By Jessica Walliser
It’s been a lovely fall in the garden. Though most of the region has been blanketed by a few frosts, there’s still much to be ...