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Tribune-Review Horticulturist Jessica Walliser co-hosts 'The Organic Gardeners' at 7 a.m. Sundays on KDKA Radio. She is the author of several gardening books, including 'Grow Organic' and 'Good Bug, Bad Bug.' Jessica Walliser can be reached via e-mail

Compost piles host for lots of bugs, slugs, and animals

By Jessica Walliser
I was working in my compost bin last week in an attempt to make room for all the leaves I now have to add to …

Garden Q&A: Dunk or seal skeeters away

By Jessica Walliser
Question: I have a plastic 55-gallon barrel that I catch rain water in from a shed roof to use for watering tomato plants. This barrel …

Now’s the time to plant bulbs —including alliums —in your garden

By Jessica Walliser
Fall means bulb planting time for many gardeners. September through November is the perfect time to plant spring-flowering bulbs. Though most of us are all-too-familiar …

Garden Q&A: Remove sod to create garden space

By Jessica Walliser
Q uestion: How do we get rid of a large area of lawn and convert it to a natural woodsy planting area with a few …

Bugs in garden beds have some bite

By Jessica Walliser
A few years ago, I received an email from someone regarding a praying mantid egg case they bought at a local nursery. They intended to …

Q&A: Parsley follows 2-year cycle

By Jessica Walliser
Question: I’m new to gardening, and I grew parsley in my vegetable garden for the first time this year. Will the plant survive the winter, …

It’s been a good year in the garden

By Jessica Walliser
It’s been quite a year in the vegetable garden. I had a better tomato harvest than I’ve had in years. I managed to freeze 15 …

Garden Q&A: Break the cycle of black tar spot

By Jessica Walliser
Q uestion: We have a Norway maple in our front yard. The leaves have started falling off the tree, and I noticed that there are …

Fall is good time for some lawn TLC

By Jessica Walliser
Autumn is a great time to be thinking about your lawn. Over the next few weeks, take a look at your yard and consider investing some time into a handful of maintenance chores, including de-thatching, aerating and over-seeding your lawn. …

Garden Q&A: Hibiscus sawfly larvae dines only on hibiscus varieties

By Jessica Walliser
Q uestion: I have three perennial hibiscus plants, two red and one white. The past two years, the leaves on the red ones have little …

Summer’s over, but gardening sure isn’t

By Jessica Walliser
Don’t put your trowel back into the shed just yet. Even though it may feel like planting time has come and gone, it hasn’t. Keeping …