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Tribune-Review Horticulturist Jessica Walliser co-hosts 'The Organic Gardeners' at 7 a.m. Sundays on KDKA Radio. She is the author of several gardening books, including 'Grow Organic' and 'Good Bug, Bad Bug.' Jessica Walliser can be reached via e-mail

Garden Q&A: Crop rotation won’t eradicate downy mildew on basil

By Jessica Walliser
Q uestion: I’m pretty sure I had downy mildew on my basil this year. The basil has been planted in the same garden for perhaps ...

The dirt on getting better soil

By Jessica Walliser
There is nothing more coveted by gardeners than perfect dirt. Crumbly, loamy soil that’s rich in organic matter and teaming with earthworms. It doesn’t come easy here in Western Pennsylvania (or anywhere, for that matter!), but it’s worth fighting for. ...

Garden Q&A: Green potatoes can make you sick

By Jessica Walliser
Question: We dug the potatoes out of our garden last week and discovered that many of the potatoes had green blotches on them. The green ...

2014 was ‘Year of Green,’ with new seeds, success

By Jessica Walliser
The 2014 gardening season seemed to be a real “Year of Green” in my vegetable garden. I grew some new-to-me herbs and vegetables that produce ...

Garden Q&A: How to winterproof crepe myrtle

By Jessica Walliser
Question: I purchased and planted two “Dynamite Red” crepe myrtles in the spring, and they did well this growing season. Although they are supposed to ...

It’s easy to support, encourage native pollinating bees

By Jessica Walliser
Every year, more than $20 billion dollars of food crops are produced across North America because of pollinators. Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock, ...

Garden Q&A: Sidestep fungus, pests in orchard

By Jessica Walliser
Q uestion: We moved into a house with a couple of pear and apple trees in the backyard. Though I’ve grown vegetables for years, this ...

Compost piles host for lots of bugs, slugs, and animals

By Jessica Walliser
I was working in my compost bin last week in an attempt to make room for all the leaves I now have to add to ...

Garden Q&A: Dunk or seal skeeters away

By Jessica Walliser 9:55 a.m.
Question: I have a plastic 55-gallon barrel that I catch rain water in from a shed roof to use for watering tomato plants. This barrel ...

Now’s the time to plant bulbs —including alliums —in your garden

By Jessica Walliser
Fall means bulb planting time for many gardeners. September through November is the perfect time to plant spring-flowering bulbs. Though most of us are all-too-familiar ...

Garden Q&A: Remove sod to create garden space

By Jessica Walliser
Q uestion: How do we get rid of a large area of lawn and convert it to a natural woodsy planting area with a few ...