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Tribune-Review Horticulturist Jessica Walliser co-hosts 'The Organic Gardeners' at 7 a.m. Sundays on KDKA Radio. She is the author of several gardening books, including 'Grow Organic' and 'Good Bug, Bad Bug.' Jessica Walliser can be reached via e-mail

Garden Q&A: Hibiscus sawfly larvae dines only on hibiscus varieties

By Jessica Walliser
Q uestion: I have three perennial hibiscus plants, two red and one white. The past two years, the leaves on the red ones have little …

Summer’s over, but gardening sure isn’t

By Jessica Walliser
Don’t put your trowel back into the shed just yet. Even though it may feel like planting time has come and gone, it hasn’t. Keeping …

Garden Q&A: Tobacco budworm an unwelcome new arrival

By Jessica Walliser
Q uestion: We grew a lot of petunias in our window boxes this year. In August, I started to notice that it looked like some …

Leave assassin bugs to their work

By Jessica Walliser
For the past two weeks, my email inbox has been flooded with the exact same question from several readers: “What is this crazy insect I …

Garden Q&A: Forsythia pruning requires foresight, care

By Jessica Walliser
Question: We have several forsythia bushes on our property. They were getting way too big, so last fall I gave them a good haircut. This …

Plants not like us in making offspring

By Jessica Walliser
Plants have something that you and I do not. It’s called totipotency, and it means that nearly every cell within any given plant has the …

Garden Q&A: Persimmons known for beauty, flavor

By Jessica Walliser
Q uestion: A friend of ours has a small farm in Beaver County, and they have a persimmon tree on their property. Last fall they gave us some of the fruits, and now we’d like to grow some of our …

Prepare now for spring garden

By Jessica Walliser
The kids are back in school, the days are getting shorter, and the garden’s warm-season vegetables will soon start winding down. This growing season seemed …

Garden Q&A: Daffodils crowd each other out

By Jessica Walliser 6:27 p.m.
Question: I have several clumps of daffodils in my yard that used to bloom beautifully every year. But for the past three years, they have …

Fast-growing hops makes interesting garden plant

By Jessica Walliser
My husband and I took on a new project this spring — growing hops. He’s a beer fanatic with several friends who are big into …

Garden Q&A: Blossom end rot a calcium deficiency

By Jessica Walliser
Question: My tomatoes are ripe on the top, but they are rotten on the bottom ends. What is happening? Answer: I believe your tomatoes are …