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Michael Ohare

And now, dear friends, it’s time to meander to a different drummer

By Michael O'Hare
Every meandering stream reaches the ocean. It’s the way of life. For me, today, this column disappears into that larger body of figurative water as I am retiring from my job as news editor of the Leader Times. I hope my ...

Loving unconditionally can put a spring in your step; try it

By Michael O'Hare
As Thanksgiving 2013 approaches, I thought about my passion for mashed potatoes as a kid; and the year I inadvertently drank some condensed milk on the kitchen counter. And the time that my mother saw me reading a newspaper ad for ...

Enriching another Christmas with a warm, comforting glow

By Michael O'Hare
Light-up nights. Just the words convey a sort of comfort. Since pre-Christian times, people have gathered around their lights (fires) to celebrate as the larger world enveloping them grew darker and got colder. These days, we are so surrounded by lights that we ...

Looking for the path to peace and joy

By Michael O'Hare
Each year as we approach Christmas we hear the phrase “peace on earth.” Before and after the season we seem to forget about it, perhaps with the exception of those who give peace its due at weekly religious services. Clearly a ...

A few of his favorite things of the season

By Michael O'Hare
Random (unspooky?) thoughts on the day after Halloween: • Halloween runs counter to today’s culture. It actually calls for neighbors to visit neighbors, to talk and laugh and appreciate one another’s creativity. It all happens right on the ...

The most eloquent season of them all

By Michael O'Hare
Fall gets a bad rap. Maybe it is because there are so many negative connotations. You can fall and get hurt. Things fall apart. We can fall in the rankings and be depressed. Life can seem to be in free fall and it will ...

Remember these from the ‘good old days’?

By Michael O'Hare
It was one of those emails that takes one back to the “good old days.” This one, shared with me by co-worker Roseanne Linko recently, took me to a web page showing things from the 1960s and ‘70s and asked ...

Memories of such things make up a life

By Michael O'Hare
Pittsburgh runs through my memories as its three rivers run through it. Last Saturday, as the Pirates beat the Chicago Cubs, Mary Ellen and I watched the win from seats above the third base line thanks to tickets from our son ...

Cultural wars are all in my head

By Michael O'Hare
Yeah, OK. I fit into those birth years designated as “baby boomers.” I know what it means to say there was a boom of births during that time after World War II. But I am not sure I like being labeled ...

Poets toil to convey the great truths

By Michael O'Hare
Perhaps you missed it, the passing a week ago today of Irish Nobel Prize winner in literature Seamus Heaney in a Dublin Hospital. For those who love poetry, it was a major event. One of his obituaries said he was ...

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