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Nominations for office mom

| Tuesday, April 23, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

A listing of the nominations the Trib received when it went looking for those candidates that best fit in the category of office mom.

Donna Scafede

When I read this article, I couldn't believe how your description was our Office Mom to a “T.” Our Office Mom, Donna, has been with the Company for almost 40 years. I'm not sure that she has removed anything from her desk in those 40 years either, which makes it a one-stop shop for any of our workday needs. Fresh flowers, candy, paper clips, silverware, she's got it. I have yet to ask her for anything that she doesn't have in that desk of hers!

Although Donna does not have children of her own, she has the pictures of over 100 kids displayed at her desk, mostly coworkers' children, who she just loves to hear about and attend their dance recitals or sporting events. If someone on the floor mentions that they like lighthouses, you can be sure they will receive several lighthouse-themed gifts throughout the year.

Just like with a real Mom, it's not all fun and games with our Office Mom. If you are slouching, you will get hollered at to straighten up and if you aren't wearing appropriate office attire, you'll be lucky if she doesn't tell you to head home and change.

We wouldn't trade our Office Mom for the world!

Nominated by Nicole Ferketic, General Nutrition Corporation, Downtown

Lorraine Putsay

When I read the contest information line that mentioned “tough love” for late expense reports, I actually laughed out loud. My office roommate, Lorraine, gets every excuse in the book for those late reports. One by one, each month, the engineers, IT, and marketing guys slowly trickle into our office with their tails between their legs, apologizing to Lorraine for being late…again. She shrugs it off and continues on with her daily duties which include many by the way. She has even labeled herself a “jack of all trades.” She has a heavy workload and even fits in being the “office mom.”

I am new to my position and on my more challenging days, Lorraine reminds me to breath. She encourages me to take a break when I'm stuck and come back with a clear head. When I sent out an email about a fundraiser I am involved in, she quickly signed up to help and got our team some donations. She has worked here a long time and is willing and happy to share her valuable knowledge. I am so thankful to share an office with Lorraine. She is an incredible asset to our company.

Nominated by Melissa Shaffer, Carclo Technical Plastics, Latrobe

Carol DaRold

This may not be what you had in mind, but our office Mom even picks up road kill! We work at a wildlife rehab facility and the one full time Animal Care Technician that we have, Carol DaRold, is the most wonderful person in the world to the Volunteer staff, always helpful and supportive, kind and understanding even in the most stressful of situations. She puts in long stressful hours working with wounded and imperiled wildlife and in her off hours she does the animal's grocery shopping, scavenges surrounding forest and field for special native plants and even picks up road kill if it's what a particular animal needs. When an injured animal doesn't make it, she takes it home and buries it with a special prayer for it's passing. Her consistent calm and caring actions restore our faith in all that is good in the world.

Nominated by Milly Gallik, Wildlife Works, Inc., Youngwood

Sharon Thomas

Through daily operations at the First Commonwealth Bank in Munhall, Sharon Thomas is constantly worrying about her fellow co-workers. I've personally been with the bank since last June and, since day one, I have been referring to her as “Mother.”

Putting it into 200 words what an amazing women Mother is in the branch and in her personal life is a tremendous feat. Aside from myself, she is always making sure our other coworkers are taken care of, whether it be ensuring that their cakes are ordered for birthdays or making sure we're following orders and doing as told so that we don't get into any trouble.

In addition to putting her full efforts into helping her co-workers in anyway possible and being an excellent employee, Mother has her more than fair share of stuff to go through in her outside work life. Her husband AND her daughter are both currently in need of kidney transplants due to a hereditary condition so she never really makes time to pamper herself. If anyone is deserving of a little something special, it's Sharon!

Nominated by Angela Fleming, First Commonwealth Bank, Munhall

Donna Lintner

At March of Dimes, spring means long, stressful days and working weekends. It's March for Babies season, a time of the year when we have at least one 5K walk event every Saturday and Sunday for four weeks.

Donna Lintner's title here is Office Manager, but Office Mom seems much more fitting. She is often the first one here and always the last to leave. The calming classical music coming from her office often invites in a stray co-worker for a relaxing reprieve from work. As busy as Donna may be, she never turns them away. Instead, she'll offer them chocolate, a shoulder to cry on or comic relief. Whichever treatment is necessary.

Many of us would go without food at this busy time of year, but like any mom, Donna makes sure her family is fed with her binder of take-out menus. Besides being our “mom”, she also serves as a “grandmother” to the pre-term babies for whom we raise money. As they grow up, they still visit our office and always ask to see Donna who greets them with a warm hug, stickers and beanie babies that she keeps in her office just for them.

Nominated by Courtney Cassat, Sherri Browning and Jessica Szramowski of March of Dimes, Pittsburgh

Mary Lou Fitzgerald

We are honored to nominate a very special sales director, Mary Lou Fitzgerald, for being a top notch Office Mom! She is the sunshine of our office. She is our rock. Mary Lou is always ready to lend a helping hand with our real estate transactions and celebrates with us when all goes well.

Every morning, Mary Lou is the first one to arrive at the office and most times the last one to leave in the evening. Every day the coffee is made, the doors are open, and she always greets everyone with a smile on her face. She is a shoulder to cry on for business and personal problems and still finds time to cook and have dinner with her husband every evening, spend time with her family and volunteer at her church.

We all love her very much like a mom and dread the day she decides to retire. She is loved by her colleagues and customers alike. You mention her name in the real estate community and chances are people will know her for her enthusiasm, kindness, and work ethics.

Nominated by the Agents from Northwood Realty Services in Greensburg

Donna Casterwiler

We work with a wonderful woman named Donna, who is the ultimate Office Mom. She is the first one to arrive in the morning to make sure the lights are on and the coffee is ready. She cares about everyone in the office, even takes the time to call or text if someone is sick to make sure that person is OK. She will make a special trip to the store to get you what you need. She will stop in the mornings to pick up pastries, and not ask for a dime. Donna would give you the shirt off her back, and she asks for nothing in return. She is always there for all of us. We would like Donna to be selected for Office Mom because she is a kind-hearted woman and very dedicated. She deserves to be pampered for a day. This nomination is what we can do to show our appreciation for what she does for all of us.

Melissa Keys of Westmoreland-Fayette Workforce Investment Board, Youngwood

Pat Barkell

Early in the morning Pat arrives for work with peace of mind,

She's ready to tackle all calls, questions, and anyone's grind.

Found in her desk and quite handy,

She carries cough drops, stamps, soup, crackers, and candy.

For the office or anyone who has tears or an issue,

She's quick to oblige and hand out a tissue.

Udder cream is her choice for your chapped arm or hand,

She keeps it available due to demand.

We know what happens each month, day and year,

Because her five year time line keeps us in gear and from shedding a tear.

Her sense of humor is contagious,

Watch out when she puts on those zany glasses or themed head bands, how outrageous!

She plans theme parties and keeps us well fed,

Spinach salad, taco salad, chili, corn bread, always a spread.

When the mountains of work become too much,

She whips out the chocolate fountain, what a nice touch.

With a smile on her face

She handles every situation with grace.

Always quick to listen and understand,

Pat's the mother at work and in high command.

Nominated by Brandi S. Darr, University of Pittsburgh, Greensburg

Marianne Signorini

Who needs an Office Mom more than a department of engineers?

Marianne Signorini is the assistant everyone wishes they had and the epitome of an Office Mom. For our office family, she is the head problem solver, chief expeditor, premiere retirement party planner, and finder-of-all-things. She knows what you need before you even do yourself. Recently she revisited every step of my crazy travel itinerary to search for a bracelet I lost, and then found a replacement on-line when it couldn't be located. Metric reporting has increased dramatically since Marianne joined us. She cajoles, demands, then threatens – but with a smile – and always gets her info.

Snacks are always available, just in case someone needs a passing energy boost. The monthly birthday and service anniversaries treats on her counter are always an excuse to gather and chat. Marianne nurtures not only our group, but even managed to keep my orchid alive and is now optimistically coaxing it to bloom again. She is fiercely protective of her team, to the extent that she is our emergency responder, very much the lady in charge in her bright orange vest.

We believe Marianne is very deserving of recognition as best “Office Mom.”

Nominated by Michele DeWitt, Westinghouse Electric Company, Cranberry

Joanne Leitholf

Our nomination for Office Mom is Joanne Leitholf, aka “Momma Jo.” Not only is Joanne (age 78) our Office Mom, she is also a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. Joanne is the receptionist at the Pittsburgh Division Headquarters of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service. In this position, she handles all the telephone calls for Western Pa., Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, part of Virginia and part of Indiana. She is also responsible for ordering and distributing all the supplies for the offices and reconciling all the vehicle receipts for the inspectors in these states. Can you imagine the problems getting vehicle receipts from 75 federal agents?

Whenever you need something special (needle, thread, clothes pin, etc.) Momma Jo always has it. She claims it's because she had five kids and had to carry everything with her. Besides all this, Momma Jo never fails to send a card on a special occasion, have a birthday present for someone's child, a compassionate listening ear, great advice from 78 years of life and always a kind word for everyone. She also bakes her special chocolate chip cookies and brings them in for special occasions.

That's why “Momma Jo” is our Office Mom.

Nominated by Don Rood, U.S. Postal Inspection Service, Pittsburgh

Clydene Duran

Every office has that one special person who seems to take care of everyone. I am lucky enough to work with one such person. She takes care of us – including the monks that work here. She manages to keep everyone on task but she guides with the hand of a mother, not playing favorites and not encouraging sibling rivalry. She encourages you with kindness and does not belittle you when you make a mistake. She walks to my desk to explain – never a phone call – no harsh words and with patience and kindness we work on correcting the mistake together. She saves coupons for me. She knows everyone's birthday and when someone passes away or is in the hospital, she is right there to lend a hand. Need paper clips? She has them. Not feeling well? A cup of tea would help. Christmas green paper? She tracks it down. She is a true lady.

Nominated by Paula Harhai, St. Vincent College, Latrobe

Bonnie Myers, Joyce Shirley, Joann Smith, Tami Merrill, Janice Allshouse, Joann Smith, and Darla Mathe

For our office moms, we have several at Indiana High School. They are not only “A-game,” they are also the most caring group of ladies you will ever meet. It would be impossible to pick just one. Every year when we have Administrative Professionals Day, I always reflect on how much they do for our building and how they help to keep over 90 faculty and 850 students afloat. It's true that we may get the stern look when we don't turn in our paperwork on time, but for every stern look, there is also a smile, a laugh, a caring word or guidance on how to do something. As teachers, they are willing to get us coverage when we are sick, have to leave work to take care of a family member, help with taking up collections, taking catalog orders, remembering birthdays, or ordering food or school supplies. Truly, we could not live without these ladies. I am sure our students feel the same way. We are very lucky and blessed to have them.

Nominated by Sarah Lonetti, Indiana High School

Linda Snyder

Every year on my birthday my dear mom would call me in the morning and sing “Happy Birthday.” Now that she has departed, I still have someone who does this and she works in my office.

She remembers everyone's birthday and arrives bright and early at your desk with a singing birthday greeting and a card. She is one of a kind. Her name is Linda Snyder and she is a nurse practitioner at our office at Heart and Vascular Institute.

Recently, I lost my beloved family pet. Just as if it was a relative, I had a sympathy card on my desk from Linda. That came with a free hug because she knew I needed that to let me know she understood.

When you are having a bad day, she always has a listening ear. She shares her stories too and somehow your burden is lighter after talking to her. Linda organizes our charity holiday project every year by sponsoring a family in need. She takes our donations and buys toys and gifts for the children so that they have a present on Christmas. When I need her assistance for patient care no matter how busy her day she is always willing to help.

Every office should have someone like Linda, who truly is a giving person and never asks for anything in return. Now that's what your Mom would do too. So as far as being an Office Mom is the best.

Nominated by Diane Bialecki, UPMC Heart and Vascular Institute, Pittsburgh

Fran Kraus

Working as receptionist at a special needs school takes a super special person — Fran Kraus! She greets everyone personally and always with a smile. Throughout the day, as you are tending to the dozens of crises, Fran is there with comforting words, a joke or just a much needed piece of candy! We are a very small school and a close knit family with Fran as our matriarch. Any and everything you need is hidden under her desk somewhere and freely given with a “take two just in case” attitude. Because of Fran our extremely stressful days are made a lot more manageable and we couldn't survive without her!

Submitted by Josie Henk, Pace School, Pittsburgh

Debbie Zarko

When I saw your “Office Moms” article I instantly thought of our secretary Debbie Zarko. We — me and coworker Andy McMahon — could not do without our office mom.

Debbie is the best listener, never judgmental and doesn't always have the answers but her kind attentiveness and genuine caring really shows.

She treats Andy as one of her sons, always after him to organize his desk, telling him to go out to lunch and absorb the sunshine and to put down the Droid phone at lunch. She is famous for swiveling her chair around to give a disapproving look. Being Andy is a bachelor, she brings him in leftovers for his dinner from her delicious home cooked meals. She recommends the best Neflix!

When my mother passed in 2008, she has never forgotten my Dad and disabled brother with leftovers as well, she constantly brings in her old Smithsonian magazines and any other reading materials she feels may interest them. She gives great advice. Even though we are only four years apart, her motherly hug and caring understanding face is a blessing, all along with keeping us on our toes with corrections to letters and forms and always has the supplies when we need them. Her purse is also a treasure trove !

She is the best.

Nominated by Virginia Cornyn and Andy McMahon, Office of the Auditor General, Pittsburgh

Suzi Saccani

We couldn't live without Suzi Saccani, the Office Mom in the human resources office at the Westmoreland County Courthouse!

One of the many considerable things Suzi does is organize “order out days” and birthdays in the office. She takes the initiative to invite everyone, get the list with everyone's order, and make the phone call to the restaurant, and she lets each of us know what we owe.

Regardless of the question or problem, Suzi is always ready to give practical advice and is always ready to help. For example, I am inexperienced in Excel. Suzi was quick to offer to let me copy a user-friendly guide she had on Excel, which will be a helpful reference.

Lastly, Suzi always makes sure I have my coffee in the morning. I use one of her coffee cups, and recently she took it home for a “dishwasher cleaning.” The cup already was chipped, and the dishwasher made the chip worse, so she brought me in a new cup. Her thoughtfulness is so appreciated!

Nominated by Ronell Smith, Westmoreland County Human Resources, Greensburg

Sharon Viseck

Office manager Sharon Vinsek should be the” gold standard “ for Office Mom because of her caring attitude toward all her contacts, including the cleaning lady, vendors, seniors from the Senior Center and co- workers. Sharon gives her undivided attention to all that cross her path and goes above and beyond to those in need. Recently she took a milkshake to an fellow employee who had surgery on her way home from work. Sharon knows where every office supply is kept. She knows how to fix the printer, collects paper from the shredder and gives it to a lady for her chickens. She shops for food for office activities, sets it up and cleans up. She answers the phone, collects the mail, etc. Sharon completes her job duties efficiently .She ‘s also on the Safety Committee, which fits her to a “T” because she cares about everyone at work and away from work. I have prayed with her for co-workers and have been called to see if I got home safely in a snow storm. When Sharon is off, we are lost without her and are happy when she returns. She is our Office Mom and is loved and appreciated by all, although she is rarely told how valuable she is.

Nominated by Daryll Lee Wells, Bethlen Communities Home Health and Hospice, Ligonier

Emily Drury

I would like to nominate Emily because she is the kindest person I have ever worked with. She is my direct supervisor at our company, but also my good friend. When people are frustrated and need to vent, she is there with an understanding ear, she is able to give constructive criticism in a way that makes you want to be better at your job, she is able to keep her role as a supervisor, coach and friend all separate and genuinely wants the best for everyone. She has yet to forget a birthday or special even of a co-worker and organizes cards to be signed and gifts to be given. She is a kind person through and through. Please consider Emily's nomination for your award.

Nominated by Lara Gillespie, JusticeWorks YouthCare, Greensburg

Kathy Borner

Our Office Mom is our school secretary, Mrs. Kathy Borner. I cannot imagine what the school would do without her! She covers everything from Band-Aids for students to copies for teachers. Some days it is as if there is a revolving door on the office, yet Mrs. Borner does it all in a cheerful way. I am certain there are not enough words in the English language to cover her job description. Suffice it to say she does it all and keeps all of us going (with a smile). Talk about grace under pressure and that is Mrs. Borner. She is truly worthy of your award.

Nominated by Phyllis Timbario, Holy Child School, Bridgeville

Colleen Elder

Our high school secretary at Valley High is a real peach. She is always on time, seldom misses a work day and has a smile on her face — always. She manages the office with the efficiency of the presidential motorcade. Colleen is pleasant on the phone to even the most disgruntled parent. She always seems to manage to find the educators the paperclips and Post-it notes we need. I am not sure how she does it, but Mrs. Elder is a mind reader of all involved. She has secret magical powers and just by looking at a student can determine if they need the nurse or need to use the phone.

Nominated by Prissy Pakulski , Valley High School, New Kensington

Debbie Johnson

Our office mom is Debbie Johnson. She will take time out of her day to pray for someone who is feeling low or just needs a little pick me up. She goes above and beyond the call of a school administrative secretary. If you have a headache she has aspirin. She will take on extra work to help a teacher out. She will support any and all activities the school has even the ones she is not needed for. She is always overlooked! In my book, she is the backbone that keeps us all together. Her smile makes you feel like you are special, her hugs and kisses make you feel divine.

Nominated by Shanita Beatty, Imani Christian Academy, Pittsburgh

Kimberly Zoeller

The 15th Floor is blessed to have Kim Zoelle r as their Office Mom. Kim's cubical is warm and cozy — yet Kim is extremely productive and fun. Kim plans and organizes most of our gatherings and she also dedicates hours to projects — food drives, Toys for Tots, etc. — and she makes her hard work look easy.

Professionally, Kim is very bright and competent. Combine that with over 20 years of experience and you have a top-notch administrator in every way. Kim is exceptionally helpful and warmly shares her tricks of the trade with other employees.

While all of this is admirable, what is most impressive is that Kim is a wonderful person. She is a confidante and isn't afraid to offer guidance or tough love if necessary. She cares about her office family and their loved ones and always asks about them by name. Kim checks on those who are ill, sends well wishes, and keeps the office family updated. She is equipped to assist with needed items--needle and thread, nail polish, stain stick, spare keys, as well as unneeded items — candy, snacks, etc.

It is a blessing to Kim as our Office Mom.

Nominated by Darlene M. Shaffer, K&L Gates LLP, Downtown

Chris Dwyer

• If you asked anyone here at the Huston Middle School who you would call “Mom,” without hesitation they would say Mrs. Dwyer. She has a way about her that comes naturally to make sure everyone is OK. She has sewn on buttons, helped students that need extra with their school work. And just like a mom when she needs to get tough she does. We are truly grateful to have herl.

Nominated by Shelly Walker, Huston Middle School, Lower Burrell

• Our building is lucky to have Christine Dwyer, home economics teacher extraordinaire. She is known as “Mama D” to the students who turn to her for everything from a snack to getting a button sewed on to tutoring in subjects in where they are struggling. Although Chris plays “mom” to everyone in this building, she is also the teacher who enforces the dress code when students try to push the limits. She will find students whose grades are falling and pull them out of a study hall and work one on one with them to improve their grades. Chris does all this while teaching her regular Food and Consumer Science classes.

Chris doesn't limit the mothering to the students, she has been known to sew up ripped pants, wash a stained piece of clothing or break out food when a fellow employee is “starving.” Since Chris Dwyer is always there for any of us, I truly believe that Chris deserves a day of pampering herself.

Nominated by Kristy McCurdy, Huston Middle School, Lower Burrell

Carol Hamilton

• Carol Hamilton totally deserves to be the Trib's Office Mom of the Year. She is the “glue” that keeps our department running, and if you need to figure out how to get something done, Carol is the go-to person of choice. She remembers everyone's birthdays and service anniversaries, or any other milestone that is worthy of celebration. When there is a special event to be planned, from a small team meeting to a large multi-day off-site conference for our entire department, Carol is always there to do the job. And she is such a pro, there is no detail that she doesn't think about and prepare for in advance. I don't think I've ever heard Carol say “no” or “I don't know”; she's a “get it done” kind of person and if she doesn't know something, she will find out for you. The best part is that she does it with a smile on her face, even if you are asking her to do the dirtiest of dirty work. I truly don't know how she does it all.

Nominated by Terri Patterson, Bayer HealthCare, Warrendale

I wanted to submit on behalf of Carol Hamilton that she should win a prize package for being the best of the best in terms of “Office Mom”. For as long as I've been part of Information Technology, once at MEDRAD and now under Bayer HealthCare, Carol has taken good care of us. She remembers birthdays and often sends a little Happy Birthday message, she makes sure we have things like disposable utensils and plates and napkins, cups. She has the kindest heart, she purchases cards for colleagues weddings, new babies, farewell's and any other milestone event in a person's life. She always makes sure everyone feels special and loved, with cake, flowers, what have you and whatever is fitting the occasion, happy and celebratory or grieving and comfort. She makes sure all the details are complete on any group event she's charged with overseeing. She's kind and always has good word to say as well as helping hand for anyone who is in need.

Nominated by Devra Gromley, Bayer HealthCare, Warrendale

• Our office Mom's name is Carol Hamilton. I have been working with her for last 6 years. When I got married, she arranged for a cake cutting and gift. This was completely unexpected and surprised me. Whenever someone leaves for a better opportunity, she arranges for a farewell cake cutting and thank you card.

I had a few urgent travels, no issues. Carol takes care of all the logistics of flight, accommodation etc, just like a home mom does. Here comes one of the rare attribute. We had a re-org and I no longer belong to the organization she is in, yet she takes care of all the little things that matters most at times.

Nominated by Babu Krishnan, Bayer HealthCare, Warrendale

• Carol was consistently a help for me from the time I started at MEDRAD in 2006 until the present day. She has always cared for those in our office and provided communication , event planning, and office administration through constantly changing times. Cakes, pot luck lunches, drinks, coffee and many office supplies were always well-organized and enjoyed by all. Carol was truly the Office Mom providing for everyone's needs throughout the years.

Nominated by David F. Cole, Bayer HealthCare, Warrendale

• It's more than a job to Carol – we are all part of her family. Not only does she make sure we have all the comforts of home by keeping the breakroom well stocked she makes sure everyone's special life events are celebrated. And like family you aren't going to give our officemom any flimsy excuse why you can't take 10 minutes to enjoy the ice cream social or 30 seconds to sign a card for a baby shower. Sure she does “real” work too and she does it well but it's great to be able to walk into an office where it feels like home.

Nominated by Jim Scanga, Bayer HealthCare, Warrendale

• Carol Hamilton is “Office Mom” for MEDRAD's Information Technology department, over 60 employees, for fifteen years. Carol embodies all that is great about a Mom:

Carol loves each of her “kids” individually. Carol never forgets anyone's birthday, she always sends a special message. Whether someone is celebrating (weddings, babies), or struggling (illness, loss), Carol organizes the team to recognize and be there for that individual. People on the team feel valued because of Carol.

Carol loves all of her “kids” as a group. She organizes all team outings, which are always creative and fun. While we have fun, she is working hard behind the scenes, so everything goes well.

Carol always picks up her “kids” when we fall. Carol will pitch in to help anyone with any activity. While she technically only supports one executive, the truth is she helps all 60 of us, with any task.

Like all Moms, Carol is always prepared. There is no item you can ask for, no crisis you can present, no challenge that will elicit anything but a patient smile and an offer to help.

Nominated by Jeanna Iasella, Bayer HealthCare, Warrendale

• I'd like to nominate Carol Hamilton as Office Mom. Carol tirelessly supports our IT group with everything we need. She always takes on extra work to fill out our needs. In addition, she is wonderfully creative and makes coming to work fun. She always has ideas to put a little extra laughter into our days and that's always a plus. Carol is a wonderful, caring person who is the go to person in our group.

Nominated by Amy Harbaugh, Bayer HealthCare, Warrendale

I would like to nominate Carol Hamilton as the best “Office Mom” that I have ever met. Carol has been a key person for as long as she has been with Bayer by keeping the department running smoothly and efficiently. Carol has done everything from ordering supplies to organizing department meetings and conferences. Carol is always willing to help with anything that needs to be done. She's the person who is always there to help organize any celebration. Despite always being busy, she always has a kind word for those in need of one. She is the most approachable person in the department. Every department should have a Carol. When she leaves the company, she will be sorely missed.

Nominated by Paul Majetic, Bayer HealthCare, Warrendale

I would like to nominate Carol Hamilton for Office Mom Carol has for many years performed all of these functions for us. She recognizes birthdays and other special events by organizing a card, flowers, cake, etc. She schedules a meeting for us all to get together to celebrate. Carol keeps us all organized by ordering supplies and making sure that everyone has what they need to do their jobs. This is not her responsibility — she just does it on her own. Carol has always been a leader organizing our department picnics, Christmas party, or any other event we will be having. She gets people to help but always is the main organizer. And on top of all that Carol is just a nice person. She always has time to listen and always will offer to help in any way that she can.

Nominated by Barb Delaney, Bayer HealthCare, Warrendale

Carol Hamilton should definitely be awarded the prize of office Mom. She has taken care of everything for our IT department for the last 15 years — births, deaths, birthdays, parties, conferences, people coming, people going. In addition to be a fantastic administrator, Carol is so creative and makes every event so special. When I left the office and moved to South Carolina to work from home, Carol wrote a special poem for me including details about my 20 year career and had it framed with pictures of my whole team so that I could remember that, even though I was far away, I was still part of an awesome team. Over the years she has had her own health and family issues but she always comes to work with a smile and puts everyone's needs in our department first. Isn't that just like a Mom?

Nominated by Dawn Crunkleton, Bayer HealthCare, Warrendale

Carol is a true office mom. She has been there for everyone in our group. When I was pregnant, she was the first one to drop off a card to me. After I had the baby, she was quick to send the information out to our entire department and to coordinate the signing of a card for me and a collection for a gift for the baby. Most recently, when my dad was sick with a terminal cancer, she would ask me how he was doing and tell me she was praying for him everyday. When he did eventually pass away, she coordinated sending flowers to the funeral home and sent details out about the viewings so that others could come. I was overwhelmed by the about of support that I received from her and my coworkers. All of this was because of Carol. She has all the answers to everything. If anybody is unsure about something, they always start with Carol and she is quick to provide an answer and let them know who they need to talk to. She is always coordinating lunches and extra activities in order for our group to have fun together.

Nominated by Christine Sevin, Bayer HealthCare, Warrendale

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