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The claim: Clayspray is the only clay mask that comes in a spray format, which allows a no-mess application at home with professional spa-like results. This delivery-system design preserves clay from contamination and drying out, so you get fresh product with each pump. Clayspray draws out toxins and impurities to reveal beautiful, glowing skin.

Cost: $59.95 for a 125-millileter bottle


I'm always skeptical of products that promise to provide spa treatments at home, but Clayspray makes good on a promise that others have failed to deliver.

I love the refreshing effect of clay masks, but other masks I've tried tend to harden after the container is opened. And some are hard to wash off.

Clayspray remains almost creamy even after the spray pump is opened. The white clay ginseng Brightening mask washed off easily and left my skin feeling and looking great.

The directions advise you to use the hydrating water spray to moisten skin beforehand, but I used it afterward, as well, for a second boost. The Clayspray Toning with aloe was a little too astringent for me, but I suspect it might be great for younger skin.

— Deb Erdley

I tried the Clayspray Brightening mask, which contains white clay and ginseng. It's touted to rejuvenate a tired and lackluster complexion, exactly what I felt I had after a 15-hour day. The mineral-rich clay includes silica to boost collagen, calcium to build skin cells and potassium to help lock in moisture, for an anti-aging effect. The masque comes out in an unappealing gray color but ends up a pleasant aqua hue. I was surprised how quickly it dried, in no longer than 10 minutes.

The real star, though, was the Hydrate mountain-spring water spray that I spritzed on as the recommended primer to the mask. According to the bottle, the water is “sourced from an ancient and isolated aquifier found deep within the rich earth beneath Spain's Iberian mountains.”

No offense to Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority, but that's probably just a tad better than the stuff piped from the Allegheny River that I'm used to. I'll be holding on to the spray to refresh my face after a visit to the gym or energize me when I hit that 3 p.m. wall at work.

My tendency is to be skeptical that a new beauty product will work, but my face was soft and radiant, and for nearly 24 hours afterward. I even passed on my nightly moisturizer.

— Jill Leonard

I have tried several face masks on the market and have never been all that impressed. I had never used a clay mask, though, and it sounded intriguing. People rave about mud baths, so why not clay on my face?

With the White Clay with Aloe Vera Formula (for toning), I started by dampening my face with Clayspray's water mist, and then applied a generous layer of clay. It didn't take long to feel the product start to harden. I waited for about 20 minutes before removing it. The thick clay was difficult to rinse. Instead, I remoistened the clay with a warm washcloth and then easily rinsed away the clay.

My skin felt amazing, to say the least. Fresh, soft, super-clean … I'm not sure how else to describe it. I use an exfoliator pad at least once a week as part of my skin-care regime, but not even those (which I love) leave my skin feeling the way it did when I took off the Clayspray mask.

I decided not to follow up with my regular moisturizer, just to see how long my skin would feel the way it did. Twelve hours later (including eight hours of sleep), my usually combination skin was still soft and felt incredibly clean. Throughout the course of the next day, I found myself touching my face more than I really should.

I was amazed at the feeling … almost as if I had “new” skin. And, it may just be that I'm so happy with the way my skin feels, but I do think it works to tone the skin, too. My face just felt alive and refreshed. My plan is to use the product on my neck, as well, next time.

Even the $60 price tag won't keep me away. I figure the clay should last awhile if used as a weekly or biweekly treatment. And if the aloe vera formula maintains the moisture in my face, I will save money not having to use my daily moisturizer.

— Melanie Wass

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