Pine Township camp helps people kick fitness into high gear

| Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2013, 8:59 p.m.

The New Year is fast approaching, a time when people invariably will begin making deals with themselves about becoming committed to improve physical fitness and overall health for the upcoming year.

But getting started can be difficult as a myriad of questions will arise. “Do I have time?” “Can I afford it?” “What program is best for me?”

At Pine Township Community Center, Alicia Mercury, the fitness coordinator of the facility, has created 10-Day Boot Camp Boost, a program designed to pack an intense workout into 30 minutes per day.

“We try to make it a lot of fun,” said Mercury.

“We offer a lot of options during each workout so it will work for everybody, regardless of fitness level. For the beginner, there are easier options for each exercise, while for people who are more advanced, the workouts are done a little differently, offering a good workout for all skill levels.”

Throughout the 10-days, no two workouts are the same. This not only creates some muscle confusion, helping to maximize results, but it also helps keep the sessions fresh and fun. Kettleball, spinning, kickboxing, a core circuit, athletic conditioning and more ensure that the participants are kept on their toes.

“This program is great for somebody who wants to try getting into shape, but isn't sure about the commitment level they are able to give,” said Mercury.

“A person can come in for 30 minutes, get moving, gain some confidence and start feeling better about themselves. Often, the camaraderie of working out with a group helps motivate them to stay, to explore other programs we offer.”

This program, which started this fall, began with mostly women signing up. However, men are beginning to see the benefits of these classes.

Mercury said that males sometimes are afraid of group fitness classes because they are unsure about workouts with perceived dance moves. She assures that these classes are about athletic moves, not choreographed steps.

The program has been specifically designed to help people gain maximum results in a short period of time. That is something that appeals to people like Debbie Berry of Pine.

“I take the 7 a.m. class and it gets me going. I have a busy schedule with kids and work. For me, the 30-minute workout is perfect. I like that it's different every day. That variety helps keep it interesting.”

Along with the classes, there are nutritional guidelines offered, email support as well as weigh-ins and measurements (optional).

There are only 10 participants per session, ensuring that each person gets optimum support from the instructor.

“During the first couple sessions, we had a few people try it out and they have become hooked,” said Mercury. “Exercise can be that way.”

Session 1 will be Jan. 7 to 18. Session 2 will be Feb. 4 to 15. Session 3 is March 4 to 15. Session 4 is April 1 to 12. Classes are offered four times a day, at 6:15 a.m., 7 a.m., 5 p.m., or 7 p.m.

Classes are held Monday through Friday for two weeks, with weekends off.

The cost to attend a session is $35 for members of the Pine Community Center and $45 for non-members.

For more information about 10 Day Boot Camp Boost or any of the other program offered, call the Pine Community Center at 724-625-1636, Option 3.

David McElhinny is an editor with Trib Total Media.

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