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Unity Zoning Hearing Board limits signs at proposed Speedway gas station

| Tuesday, Oct. 29, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

A proposed gas station near the Inn at Mountain View will have to limit the signs posted around it to comply with decisions by Unity Zoning Hearing Board.

On Oct. 22, after supervisors heard testimony for a conditional-use hearing regarding the Speedway gas station, officials from the Dayton, Ohio-based company appeared before the board with a list of variance requests for signage throughout the 4.2-acre property.

The vacant lot is zoned B2, community commercial, and is bordered by Route 30, Frye Farm Road and Village Drive.

A 24-hour convenience store with eight gas pumps and two diesel islands is planned, but a gas station is a conditional use in that zone.

If the plans advance, the board has agreed to some of the company's 14 requests for proposed signage but denied others.

Speedway officials contended that the variances were minimal, made in an effort for safety and recognition by potential customers without being intrusive.

The board approved a pole sign with electronically changeable gasoline prices, but denied a request to also include a marquee on that sign with letters to be manually changed. As a part of another variance, the board denied a request for the sign to be 31 feet tall, or 11 feet taller than the permitted 20 feet. Instead, the sign will be required to fit within the regulation.

Speedway also requested a similar sign facing Frye Farm Road. That was denied, as was a marquee on the side of the convenience store building.

Board members were more agreeable to a ground sign with an electronic message board, but gas station officials did not want to change their request.

Six directional signs to guide traffic through the property were approved by the board, as were two PennDOT signs for truck traffic.

An increased height of the canopy over the pumps to 22 feet was approved by the zoning hearing board from the permitted 20 feet to allow for truck traffic clearance.

The board also OK'd logo signage on the canopy.

Acting board Chairman Jackie Nindel said the board was happy with the limits placed on the variances.

Discussing the requests with the Speedway representatives made the process easier, she believes.

“I was glad to talk to the people and see who they were and what they were doing,” she said.

Nindel noted that the signage requirements may not be necessary if supervisors do not grant the conditional-use request, which they may do at their next meeting at 4:30 p.m. Nov. 14.

Speedway LLC is a subsidiary of Marathon Petroleum Corp. and has about 1,460 stores in seven states.

Stacey Federoff is a staff writer for Trib Total Media. She can be reached at 724-836-6660 or