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Ligonier Motor Co. announces new development

| Thursday, June 20, 2013, 10:15 a.m.

Local invention and innovation were showcased June 13 at the Kress Motor showcase room located on West Main Street.

The company unveiled its newest developments to friends and members of the media, as well as discussed industrial and market applications for its newest development.

Kress Motors LLC has been in operation since November of 2009, and was founded by inventors Timm Vanderelli and his brother-in-law Rod Carter. The two have known one another since middle school and met in their school's electric shop class.

The product demonstrated was the company's axial flux motor. The motor is the only consumer grade modular motor that can be repaired on site, which saves expense and downtime. Such a feature can be vital in situations where repairs are needed at sewage treatment plants or if a hospital life-support machine fails. The motors can be used for everything from pace-makers to underground drilling machines and are especially suited for situations in which motors are needed to run around the clock.

Rather than focus on improving current motor designs, Vanderelli and Carter started afresh, researching and experimenting to come up with something truly new.

“Our goal wasn't to make a motor better; it was to make a better motor,” Vanderelli explained.

“My philosophy is to strip complexities for greater efficiency,” Vanderelli said. “After 150 years of using the same motor technology, our design allows for a whole realm of possibilities that motors were not capable of. It's such a unique design, we don't know what all of the possibilities are.”

Though Vanderelli holds an array of patents for his numerous inventions, this will be the first patent he and Carter hold together.

Lynda Dupre serves as company manager and investor and has had past experience working with other patented products.

“This isn't my first go-around bringing new technology to the market,” Dupre said. “And I just believe in Timm.”

Marketing assistant Bev Struble lauded the work of the Kress Motor Team. “Timm has done a really neat thing. He's got the love to be an inventor; you have to believe what you see when you think out of the box,” she said.

Vanderelli and his team have been traveling across Pennsylvania as well as to other states demonstrating the product's capabilities. They are focusing on introducing their motor technology to the consumer market and are also looking into grant money options. Their ten horsepower motor will be ready to go at the end of the summer.

In the meantime, the crew will continue traveling and exposing the public to the invention.

“Our motors are perfect for anything life-sustaining,” Vanderelli stated. “Submarines, space crafts; our machines have sustainability. We are trying to convince potential users that this is the ultimate motor.”

Rebecca Ridinger is a freelance writer for Trib Total Media.